Where is the recap?

Today I’m going to give some extra attention to what is rapidly becoming THE most frequently asked question in the last few weeks, with some slight variations. They go something like this:

Where is the recap for [show]?
  • The philosophical answer: The recap doesn’t exist until it is written, so technically it is nowhere.
  • The Tolkienesque answer: A recap arrives precisely when it means to.
  • The navigational answer: All the recaps that are already written are posted somewhere on the blog. Use the top and/or sidebar menus to locate them.
Are you ever going to write more recaps for [show]?
  • If the answer to this question is “no” for any reason, I promise I will answer the question directly.
  • Otherwise, the answer to the question is “maybe, I’m not sure, things happen.”
  • I try not to make plans because plans just make the universe laugh.
Why have you only written up to episode [#] when there are [>#] episodes in the show?
  • Possibly we never got all the episodes here in the US. (for example: La Fan)
  • Possibly the show ended quite some time ago and we’re making our meandering way through the episodes on the DVR while hoping the darn thing doesn’t crap out and make us have to stop, or we’ve been busy doing other things, or another show got our attention that we like much better but we haven’t decided to dump the first show yet, just to do it as time allows. (for example: Silvana sin Lana, La Mujer del Vendaval, Sangre de mi Tierra)
I hope you will continue writing recaps for [show] because I’m anxious to find out what happens.
  • I hate to have anyone stressing about a show! Please do your best to remain calm. Anxiety doesn’t do anyone any good. It also doesn’t create more hours in my day or make my priorities shift or clear up other things in my life that need my attention.
I’m really waiting for the recaps for [show].
  • Good. Excellent. Thanks for letting me know you’re interested.
It has been a long time since you posted.
  • I’ve probably posted very recently, maybe even today. What I haven’t done is post another recap for the show you’re interested in, but to be fair (to me) even when I (Kat) am not personally posting anything, I do spend a lot of time on blog maintenance and improvements behind-the-scenes. I think I deserve some credit for that. Anyone else who writes on the blog also has a life outside the blog.
  • Now, if we really have gone a long time between posts, that that’s probably a sign something in my life is not going well. I’ve had all sorts of minor and major drama that kept me away from the computer and/or DVR In the previous year. I don’t generally talk about it on the blog because I don’t think it matters why I’m not doing the thing someone wants me to do. I’m not going to open up about my personal life so that people can decide whether my absence is “excused” or “unexcused.”
After how many days do you write the recaps for [show]?
  • It varies. Sometimes I’m writing while it airs, sometimes it’s after, sometimes it’s WAY after. (I think La Mujer del Vendaval has set the record for recaps written over a year since the date the show aired.)
Why did you stop writing recaps for [show]?
  • See previous answers above, take your pick. I’m not going to answer the question. I don’t have a boss and I like it that way.
I need recaps for [show] please.
  • Define “need.” Whether you mean:
    • “I’m the only person I know watching this show and I really want to know if anyone else is watching it and what they think of it.”
    • Or “I’m watching this show dubbed into English/with English-language subtitles, but I still don’t understand what’s happening.”
    • Or “I don’t understand any Spanish at all, and there are no English-language subtitles available.”
  • I sympathize, but none of those situations in any way create an obligation on my part to recap. You’re welcome to come ask in the weekly Launch Pad post if anyone else is watching. You can also check places like Facebook and Twitter and maybe you’ll make some new friends.
  • Well, bless your heart!

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Autora/ Author

“Why have you only written up to episode [#] when there are [>#] episodes in the show?”

My answer would be: Because despite starting strong, the show went off the rails or otherwise lost me. I reserve the right to stop recapping.