Caer En Tentación Wednesday 2/28/18 #91

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Present, Santiago’s house

Damian wanted to hear it from Raquel, so she tells him–she doesn’t love him anymore and she wants a divorce.

Outside, Nico argues with Mia. She seems to think that the two of them can be completely separate from their parents and their problems.

The PT tells Mia she’s gotta start listening to people and she’s gotta start thinking about herself and healing her pain.

Damian tells them Carolina tried to leave Santi and his love for her was real and they tried to break it off, but they never could. Raquel doesn’t care. It’s too late for this.

Damian doesn’t want the kids to hate him, but Raquel refuses to lie to the kids for him.

Damian accuses Raquel and Santiago of doing now what he and Caro did before. Santi says they’re not like him and Caro. It was the pain Damian and Caro inflicted that pushed them together.

Damian says there was always a reason they couldn’t break it off…Mia, Fede, Raquel. She refuses to let him blame her. She attacks him physically and screams at him that this is HIS fault. Santiago pulls Raquel away from him. Damian starts crying, saying when he woke up he realized he’d made a mistake. Raquel accuses him of trying to use her.

Damian apologizes on behalf of himself and Caro. Raquel tells him to shut up. Santi doesn’t know what good the apology is supposed to do him. All he wants to know is what Damian did to Caro. Now it’s Raquel’s turn to pull Santi away from Damian.

He tells Damian that Carolina was expecting his child and it’s Damian’s fault they’re both dead.

Damian has a flashback to hearing the gunshot and watching Carolina fall. Santi’s furious that Raquel is trying to get Damian to calm down.

“We didn’t want to hurt you.” (Oh, whatever, Damian.) They were going to tell everyone the truth when they came back from their vacation, but Caro died and he doesn’t remember what happened. Santiago demands to know who killed Carolina.

3 weeks before the accident

Damian called Caro back, asking to see her. Neither of them can take it anymore.

They meet at a hotel and get right to the snogging. Or face-eating. Whatever. Caro’s phone falls out of her purse and they, uh, passionate-hand-interlacing-dial Nico. He hears her moaning and gets the hell off the phone.

Caro realizes they called Nico. She wants to run out and deal with it, but Damian just wants to take off together.

Santiago assumes Nico’s attitude has something to do with Mia. He thinks they should talk out their problems, but Nico doesn’t think “talk” is going to help this time. Caro comes home and he glares at her and goes off to his room instead of greeting her. Santi’s confused–are they fighting? Caro offers to talk to him. (And say what? I’m sorry you heard me having sex?)

OK, so yeah, Nico heard her and since his dad was right in front of him, that’s not who she was with. He doesn’t want to talk to her.

Caro and Damian text each other back and forth. Nico knows, he didn’t want to talk. Damian still wants to go on a trip.

Caro tells Santiago that Nico didn’t want to talk to her about whatever was wrong. Santi says they’ll talk later–he has to go run some errands with Agustín.

Caro texts Damian to get her out of there. He wastes no time asking Azucena to buy tickets.

Nico calls Vicente and yells at him for knowing. Vicente pretends he doesn’t know what Nico’s talking about. Blas Garrido walks up to Vicente’s cabin as he’s drying off his new used car.

Damian tells Raquel he has to go out of town tomorrow on business. He says something about finding new horizons. He means for the company and for himself. He wants to put things in order. Azucena calls to tell him Vicente called and wants Damian to call him.

Raquel’s worried about him leaving tomorrow. If they need to talk…Damian says he’s leaving tomorrow.

Fede meets Nico at a bar. Nico’s doing tequila shots. He asks what Fede would do if he heard something terrible…forbidden…. Fede tells him to spit it out.

Vicente wanted to hassle Damian about getting his money. He refuses to meet him at his cabin or at Damian and Caro’s, and arranges to meet him at the highway.

It takes Nico a while to tell him that his mom called, he picked up the phone, and he heard his mom moaning…having sex…but his dad was right in front of him. Fede looks guilty, but Nico doesn’t realize that’s what it is.

Vicente calls Caro and tells her Damian arranged to meet him for the final payment. And be careful with Nico because he suspects something.

The day of the accident

Damian calls Azucena to make sure she’s dealt with the money.

Miriam assumed Andres was the one who made the withdrawal, but he denies it. When he sees Damian come in, he says he has things to do.

Azucena’s doubting that Vicente’s going to be satisfied with this final payoff. If he’s not, Damian’s going to have to settle things another way.

Andres follows Azucena to Damian’s car, where she puts the bag full of cash in the back seat and locks the car door.

Caro is packed. Santiago begs her not to go, but Carolina says she has to talk to her brother. Santiago gives up on arguing. He says they’ll miss her and Caro says she’ll miss them too.

Damian goes back to the house to say goodbye to Raquel. Fede and Mia spy on them. Raquel feels like this is a permanent goodbye.

Present, Andres’ office

Fede tells Andres he knows everything, he just needs the proof. Andres has been bleeding the company dry. Andres shoves him and locks the door. He calls his henches and tells them to bring Azucena over. Either she or Fede is going to tell the truth or he’ll kill them both.

In his paranoia, Andres assumes if they’re accusing him, they must have proof. What is it?

Azucena says they don’t have anything, like she told those guys, they have no proof. Federico agrees. Andres keeps threatening to kill one of them. Andres tells him to go get all the evidence he has or Andres will shoot Azucena.

Azucena keeps insisting they don’t have any evidence. Andres punches her and tells Fede to bring it or she’ll die.

Present, Alina’s office

Rueda comes in ansd slaps a folder on her desk. It’s all the evidence she needs to put Andres away. Azucena sent it to him. She’s afraid of Andres.

Alina can’t understand why he’s giving them to her.

Well, they implicate him too. If he talks, he’ll go to prison. If he doesn’t talk he’s putting people in danger.

Alina tells him to do what he always taught her–negotiate with whoever has the most money. She offers to negotiate with Andres for him while he skips the country. She tells him to forget about Miriam and everyone else–their fates are already sealed.

Present, Andres’ office

Azucena keeps whimpering. Andres goes to his safe and finds it unlocked and empty. He starts strangling Azucena with his belt, asking what she gave Federico, but he’s so far gone he kills her without realizing it.

He calls his henches and tells them to hurry over and help him get rid of the body.

Present, police station

Antonio has Vicente and Blas in the same room. Vicente says he didn’t see the third car and he didn’t kill his sister, he loved her. Yes, he was worried about finding the money and getting out, but he didn’t kill her.

Antonio wonders who the judge will believe more–Vicente or Damian? If he doesn’t talk, it’s all getting pinned on him.

OK, so Vicente remembers something weird happened. Damian screamed “shoot me” as if there was a third person there. Vicente’s sure Damian said that.

Present, Santiago’s house

Mia’s furious that Fernando is headed for Santiago’s. He wants to talk to her parents and he knows they’re both here.

Mia seems to think she has some kind of authority here, like she can just tell him to go away and he will. Fernando tells the PT to keep an eye on Mia while he goes inside. Mia tells Leo, the PT, nothing’s going to be ok and she knows it because she knows everything. (OK, but, like…for real or in the “Mia” sense?)

Fernando comes in and starts asking questions. He asks Raquel if she was involved with Carolina’s death. What did she do that night–

Damian says it wasn’t her. Vicente wanted to hit Carolina and Damian tried to save her.

He remembers Vicente knocking Caro down and starting to shake her and ask where the money was. Vicente hauled her up to her feet, the gun went off, Vicente fell down the hillside, and Carolina’s body hit the ground.

Damian says he did it. He killed her. (But it’s only Wednesday….)

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