Caer En Tentación Thursday 2/15/18 #83

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10 months before the accident
  • Fede confronts Damian and demands he tell the truth. Not that he seems very happy when Damian does. And Damian can’t explain it any way besides “it happened.” Fede’s furious. He doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do now, not if Damian isn’t going to go home and tell his mom. He begs Damian to stop thinking about himself and tell him what to do.
  • Raquel’s trying to call Fede, but Mia takes her phone. Fede says he couldn’t answer while he was driving. He’s with his dad. Damian grabs the phone away from Fede before he can say anything. Then he pretends the signal is bad and hangs up. All Mia gets is that they’re at a gas station.
  • At home, Fede tries to avoid Raquel’s questions. Damian comes in and tells Raquel they were just talking about father-son stuff. Mia comes into Fede’s room to hassle him. He shoves her out so he can cry in peace. In the hallway, Damian asks if he told her anything. No? Well, Fede needs his space. Damian goes in to talk to him while Mia listens at the door. Damian says he’s only human, he and Raquel have been having problems, he doesn’t want to hurt her. Raquel catches Mia and drags her away from the door. Mia doesn’t hear Fede asking Damian to leave Caro if he’s as sorry as he says he is. If he doesn’t, Fede will leave.
  • At school, Fede admits to Mia that their dad has a lover…but it’s not Carolina, it’s someone else. He’s going to try asking Andres to see if he knows. Mia tells him if anything happens to the family it will be his fault.
  • Carolina wants to know what happened with Fede. Damian says he knows everything. Somehow, Vicente saw Damian and Fede arguing at the gas station. Damian says Fede won’t say anything to Raquel–he wouldn’t want to hurt her. Caro figured this had to happen sooner or later. Damian’s ready to take their relationship public. He wants to be happy and stop lying. Carolina suggests they break up, but Damian won’t agree to that. He’d rather just take off. Damian thinks he can speed things up with the US investors and leave in three months.
  • Fede stops by Raquel’s office just to tell her he loves her and he’s going to take care of her. Always. When Raquel gets home, Fede isn’t there. Mia complains about something being wrong with Fede and if Raquel had just let her listen at the door, she’d know what it was already. When Damian comes in, Mia tells him to spill it–what did he talk to Fede about and she wants him to tell her mother that Fede saw him with a woman.
  • Fede goes over to tell Carolina he knows everything.
  • Damian agrees to answer Antonio. He doesn’t recognize Blas and Tato. He gets agitated when Antonio shows him Vicente’s picture, but no, he wasn’t there that night. Antonio accuses Damian of killing Carolina. In a flashback, Carolina’s lying outside the car, trying to fend off Vicente as he screams at her, wanting to know where his money is. Damian was trapped in the car. The doctor comes in and kicks Antonio out.
  • Benja’s home. Fede and Nico make up. Santiago says all Benja needs now is a mother. He wonders if he and Raquel will ever get to be together.
  • At the Becker house, they’re installing a hospital bed in Raquel’s room, not that she wants it there. Miriam can’t wait for everything to get back to the way it was before. Raquel says not everything will. Fede asks Miriam to get her lawyer to do something about the cops harassing Damian.
  • Antonio thinks Damian’s faking his “crises” to avoid talking about anything that might implicate him. Godoy suggests getting a second medical opinion, but Antonio’s getting pressure to accept theft as the motive and close the case.
  • Laura’s flirting with Andres. I’m not sure which one I’m more disgusted with. Andres wants her to push the narrative that theft was the motive. Annnnnd they slept together.
  • Vicente tells Rueda to find Blas and get him out of there. He mocks Rueda for not knowing what’s going on. The only person who knew that Damian was supposed to be bringing him cash that night was Andres. He suggests Rueda ask Andres about it.
  • Raquel doesn’t want anything of Damian’s in the bedroom. She sobs that she can’t put limits on anyone, can’t get away from her past…she lets everyone humiliate her. She feels worthless. That’s why Damian cheated. There’s no one she doesn’t hurt by her mere presence. Jovita tries to talk her out of calling Santiago.
  • Alina found Juan and she has someone who can take care of him, however Santiago wants. Does he want Juan alive or dead? Santiago’s like “WTF?!” She takes it back. She was just testing him. She knows where Juan is and she’ll tell the police. She spouts some BS about falling in love with Santi. She wants to know how he feels. Raquel calls him and Alina tells gloats as Santiago lies about where he is. Raquel is upset about having to live with Damian and take care of him. Santi’s not worried–they just have to give it time.
  • Santi goes to the police station to tell Antonio that Alina had someone find Juan. Antonio’s pissed off that she did this on her own, probably using her criminal connections. He begs Santi to stay away from her and her people. Santiago decides this means Antonio’s not going to do anything.
  • Damian gets moved in at home and Mia’s so frickin’ happy about it it makes me sick. He’ll have a nurse to handle his medication schedule and other than that, the only instructions are to respect his need for rest.
  • Juan left town. Alina’s PI is still following him. When he stops somewhere, she’ll let the police and Santi know. Santi insists on going with Alina to catch up to the PI. Nacho doesn’t want to let him go, but Santiago’s insisting he has to do this and the cops will only screw it up. Nacho reminds him that Alina may be a great lawyer, but she slept with Nico. Santi swears he only has eyes for Raquel. Nacho offers to stay at the house to keep an eye on Lola.
  • Laura refuses to help Fernando with something. He sees his replacement in the studio.
  • Santi stops by to give Raquel a rose and tell her he’s off to catch up to a PI who’s following Juan. He lies and says Alina has nothing to do with this.
  • Nico goes to Alina’s office to pick up his final check. Alina’s assistant calls to tell her that she left the check and the reservations just where Alina told her to. Nico walks angrily out of the office and Rosa confirms that Nico knows she’s with Santiago.
  • Godoy complains to Antonio that Laura won’t help them. And also, he saw Hugo there and Hugo made it sound like Laura slept with him in exchange for information.
  • Alina and Santi get to a hotel. Her PI tells them he has someone following Juan, but Juan’s still moving around.
  • Nico comes over to the Becker house to pick up Benja’s medicines from Jovita. He sees Fede and tells him something’s going on…his dad lied to him and it hurts. He said he had a business meeting, but Nico knows who he’s really with. From the top of the stairs, Raquel asks who. Nico angrily tells her Santiago’s with Alina in Puebla.
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