Caer En Tentación Tuesday 2/20/18 #86

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10 months before the accident
  • Damian thinks the least he can do after all the hurt he’s inflicted is tell Raquel the truth.
  • All Fede can get out between gasps is that it’s important, it’s about his dad, and then Nico goes running for help because Fede’s inhaler is empty.
  • Santiago asks Agustín if he knows why Florencia quit. He babbles about a new job and more money…or something. Santiago thought she was going to school. They both shrug it off.
  • Damian tries to talk to Raquel, but she gets the phone call about Fede and they head for the hospital. Caro gets home and starts trying to talk to Santiago about “them” but Nico calls.
  • At the hospital, Nico explains to Damian that Fede was trying to tell him something about Damian’s family and his family and then he started having trouble breathing. Fede asks to see Damian and when they’re alone, he asks him not to leave Raquel. Meanwhile, in the waiting room, Caro is asking for a divorce.
  • Azucena remembers Damian asking her for money. She put it in a suitcase and loaded it in his car, she swears. Damian asks who else knew. She remembers that Andres knew. He knew about all the money movements for the company.
  • Cintia tells Mia that Raquel definitely broke up with Santiago this time. Mia agrees to be supportive of her mom, but she’s TOTALLY gloating.
  • Andres thinks he has a way that he and Alina can “get” Raquel and Santiago.
  • Vicente’s out. And though Antonio’s not completely confident in this plan, Fernando’s going to follow him and hope he leads them to Blas Garrido. Rueda advises Vicente to disappear.
  • The Alvarados are definitely plotting, but is Juan’s mom in on the plot? She goes to Juan’s hideout. I want to kick him for greeting her with “Did you bring me money?” She claims Lola showed up and asked her to set up a meeting because she’s tired of being a prisoner in her own house. And didn’t Juan say what he wanted was to see Lola? He’s still accusing her of “killing” his baby and won’t be talked out of that. His mom begs him to control himself.
  • Andres floats the idea of selling off the catering business. They can figure out all the pesky little details later. The problem is Raquel doesn’t trust him. She talks things over with Cintia and they make a tentative plan to sell and use the money to open a different business. She calls Santiago later to tell him about her decision.
  • Juan and his mom walk into a park where he gets about thirty seconds to rail at Lola about the baby before he’s surrounded by her family, Bebo, and the cops. He gets loaded into the back of a police car, hopefully never to be seen again.
  • Santiago stops by Alina’s office. They’re both glad Juan is out of the way. And also, she set up a dinner meeting with some investors at a really nice restaurant. She’s sure he’ll like it. (I’m sure they won’t show up.) Santi’s not in the mood.
  • Raquel tells Mia she’s selling the company. Mia looks concerned about Andres being the one who brought in the buyer. She asks if Raquel is also breaking up with Santiago. This time she doesn’t gloat.
  • Santiago shows up at the restaurant. The “investors” aren’t there. Alina assures him they will be, but first she wanted to talk over some legal stuff with him. And she ordered a bottle of champagne.
  • Andres comes over to Raquel’s and it turns out he’s already asked the buyer to come over and meet her. They’re really pushing her to sign the paperwork, but she’s concerned about Caro’s family getting what they deserve. This complete stranger promises he’ll take care of it…and Raquel signs. Andres suggests a champagne toast.
  • Garrido finds Vicente at his cabin. He’s not here to kill him–he just wants to know what Vicente told the cops. OK, fine he told them nothing…well, now Garrido wants Vicente to go back to the cops and tell them everything! He’s not going to go down for Caro’s murder when Vicente knows perfectly well he didn’t do it.
  • Damian dreams/remembers the accident. Someone was yelling about the money. Vicente was beating on the car with a shovel. He pulled Caro out and set her on the ground. Damian saw him lift up the shovel and use it to hit someone. Vicente was struggling with Caro and yelling at her to tell him the truth. In his bed, Damian starts screaming “get me out of here.” Everyone but Andres and the guy who just bought the company go rushing upstairs. Everyone’s talking over each other. Raquel finally gets him to calm down. He says Vicente’s name.
  • Vicente got to the car before Garrido did, so Garrido doesn’t know what happened, but he knows he didn’t kill Caro. So he wants Vicente to tell the truth…or he’ll kill his son. Vicente agrees he’ll tell the cops Garrido and Tato didn’t kill Caro. Fernando bursts in with enough backup to arrest Garrido, but not enough to keep Vicente from getting away.
  • At Santi’s dinner meeting, the investors have arrived and they’re having a champagne toast too. He leaves his cell phone at the table while he goes to the bathroom and Alina answers it when Raquel calls. Santi and the investors agree they’ll close the deal and sign paperwork this week.
  • Miriam begs Fede to come over so she can tell him she’s worried about something bad happening to them. Because of the company…and Andres. She finally gets around to her point–she wants them to sell their shares and get out of the company and away from Andres. Fede refuses–he’s already gotten the idea that there’s some bad business going on and he intends to find evidence.
  • Raquel tells Andres to go ahead and contact Santiago about the sale himself. Mia’s upset that she’s down here talking when her dad just had a panic attack. He’s awake again and asking for Raquel.
  • Alina asks Santi to come to her office so he and Andres can discuss selling the catering business. Santi’s so not in the mood for that, but Andres in already there giving him a big smile and saying it looks like Raquel never wants to see him again.
  • Garrido tells Antonio and Fernando his story about what happened the night of the accident. Vicente was in the bar, drunk. He talked about Damian bringing him money. Garrido and Tato went out to the highway and waited. Once Vicente’s car passed, they knew Damian’s would be the next one. They threw the rock, the car flipped and everything went to hell. He didn’t see who killed Carolina, but he does know there was someone else at the accident. Another car showed up–so there were three, Vicente’s, Damian’s, and….
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