Caer En Tentación Monday 2/19/18 #85

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10 months before the accident
  • Caro doesn’t show up for work, but they desperately need help in the kitchen. Florencia quit–she was too busy with school. Santi offers to stay home with the baby while Caro goes to the catering office.
  • Nico sees Fede at school. He asks what’s going on, but Fede doesn’t give him details. He’s desperately puffing on his asthma inhaler, but it seems to be empty.
  • Caro tells Damian about the visit from Fede, that Florencia overheard. He’s fine with ending “all this” but for him that means telling their spouses/families the truth and being together.
  • Raquel’s definitely saying she never wants to see Santiago again.
  • Damian remembers being in the car…and then nothing. Mia says she’s dead–forget about her. Now Damian thinks Mia did it.
  • So, um Andres is totally not sleeping with Laura. Except they’re in bed together. Nice try. Andres won’t tell Fernando if he killed Caro without his lawyer present. Fernando says it’s over between him and Laura.
  • Damian thinks he’s up to a talk with Raquel. In that case she wants to know why he lied and hurt everyone. Damian cries and nods his agreement that he understands what Raquel is saying and he won’t talk to the kids about Carolina. If he has questions, she’ll answer them…although, he has a lot of the answers everyone else needs. Yes, Carolina’s dead. They found a gun with his fingerprints on it. Raquel gets ready to walk out when Damian doesn’t have anything to say, but she stops to tell him not to hurt anyone else.
  • Santiago goes over to Alina’s, allegedly to talk about Juan.I guess he ends up telling Alina how upset Raquel was. She pretends to understand how Raquel feels. And of course she’s going to help him with this thing with Lola. Santi leaves his drink untouched.
  • Andres stops by Miriam’s and says he can’t tell her what’s going on or she’d be in danger. She calls Fede and tells him not to come over.
  • Vicente’s begging Antonio to leave him locked up. After all, he didn’t really do anything to Garrido, so why would he come after him? Vicente says he miiiiight have said something to Garrido while he was drunk. Something about Damian bringing him cash. Antonio’s not keeping him there unless Vicente tells him who killed Carolina. No? Then he’s out in the morning.
  • Raquel won’t take Santi’s calls, so he explains to a hostile Nico instead–he’s sorry he lied, but it was for their own safety and he certainly wasn’t just going to go off on vacation with Alina. Yeah, well…he lied. Just like Caro lied.
  • Fede and Luz have sex, but it doesn’t get his mind off his worries.
  • Fernando takes Cintia over to his apartment to apologize. And also to have sex so he won’t regret not having sex with her later.
  • Rueda’s pissed off at Andres for saying anything to Miriam. It makes it harder to protect her. Andres isn’t worried about her. Mostly what he wants is for Rueda to finally get his hands dirty. He wants Vicente released so someone can kill him.
  • None of the people looking for Juan have managed to find him, but he shows up outside of Florencia’s apartment, telling her to tell Lola that he can find any of them any time he wants. Florencia won’t be coming over to Santi’s anymore. She confesses her crush on Santi and gets in one smooch before leaving.
  • Damian thinks he’s seeing Carolina when he looks at Raquel. He asks her forgiveness, but he couldn’t avoid it…. Avoid what? Raquel clearly tells him she’s not Carolina. She needs him to get better and remember what happened. She wants to make sure he knows why she stopped loving him.
  • Nico and Santi go over to Juan’s apartment. His mom’s home. Santi begs her to help him put a stop to all this.
  • Azucena comes over to visit Damian. He has a vision/flashback to Vicente screaming at him about the money, beating on the car with a shovel, and Damian saying the money was in the suitcase. Damian tells Azucena the money wasn’t there. She gets an “uh oh” look on her face.
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