Caer En Tentación Wednesday 2/21/18 #87

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10 months before the accident
  • Fede promises not to say anything about Damian and Caro as long as Damian doesn’t divorce Raquel. Damian agrees, and that’s even before the doctor comes in to inadvertently lay a guilt trip on him because asthma attacks can be triggered by strong emotions.
  • Santiago doesn’t want a divorce. Caro keeps trying to convince him. The Beckers come into the waiting area and report that Fede’s going to be ok…but Raquel left all the event stuff hanging. She asks Caro to take care of it.
  • At the office, Azucena is up to her ears in work. Damian’s way behind on signing paperwork, as usual. Lola looks into a folder and finds brochures for apartments in Miami. Azucena explains that Damian wants to open a factory in the US, but nothing’s final so would Lola please not say anything.
  • Now that the crisis has passed, Raquel wonders what Damian wanted to say to her earlier. Um…nothing…uh…he was wondering if she’d like to go on vacation. Not that she wouldn’t, but she’s busy with the catering business. If he gets fifty potential donors to show up for the Foundation’s gala, she’ll consider a trip somewhere. She changes the subject to Fede and his strong emotions and the talk he had with Damian, but all Damian will tell her is that Fede wasn’t with a boy and they just talked. The doctor is ready to discharge Fede.
  • Nico’s in his hospital room. Fede just wanted to tell him…they have to take care of their parents. Because wouldn’t it suck if they got divorced?
  • Santiago tries to get Caro to talk before he starts the car. She won’t say whether she’s with someone else and besides, she needs to get to work and if they have this conversation now she won’t be able to work, so can they please just go? How many times did he walk out of an argument because he had to work? She’s always respected his work and now she wants him to do the same.
  • Caro calls Damian. He’s surprised she went through with what they discussed, but, um, Fede asked him not to leave Raquel, so…. He ends up having to hang up on her and call her again later. This time she hangs up on him and he makes a mad dash out of the house to talk to her…I mean, to resolve a problem at the factory.
  • When Damian gets downstairs, Nico is on the phone with a panicky Lola. Santiago just told her he and Caro are getting a divorce. Raquel gets to the living room just in time to hear Nico telling Fede and Mia. She sneaks into the kitchen and misses Mia asking Fede what “they” are going to do about this. She tells Jovita what she just heard. Jovita thinks one of them must be cheating. Raquel wants to talk to them, but she needs to decide which one.
  • Nacho, Agustín, and Santi drink beer and talk. Bebo’s not doing so good, but Nacho’s grateful for all the money Santi has sent. Santi says Caro wants a divorce. It’s over.
  • Damian goes to the catering office, where Caro is still pissed at him. Raquel keeps calling, but what is she supposed to say to her? Caro finally answers the phone and Raquel apologizes for butting in when it’s none of her business, but Caro and Santiago just CAN’T get a divorce. Yeah, she heard from the kids.
  • Caro and Raquel go out for coffee. Caro tries the vague excuses–they have problems, they fight, she’s not happy. Raquel asks if there’s someone else. Because it’s the only reason she can think of. And if there is someone, she’s sure it’s just a passing fancy. They can get over it just like Damian and Raquel have gotten over all of their problems.
  • Azucena’s glad to see Damian in the office. Andres is looking for him and he knows about the money transfers to the US. Damian says he’ll take care of it, but he’s not telling Andres anything. Azucena’s the only one who knows what his plans are.
  • Damian’s pouty. Raquel’s insistence on meddling in Caro and Santi’s divorce isn’t helping. She goes downstairs to talk to Jovita about dinner and Fede asks what Damian is going to do. Did he lie about staying with Raquel? Fede’s going to disown him if he leaves Raquel.
  • Caro gets home and the kids confront her and Santiago. If they’re getting a divorce they want to know now. Santi says that’s between him and Caro, but he’s going to go stay at Nacho’s.
  • At dinner, Mia’s furious that they’re all upset over the Alvarados. Who cares?! They’re not like “those people.” And Damian and Raquel aren’t getting divorced–Damian doesn’t like her talking that way. Mia screams that that family is going to ruin their lives.
  • Santi packs. Of course he’s going. How could he stay when he knows she doesn’t love him?
  • Mia won’t wake up and there’s a half-empty bottle of pills on the floor.
  • Fede asks Azucena to explain just how much of a creep his uncle is. A big one. She’s convinced Andres took the money she put in the trunk of Damian’s car. And she knows he knew where they were going because he saw the tickets. After a few days at the cabin they were going to leave. To Fede it sounds like Carolina died because Andres wanted money.
  • Fede meets Mia for coffee and reconciliation. She loves him, he’s the only boy who makes her feel pretty, she can’t imagine being with anyone else. Fede needs some time. And he needs her to believe him when he says he’s NOT with Alina. Oh, no worries, she knows that…because Alina’s with his dad. Why does he think her mom doesn’t want anything more to do with him? His dad and Alina are TOTALLY sleeping together (says the world’s most unreliable narrator).
  • Putting Santiago and Andres in a room together was a terrible idea. They start smack talking and throwing punches and Alina has to ask Santiago to leave before anyone knocks over her bookcase. Santiago calls Raquel and leaves her a voicemail. He can’t believe she put him in Andres’ hands. When did she start hating him?!
  • Vicente shows up at Lisa’s asking for help. He knows there’s something wrong with him. He can’t stop seeing his father and Carolina. And he can’t help thinking that he killed his entire family. He was there when Carolina died. He knows what happened. He can’t go to the police or he’ll end up in jail and he’s sure he’d die in jail. Lisa asks if he killed Caro and he just blinks at her.
  • Alina wants to see the contract Andres has drawn up. Now.
  • Fernando and Antonio review their new theory of the case, based on Blas’ statement. Both cars passed through the toll booth; Blas threw a rock and Damian’s car went off the road; Vicente hit Damian, killed Carolina, and buried her body. But Fernando’s not sure Blas’ version of the story is true and Vicente’s a liar and they have no idea who was driving the third car because we still have over a week left, so of COURSE Blas wasn’t going to know that. Fernando wants to put Vicente and Blas in a room together. He’s off to Valle to pick up Vicente.
  • Fede’s trying to get into Andres’ computer. He wants Azcena to get him a list of all the call logs for the company. She keeps watch for Andres and tells him to hurry up.
  • Andres is just leaving Alina’s office. Nico demands to know what he was doing there. Alina tries to tell him Andres was there for business, which is also what she’s doing with his dad. She reminds Nico about all the lawyer-y things she’s done for him and his family. Nico tells her to be careful.
  • Andres comes over to visit Damian. Yeah, he took the money from the car. He wasn’t going to let him give it to that drunk. Damian blames him for Caro’s death, but Andres says that was Damian’s fault. He starts choking him, asking him who killed Carolina.
  • Raquel’s doctor has prescribed a new medication. He tells her he knows things aren’t calm at the house, so it’s important she keep taking them. He reminds her he’ll always be there for her. After she walks him out, Santiago rings the doorbell.
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