Caer En Tentación Friday 2/23/18 #88

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3 months before the accident
  • Mia didn’t die. Raquel knows she’s not OK, but she doesn’t know how to reach her. Mia’s therapist tries having a conversation with Mia about boundaries–living her own life and letting everyone else live theirs. Nope, not a chance. Mia would do “anything” to keep her father from leaving. The therapist wonders why Mia never talks about her mother.
  • Santiago and Caro are still separated. Nico wants her to just admit she doesn’t love him, or at least explain why they’re splitting up. Caro whines about the kids blaming her.
  • Santi’s staying at Nacho’s, drinking too much beer and not getting enough sleep. Nacho’s still inclined to think this is a rough patch. He and his wife had them too and he’s always been grateful that they weren’t fighting when she died.
  • Raquel insists on sleeping in Mia’s room and watching over her at night.
  • Raquel is not in the mood for any of Santiago’s explanations. He lied and she’s done. Didn’t he say once that if he was hurting her, he’d go? Upstairs, Andres is still trying to choke a response out of Damian, but the nurse and PT come in. They can tell something’s up, but Damian insists he’s fine. Well, he nods anyway. Downstairs, Raquel says she’ll think about it, but she’s still upset. And then Andres shows up and the fur starts flying. Raquel kicks them both out.
  • Miriam has Rueda come over to talk to her and Fede, but Fede doesn’t trust him. He’s convinced Rueda is working with Andres, and if that’s the case they’re already screwed.
  • Lola’s at the playground with Benja when she thinks a random skinny guy is Juan. Bebo tries to reassure her, but she just wants to go home.
  • Antonio goes to Legato looking for Andres, but he’s not in. He settles for asking Azucena about the money. She admits Vicente was blackmailing Damian, like he told them. Damian would take money to him or he’d leave her a check and she’d do it. The day he died, she got cash from the bank, packed it in a suitcase, and put it in the trunk of Damian’s car. But the car wouldn’t start, so he asked her to rent him an SUV. The thing is, she talked to Damian and he told her the money wasn’t in the trunk.
  • Fernando goes over to Lisa’s looking for Vicente. Lisa says he did come by, like he always does when he’s in trouble, but she told him to leave. Nope, she has no idea where he went. She’s never seen him like this–all his anger turned into sadness. She doesn’t think Vicente could possibly have hurt his sister, but she’ll call if she sees him. Vicente’s hiding inside the house, of course. Lisa says it’s the last time she helps him. And he swears it’s the last time he asks, but he says that every time.
  • Nico meets Fede for coffee. Fede tells him about the money laundering. All he needs from Nico right now is not to say anything while Fede finds some kind of proof. Nico asks if he thinks Andres had something to do with Caro’s death. Well, knowing what he knows now, he wouldn’t put it past him.
  • Azucena really doesn’t know who took the money. They do have security cameras in the garage, but she doesn’t think they would have kept the recording for this long. She’s just told him she’ll find out for sure when Andres gets in and takes Antonio to his office. Andres whines about everybody thinking he’s a criminal. He’s gonna tell Antonio everything this time. Like for realz. He knew about the cheating, he knew about the extortion, he knew they were running off together and he tried to stop it. By taking the money out of the car?
  • Azucena calls Fede to tell him Antonio’s talking to Andres right now and Andres seems surprised by his visit. He begs her to copy the last of the files on Andres’ computer if he leaves the office again. And be careful!
  • Vicente thanks Lisa for letting him take a shower and finding him some clean clothes and a backpack. He wants her to know she and their son are the best things that ever happened to him. And he has one final favor to ask–when she talks to their son about him, only talk about the good times. And then he’s off, leaving Lisa wondering what he plans to do.
  • Bebo finally got Benja to sleep. Lola feels like she causes nothing but trouble. But Bebo says he loves her. And then they snog.
  • Antonio is upset that Fernando didn’t find Vicente. Fernando says he couldn’t search Lisa’s house without a warrant. In that case Antonio will send someone over with it right now. Trevilla’s a little afraid to approach him, but he asks what’s wrong. Antonio says everyone had motive for this murder and he just added someone to the list–Andres. (What do you mean just? I know you’re not that incompetent!) More screaming and complaining follows. He wants Trevilla to look at the tollbooth footage again and find the third car Blas mentioned.
  • Andres has cranked up the paranoia to 11. Everyone’s out to get him! He doesn’t believe that Antonio didn’t ask Azucena anything about him or that she didn’t tell Antonio anything. He fires her for being a “traitor.” She calls Fede and tells him she copied the last of the files, but they’ll have to meet somewhere other than the office–Andres just fired her.
  • Antonio and Trevilla can see the third car on the video, going through the tollbooth. If fits Blas’ description, but they can’t see either the driver or the plate number. They go round and round, speculating and Antonio still thinks the murderer is Andres, Raquel, or Santiago and the person in the third car was a witness.
  • Jovita sees Santi parked outside Raquel’s house. He’s desperate to know how Raquel’s doing and what he can do to get her to forgive him. Jovita says it’s all just too much for Raquel. She’s afraid Raquel will have another episode like the one he saw, or the one that happened on the day of the accident. Oh yeah, Raquel took off and Jovita didn’t see her until the next day. Raquel didn’t mention it because she never remembers what happened after. Down the street, Andres points Santi out to his hench. He wants hench to hurt Santi and he’ll tell him when. For now, he just wants him to keep watching him. Jovita’s sure it was the same day. She doesn’t know where Raquel was and neither does Raquel. When she gets back inside, Jovita tries to convince Raquel that Santi loves her.
  • Rueda thinks the only way for Andres to stay out of trouble is tell the truth. Taking the money out of the car wasn’t even so bad…as long as that’s all he did. Rueda starts coaching him on exactly what to say to avoid incriminating himself.
  • Mia had been asking the PT earlier if her dad would ever walk again. Now they come in with a wheelchair to take him out for some sun. Mia says it’s the first step in his recovery and he’ll be walking again in no time. Downstairs Raquel tries to avoid him, but Mia asks her to come over and talk. Damian asks for forgiveness (Mr. 5ft and I in tandem: “Oh, F- You!”). Raquel says too much has happened and she hopes he starts to remember.
  • At the police station, Rueda makes a fuss about this being a voluntary statement. Whatever, Antonio just wants Andres to get on with it. OK, he took the money out of Damian’s car and replaced it with paper. The keys were on Azucena’s desk and he took them without anyone noticing. He only did it because that was company money and Damian was emptying their accounts. Sure, he has an alibi for that night–he was with Raquel.
  • Vicente and Caro sit by a stream. He doesn’t know why he can see her now if he’s not drunk. Fernando watches him touching empty air. And then Vicente stands up and starts going into the water. He’s got one end of a rope around his waist and the other end around a rock. Fernando calls out to him, but Vicente makes it all the way into the water before Fernando reaches him.
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