Caer En Tentación Friday 2/16/18 #84

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10 months before the accident
  • Carolina invites Fede in. She can’t come up with anything better than “It just happened,” which is the same thing Damian told him. He points out that his dad is married, with a wife and children…and Caro is his mom’s friend…and she’s his best friend’s mom and like a second mom to him…and she and Damian lied to all their faces. Yes, she did think about Raquel. She begs Fede not to tell her and promises she’ll end the relationship. Fede ominously says she’d better–for her sake. And Florencia heard the whole thing. She won’t say anything to Santiago, but not for Caro’s sake. Caro calls Damian and tells him Fede was just there, he had some harsh things to say, and it’s over (again…for the fiftieth time).
  • Mia’s angry that Damian talks to Fede and not her. He refuses to tell her what they talked about and asks to be left alone with Raquel. He tells Raquel that this is just Mia being Mia and she’s done it before…or does Raquel think he’s lying? Raquel wants to make sure nothing is going on with Fede. Once Damian promises that he’d tell her if Fede was having serious problems, she calms down.
  • Damian drops the kids off at school and tries to talk to Fede again. Blah blah blah, seeing life differently, have to make a decision. Fede says he most certainly does NOT…he needs to break it off with his lover so he doesn’t hurt Raquel.
  • Oops, yeah, Raquel heard and Nico can’t take it back. He admits to Fede that he doesn’t know if he’s upset because he still has a thing for Alina or because his dad lied to him.
  • Cintia checks on Raquel. She’s definitely upset about being lied to. She refuses to allow anyone to lie to her again. And off comes the wedding ring.
  • Nico tries to make up with Mia, but instead she breaks up with him permanently. Although, were they ever really together? That’s Nico’s rationale for saying he never “cheated”–Mia couldn’t make up her mind whether she wanted to be with him or not. Hey, she had problems. Like their parents screwing around, which she tried to tell everyone about and they all treated her like she was crazy.
  • Alina and Santiago have drinks at the hotel bar. She plays the concerned friend, trying to convince him that what he and Raquel have is just obsession, not that she can explain to him what she thinks “love” is.
  • Rueda comes over to warn Miriam that he thinks Andres had something to do with the accident. He advises her to get out of the company and cut all ties with Andres as soon as possible.
  • Alina helps a verrrry drunk Santiago into bed as he complains about Raquel being with Damian. He’s passed out when the PI comes to the door to tell Alina that Juan spotted his employee and left Puebla. She doesn’t want excuses about it not being easy to tail a guy, she wants them to find him, put guards at Santiago’s house, and put guards at Juan’s house. And she wants him to come over in the morning and have the exact same conversation again. She’ll text him the time.
  • Fede makes the rounds. His aunt and his mom are sleeping cuddled together in his bed. Mia’s asleep in her room. And Damian’s awake in his. They stare at each other.
  • Nacho comes over to Santiago’s. Nico starts screaming at him for knowing where Santiago had gone, and with who, and not telling them. Nacho snaps that Alina hired Pis who are tailing Juan. He can’t possibly think his dad was going on vacation with her. Lola comes in, carrying Benja and asks if they’re discutiendo. Benja repeats “‘tiendo.” Nacho says they were just jugando. Benja repeats “‘agando.”
  • Santiago wakes up and Alina’s in the shower. He notices her phone ringing and she asks him to hand it to her. He tries not to look.
  • Cintia’s up early, with coffee already brewed. Major props for that. Raquel’s getting ready to drink hers when Mia comes in and says she’s not going to school because she’s decided to change her major to medicine. Because it’s “obvious” that her mom is going to leave her dad and someone has to take care of him blah blah blah I always put family first. She goes upstairs to talk to the PT and start learning what he’s doing to help Damian. Raquel comes in to glare at Damian.
  • The PI comes to the hotel room and pretends he didn’t already have the exact same conversation with Alina last night. He’s not the greatest actor, but it’s good enough to fool Santiago. Santi apologizes to Alina, but she promises nothing happened. She didn’t even take advantage of him, tee hee (dude, that’s not funny). Anyway, he’s going to go get changed and wait for her downstairs.
  • Fernando has someone camped out in front of Laura’s. The guy calls to tell him Andres showed up.
  • Santiago leaves Raquel a message before leaving the hotel. Mia gets all nosy about her mom staring at her cell phone. Damian says Raquel’s name and thanks her. Raquel glares.
  • Raquel has no intention of keeping Mia from studying medicine, as long as that’s what she really wants to do. Cintia comes in with Raquel’s phone. Mia follows them both out because, as we all know, EVERYTHING is her business. The PT heard the name “Santiago” and asks Jovita before he can stop himself. Jovita explains that Raquel and Damian are separated, their marriage is sooooo totally over, and Raquel’s been hurt by a lot of things that happened after the accident. She’s only telling him this because she hopes he can find a way to help Damian without making Raquel suffer.
  • As the PT’s leaving the house, he apologizes to Raquel. He had no idea things were so bad and that’s why he kept insisting she be there to help Damian’s recovery. Raquel says that’s all she wants him to focus on–Damian’s recovery. He gives her an adoring smile and says he admires her. He’ll be back later.
  • Santiago gets home and freaks out because Florencia took Benja to the park. And sure enough, Juan’s watching them. Benja squeals “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” and runs to Santi. So much for whatever Juan had planned. At the house, he explains to Florencia about Juan and asks her not to be alone with Benja. Nico stops on his way out of the house to tell Santi he already knows about the trip and he can save the excuses for Raquel. Because, yeah, now she knows because she heard Nico and Fede talking about it.
  • Miriam comes over for a visit. She whines at Damian about making mistakes because she loved him “too much.” She asks him to forgive her. He tells her to get out. (Oh yeah, I laughed.) When Raquel sees Miriam sobbing, she assumes something happened to Santiago. Miriam says Raquel finally got what she wanted. Raquel asks Santi if he’s ok and his only answer is to grab her hand and hold it tightly. Raquel’s face: “Yes, but what the hell just happened?”
  • Santi begs Cintia to let him in to talk to Raquel. He refuses to leave until she tells him to his face that she doesn’t want to see him. So Raquel tells him to his face that she doesn’t want to see him. And she says it like she means “ever again.”
  • Oh, come on! It’s bad enough knowing Andres and Laura are sleeping together. Did we HAVE to see them under the sheets? They start chatting about Caro and Damian and he says Caro was dangerous for a lot of people, but for Andres, she was his salvation. Laura asks what he means, but FERNANDO WALKS INTO THE BEDROOM and says Andres killed Carolina. (I now forgive them for the beginning of this scene. That was totally worth it.)
  • Damian is dreaming or remembering Caro getting shot. He gets agitated and Mia tries asking him what happened. “Carolina…I killed her.”
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