Caer En Tentación Monday 2/26/18 #89

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3 months before the accident
  • Fede has a whispered conversation with Damian outside Mia’s room. He didn’t tell her about Carolina and she didn’t see them together like he did, but she’s suspected this for a long time. He advises Damian not to lie anymore and quit killing off the little bit of love they have left for him.
2 months before the accident
  • Caro’s been having a lousy month. The kids blame her for Santiago leaving. She feels like everyone else blames her too. She tells Raquel to call Santi if she wants to know how he’s doing.
  • Damian’s at the jobsite with Santi asking how he’s doing. Basically terrible. He can’t quit thinking about Caro being with another guy.
  • Damian stops by Caro’s house. Yep, she’s alone. ALL alone thanks to him not leaving his wife or making up his mind. Damian whines about how he can’t leave Raquel. Then there’s some very loud face-smushing, because apparently Damian is just irre-frickin-sistable. And then after, she tells him he’s using the kids as an excuse and if he doesn’t talk to Raquel, they’re over. So he says he’ll do it tonight, which probably means there is a 0% chance of that happening.
  • Raquel meets up with her buddy Santi. If he doesn’t want to talk, she won’t make him. She orders a pizza, since they both agree they’re hungry. Nico joins them for pizza and then goes over to the house for more clothes. Raquel gets a call from Mia and has to leave.
  • In a slight deviation from Friday’s footage, Fernando goes into the water to haul Vicente’s sorry ass out. Fernando already knows he didn’t kill Caro, but he has his guys drive Vicente back to the station so he can give yet another statement. Lisa tells Santiago what happened and says it’s her fault. And BTW Vicente admitted to the police that he was there on the night of the accident, so he probably knows who killed Carolina.
  • Azucena drops by the house to tell Damian that Andres fired her. Damian gets agitated, realizing Andres must have taken the money. Mia and the PT take Damian out for some air, whether he wants it or not! Azucena explains to Jovita what they were talking about. Andres’ spy reports that Azucena came to the house. Andres wants her killed, but first he wants to see how far she’ll go.
  • Alina brings the contracts for the new partnership over to Santiago’s. He gets all huffy about her answering his phone at the restaurant. He thinks she did it on purpose. She swears not. But this next bit was totally on purpose–she tells him Andres admitted to stealing the money from Damian’s car and his alibi for later that night was that he spent it with Raquel. Santi wants more details, but Andres didn’t give them and Alina gives him a “duh, what do two adults do when they spend the night together?” Which is, like…you and Santi “spent the night together” and NOTHING happened. And apparently she’s forgotten that, because she tries to FF right to “I’m in love with you, make love to me now!” And Santi’s like “Aw HELL no!”
  • Also saying “Aw HELL no!” tonight is Raquel. When Santi asks her to help him start over. She tells him she’d glad he’s getting better, really, and she wants him fully recovered…so he can give her a divorce. Is it just me or did Santi’s light bulb finally go on? Raquel still has to spell it out for him–he slept with her best friend, they had a child together, he cheated on her for YEARS…and she knows he knows what she’s talking about. He was muttering her name, so no way does he not remember. She’s made her decision. She’s out.
  • Vicente gives his statement. He was drunk, which we knew. He had parked and was waiting and falling asleep. He woke up when he saw Damian’s car go off the road, backed up, and went down to try to help. Damian was trapped. Vicente went back to his car and brought back a shovel from the trunk. When he looked in the back seat, he didn’t see anything. He broke out the back window and found a duffel bag with a bunch of paper in it. Caro was scared and tried to run off. He followed to ask about the money. In his flashback, he grabs and shakes her, asking where the money is. Then he heard a shot, slid down a hill, and when he got back up, Caro was dead. In his flashback, Vicente asks Damian what he did. He hit Damian with the shovel. Then he buried Caro’s body. He didn’t kill her. He swears Damian shot his sister. Not that he saw him, but who else could it have been? There definitely wasn’t another car on the road when he backed up his car. So after all that, they’re going to press charges for attempted murder (of Damian) and being a suspect in Caro’s murder.
  • Alina is STILL trying to convince Santi to sleep with her when Lola comes out of her bedroom and asks what the hell is going on! She reminds him Alina slept with Nico and goes back to her room. Alina goes on this rant like Santi owes her sex or something.
  • In the morning, the PT asks Raquel to talk to Damian. He’s refusing to eat or do his exercises this morning. So, what, now it’s a hunger and exercise strike to get her to take him back? Nothing’s changed since last night. He dreamed of the day she told him she’d never stop loving him. Raquel doesn’t care. On her way out of the room, she tells the PT they can’t count on her to do anything for Damian.
  • Raquel gets into her car and gets a phone call from Andres, asking where she’s going. The fact that he knows what she’s doing right now is allegedly supposed to indicate that he cares about her and not that he’s stalking her. Whatever, Raquel wants nothing to do with him, she loves Santiago, bye.
  • Right on the heels of his call, Fede walks in to bug him about firing Azucena. Andres mockingly asks if Fede is his partner now, then makes what sounds to me like a completely arbitrary rule that if Fede wants to be a partner, he needs to go out there and find $1M so the company doesn’t go broke. If not, then Andres will find the money, in exchange for being the majority shareholder.
  • Santi tries to tell Lola that what she saw with Alina was nothing, he has nothing going on with her. Lola snaps. Does he not realize Alina wants to sleep with him? Is he really that naïve or just acting like it. (Ouch!) Yes, she thinks she deserves an answer since they all live together. In that case he wants to know what she and Bebo were doing in her room. According to Lola, talking. She wanted to thank Bebo for always being there for her and being HONEST. And they also decided they want to live together. That way she doesn’t have to be Benja’s mom and give Santiago explanations or vice versa and everyone will be happier.
  • Fede meets Miriam at his house. He repeats Andres’ demand–either they come up with money or he’s “keeping” the company.
  • Raquel shows up at Santi’s house. She needs him. She doesn’t want to keep living at her house.
  • Miriam proposes she get in touch with Rueda. She knows he’s still loyal to her. Fede’s willing to go along with that, but not a word to anyone! Miriam agrees, she wouldn’t tell Damian and Raquel’s not even here. Fede freaks out because Raquel is not well.
  • Actually, she’s naked in bed with Santiago, so she sure seems like she’s fine. It’s all snuggles until Santi, in an effort to not keep things from her tells him Alina was there earlier and Raquel was totally right about her. He apologizes, saying he doesn’t have a lot of experience with women. He swears nothing happened with Alina. And also Lola moved out. So, if she doesn’t want to live at her house, would she want to live with him?
  • Damian tells Azucena that Raquel wants a divorce. She coldly says a lot of things happened. Damian says he remembers “all” of it and he’s faking because he needs to get his family back. Azucena asks if he shot Carolina.
  • At the station, Antonio thinks he’s going to go blind from looking at tollbooth footage. Trevilla says he’ll keep trying to get a look at the driver of the third car. Fernando comes out of his office, saying he found out who the car is registered to. Raquel.
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