Caer En Tentación Thursday 3/1/18 #92

Present, Santiago’s house

Raquel thinks Damian is delirious. She tells him not to say anything more, but Damian assures Fernando again that he killed Carolina. Fernando calls Antonio and asks him to come over.

Present, Nacho’s house

Nico looks over the pictures of Caro and Damian together. Lola says their dad had them hidden in his room. Nico doesn’t think their dad could have killed their mom. If he didn’t, then why didn’t he tell them he already knew about the affair?

He and Lola go a few rounds on that before deciding to go ask their dad. They leave Benja with Bebo.

Present, Miriam’s house

Rueda tells Miriam that the paperwork Azucena sent over to him implicates Andres, but it also implicates the two of them. He’s frustrated that Miriam doesn’t understand that their signatures are on a lot of it. He suggests she get out of town, like he’s doing.

She won’t go. She whines in his general direction and he says he’s sorry, but this is as far as he goes.

Present, Santiago’s house

I don’t know who they were expecting to be at the door, but it’s Mia and Leo. Raquel tells Mia it’s going to be fine. Damian says it’s all over–he did it. Mia doesn’t get it.

Antonio’s on the way with an arrest warrant for Damian, but Fernando still wants to know what Raquel did that night. If Raquel wasn’t driving her car, who was?

Hours before the accident

Mia tells Fede their dad lied. He’s leaving with Caro. Mia tries to take over the job of “doing something” but Fede insists–this one’s on him.

Caro sits in her parked car, looking at a picture of her family and begging them to forgive her. Damian calls to say he’s on his way over. She’s afraid of her brother and meeting him on the highway. Damian begs her to trust him. They’re finally going to be happy.

Saldivar calls Santiago and arranges to meet him at the same bar as before. Santiago tells the kids he’s seeing clients and asks Nico to stay and take care of his siblings. Nico and Lola think both their parents were acting strange.

Damian’s car’s engine overheated and the guy at the garage says they can’t look at it until tomorrow. He calls Azucena and she says she’ll rent a car for him.

Raquel has a bad feeling that Damian was saying goodbye forever. Jovita tells her not to think like that. Fede and Mia come downstairs to say they’re taking the new car and going out so Fede can drop Mia off at a “friend’s” house where they’re getting together with some “friends” and maybe she can convince Fede to hang out with them. Raquel’s like “What friend?” and suddenly they’re running late gotta go, bye.

Present, Santiago’s house

Antonio wants to take Damian to the MP’s office to make his statement. Raquel doesn’t know what to do now. Santi suggests talking to her kids.

Antonio got permission from the doctor to take Damian out. Mia tries to hold on to him and ends up having Leo and Raquel holding her back. Fernando wants Raquel to go with them. They need to know where she was. He refuses to let Santiago go with her.

Nico and Lola come running in and hold Santi back. He tells them it’s all over, Damian did it.

OK, but they still want to know about the surveillance photos.

Present, Legato

Andres’ guys pack Azucena’s body in the trunk to take it somewhere and dump it. If she gets the chance to haunt their asses, I hope she does it. One of the henches says “the boss” wants to talk to him. Yeah, yeah, Andres will call him later.

Present, police station

Trevilla gives Laura copies of Vicente and Blas’ statements. He tells her Antonio’s bringing Damian and Raquel both in for questioning. He doesn’t have any more details. And if anybody asks, he’s not the one who gave her the info.

He also advises her to forget about Fernando and start a new life.

Present, Miriam’s

Andres wants to get back the papers Azucena took. Miriam says Rueda has them. He threatens to go after Federico, but Miriam says she’s telling the truth. Rueda left town and recommended she do the same. She doesn’t know where the papers are.

Andres pulls a gun on her, but she doesn’t know. Andres says they’ll kill him. Miriam starts sobbing, asking what he did.

Well, she wanted help with the company, she wanted money, she wanted to control everyone. She always thought he was stupid. Andres has her turn around and puts the gun to the back of her head. She won’t be able to humiliate anyone again.

He asks where Fede is, but Miriam doesn’t know.

Andres knocks her out and considers shooting her, but he hears the housekeeper calling for her and leaves.

Present, Laura’s

Laura reads through Vicente’s statement. With the money from Damian, he thought he’d be able to start over. He went to the bar….

The day of the accident

Vicente downs a shot of tequila. Tato points him out to Blas. Since Vicente’s drinking Blas assumes he has money and can pay off his debt. Nope, not today. Tomorrow.

