Caer En Tentación Tuesday 2/27/18 #90

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2 months before the accident
  • Santiago brings up that argument Agustín overheard. Agustín claims he doesn’t remember what Damian and Caro were arguing about. He thinks it was the catering company.
  • Things are weird at the Becker house. It seems like everyone’s trying to not leave Mia alone, but Fede is also trying not to leave his dad alone. Jovita’s looking nervous.
  • Caro leaves Benja with Lola so she can go to the doctor. On a Sunday? Yep, and that really is where she goes. He diagnoses a mild yeast infection, reminds her to wear cotton underwear, and prescribes a one-dose medication to get rid of it. Caro mentions her choice of underwear isn’t going to matter to Santi, since they’ve split up. The doctor’s sorry to hear it.
  • Mia comes into Fede’s room without knocking. They get into a shouting match and she begs him to just tell her who their dad’s cheating with already. Fede tells her it’s Carolina. (Worst-kept secret EVER!)
  • Caro meets Raquel at the catering office. Someone asked to rent some stuff…either tonight or tomorrow. Caro’s cool with it. She mentions having been to the doctor, but it not being anything serious. A delivery guy from the pharmacy brings Raquel some medication she ordered. FOR A MILD YEAST INFECTION.
  • Fede tells Mia to back off. He’s the one managing this–he’s going to make sure his dad keeps his word. And Mia isn’t going to say anything. This is a secret between the two of them.
  • Caro meets Damian at his office. She’s just been to the doctor and then the catering office–a friend of Raquel’s wanted to rent a bunch of stuff. The doctor? Oh, it’s nothing serious, just a vaginal infection, but the funny thing is Raquel has the same one. So not only did he NOT leave her, he’s still sleeping with her (and without using a barrier method at that). Caro breaks up with him for the 748th time and talks about trying to get Santiago back.
  • Future!Nacho was right. Damian hires Saldivar to investigate Caro. He hands over a photo of Caro and a cash advance.
  • Santiago and Nico come over to pick up Benjamin. Caro asks to talk to Santiago alone. She apologizes for everything and asks if they can get back together.
  • Damian gets home, tells Raquel he was out walking with his phone off, and he’s made a decision. When the kids get home, they’re expecting to hear “we’re getting a divorce” not “we’re going on vacation to Paris without you two.” The kids are creepily happy about it. Damian and Raquel celebrate with sex.
  • Caro leaves dinner on the table for the kids as an apology. She’s going out tonight…with Santi. Benja adorably repeats “vamos” several times. Caro and Santi date for a while. She still feels the need to ask him if he accepts her apology, which he’s already done. Caro’s weird about not wanting to make out on Nacho’s front porch. They go back to their house.
3 weeks before the accident
  • Caro takes a pregnancy test that comes out positive. She texts someone.
  • Fernando, Antonio, and Trevilla are still reeling over the news that the third car was registered to Raquel. Antonio jumps quickly to “If Raquel was there, do you know what this means?!” Fernando nods seriously as if he has no idea what Antonio’s talking about.
  • Raquel’s game to move in with Santi. They both know nobody’s going to like this decision, but…ni modo.
  • Damian’s answer to “Did you kill Carolina?” is “I loved her.” Well, his prints are on the gun, so the cops are going to want an explanation. He wants Azucena to help him get his family back, get Raquel back. Azucena says everybody knows about his relationship with Carolina, all of it. Like seriously ALL of it. The kids all know they have a brother in common. She advises Damian to do some thinking and put his story back together.
  • Miriam just won’t quit. She gets into Damian’s room and starts whining to him about how Raquel has brainwashed him. Damian blames her for ruining his family the way she ruined hers, but he’s going to get them back. Miriam doesn’t think he can get anything back but the company. She blames everything on Raquel, and begs him to remember what really happened that night–Raquel and Santiago planned the whole thing! Damian kicks her out of his room.
  • Antonio calls Santi with the news that the third car was registered to Raquel. Santi’s speechless. He tells Raquel what Antonio said and she’s shocked…do they think she did it? The problem is Andres said he was with her all night and Jovita knows she left the house. But Raquel can’t remember what happened. She’s sure she wasn’t with Andres, but other than that? She and Damian argued about something she doesn’t remember and then she woke up in her bed.
  • Laura comes over to the police station to demand info from Fernando. He’s done letting her emotionally manipulate him. He’s already filed for divorce. Laura whines that she’s going to lose her news program and won’t he please give her something so she doesn’t lose the “one” thing she has left.
  • Miriam runs into Azucena downstairs. She starts concocting a theory that if Damian has his memory back then he remembers who killed Caro…was it him? Azucena says there’s no way he would have killed Caro. So then why won’t he say anything? He must be protecting someone…someone from the family…Mia? Did Mia kill Caro? No wonder he won’t ever tell. Azucena just stands there with a pained look on her face, not denying or confirming anything. Miriam says they have to keep it a secret that Damian got his memory back.
  • At the jobsite, Agustín tells Nacho that he was talking to one of the other guys and heard that the mysterious “Saldivar” is actually a private investigator. So if Santi owes him money, he must have hired him for something. Maybe to investigate Carolina? Which means that Santiago already knew she was cheating on him before the accident.
  • Fernando comes over to Raquel’s to flirt with Cintia. And tell her he’s getting a divorce. And that a car registered to Raquel was near the accident site. Which is why he needs to talk to Raquel and find out where she was that night.
  • Bebo comes into Lola’s room. She talks about them moving in together. She’s not intending to “never” see her family again, but she doesn’t want to see her dad right now. He knew about Damian and Caro’s affair before the accident. Bebo can’t believe it, but Lola has a manila envelope full of pictures. When Nico gets home with Benja, they show him the pictures.
  • Andres has Azucena abducted so his lackeys can torture the truth out of her. He wants to know what she’s been talking to Damian and Fede about.
  • Andres catches Fede rummaging around in his office.
  • Mia and the PT bring Damian over to Santi’s house to “talk.” He actually wants to talk to Raquel and he won’t take Santi’s word for it that Raquel is here because she’s done with him. He wants to hear it from Raquel. Raquel comes into the room….
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