Vicente’s finally getting out of this crappy little town. With what he’s collecting today, his wife and child will be set for life.

Blas guesses he’s getting the money from his sister’s boyfriend and Vicente readily admits it.

Blas tells Tato they need to find out more about the money. They’re going to booze it out of him. Blas toasts to Vicente’s disloyal sister. They get him to show them a picture of Caro on his phone. He wants to leave, but they encourage him to stay and keep drinking.

Vicente goes to wash his face and leave. Blas lets him take the bottle.

Blas and Tato plan to wait by the highway for a luxury car. He’s not worried about Vicente since he’s drunk off his ass.

Present, Laura’s

Laura calls work and says she has new information–statements from Caro’s brother and another guy who was at the accident. The Carolina Rivas case is closed.

Present, police station

Antonio’s getting nothing out of Damian besides that he killed Caro. No details. He has someone bring Vicente in and asks which one of them is going to talk first.

Present, Becker house

Fede comes running in, in a panic, looking for something in his room. Cintia stops him and asks if he hasn’t heard that his dad is being questioned by the police. He confessed to killing Carolina. Raquel’s there testifying too because there was a third car.

Andres calls Jovita from outside to see if Federico’s home. Andres hears Fede’s voice and hangs up.

Jovita and Cintia can’t understand why Fede’s freaking out and talking about needing files.

The phone rings again and this time it’s Miriam calling to ask Jovita to take care of Federico–Andres is looking for him. Rueda had some papers, but he left. She begs Jovita to save Fede.

Jovita tells Cintia what Miriam said.

Present, Santiago’s

Santiago admits he had Carolina followed by a private investigator. He didn’t know she was with Damian. He never opened the envelope. All he knew was there were pictures of Carolina with another man. He was too scared to look at them and hid the envelope. Neither of the kids denies that the envelope was sealed when they got to it.

Santiago swears even if he had known, he wouldn’t have been able to hurt Carolina. He takes off to go be with Raquel.

When he exits the front gate, Alina pulls up. She wants to give them one last chance. What?

Yeah, they can leave and be together.

Santi says he’s been clear, he loves Raquel.

“Then you’re forcing me to do this. You’re going to be sorry because I’m going to ruin your life.”

She drives off and Santi gets into his jeep.

Present, Becker house

Fede tries to sneak out the back, but Andres is waiting for him. He tells Fede to toss his keys over and then get in the car.

Present, police station

As Raquel and Mia watch Damian and Vicente sitting in Antonio’s office, Raquel mentions the third car. Mia’s sure it was theirs–the one they gave her and Fede. They followed their dad. They weren’t really going to a friend’s house….

The night of the accident

Fede drove them out to the gas station and they watched Damian sign the rental agreement for an SUV and put a bag in the back. They don’t see Caro and Fede tells her to just be quiet and wait.

Caro arrives. They hear her asking Damian about his car. He says it broke down and he had to rent an SUV. The kids watch Damian and Caro hugging and kissing.

They’re both seething, but Mia’s especially furious because she “knew” it and everyone treated her like she was crazy. They decide to follow them, but Mia doesn’t want to confront them. She wants to know where they get together.

Present, police station

Damian tells Antonio they were driving down the highway and then there was an impact. Vicente says that was a rock thrown by Garrido–he wanted the money Damian was bringing.

Flashback to the car going down the hill, like we’ve already seen.

Damian says things happened quickly after that. Vicente says he tried to help them.

Flashback to Damian calling emergency services. He tried to get Caro to wake up. Vicente ran down the hill, screaming for Caro. Vicente ran back to his car for a shovel.

Vicente says Damian and Caro were both so agitated he decided he just wanted to get his money and go.

Flashback to Caro being confused. Vicente asks where the money is and breaks out the back window.

There was nothing but paper in the bag.

Flashback to Vicente screaming about his money. Damian keeps screaming that it was in the back. Vicente pounds on Caro’s car door until it opens, then starts attacking her, asking where the money is. He pulls a gun on her. Damian crawls out of the car and tackles Vicente, screaming at Carolina to go. She doesn’t listen at first, but then she gets moving, screaming for help.

Vicente started to argue with Damian, Caro ran, and he went after her asking where the money was and why she was running away…and then he doesn’t know what happened. There was a shot, he lost his balance and fell down a ravine.

Flashback to Vicente sliding down the hill and Caro’s body hitting the ground. Damian goes over to Caro, begging her not to die. He picks her up and carries her back towards the car, screaming for help.

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