El Gran Final de Caer En Tentación Friday 3/2/18 #93

Will it be grand? Will it be final? Let’s find out.

OK, so Damian carries Caro back towards the car…

Antonio looks confused too. Vicente says he went back to the scene of the accident and his sister was dead.

And then Vicente took the shovel and buried Caro’s body. Damian says it’s Vincente’s fault Caro is dead. When Vicente starts flailing at him, Mia and Raquel have to be held back. Antonio tells him to just spill it! Who was in the third car?!

No one!

“Who are you protecting, Damian?” Damian looks over towards Raquel and Mia.

Cintia calls Fernando and tells him Miriam called to warn them Fede might be in danger from Andres. Something about some documents. Fede’s not answering his phone. He needs help!

Fede gives the USB drive with all the info back to Andres, but he doesn’t know where the physical copies are. Of course he hasn’t talked to Rueda!

Andres’ phone rings.

Antonio asks Raquel who was in the third car. Raquel says she was. Then Mia runs in and says it was her, she was in the car with Fede and Raquel had nothing to do with it.

Santi’s driving along following Alina when Cintia calls. She tells him Alina has information that implicates Andres in money laundering. But Andres has Fede, so she’s worried. She asks him to keep following Alina and call Fernando.

Nacho’s freaking out, waiting for Nico and Lola to come back. Nico says Damian said he did it. Santiago never opened the envelope. Nacho’s relieved–he just found out about the investigator today and had the wrong idea. Nacho wants to go over to the MP’s office if that’s where Santiago is.

Rueda’s heading out of his house with his one suitcase when Fernando approaches him. Oh…business…out of town…nothing to do with him…papers?…what papers?…nope, no idea what he’s talking about.

Fernando tells him Fede’s in danger. He’s the same age as Rueda’s son, and Rueda could save him.

OK, then…he gave all the documents to Alina. She can confirm what he’s saying is true.

Antonio asks what Mia and Fede did that night.

They followed Damian and Carolina down the highway. Mia was talking about revenge and ruining Caro’s life. A car cut them off (Vicente’s). They lost sight of the SUV when they got to the toll booth.

When they got up to Vicente’s car, they kept driving, thinking Damian and Caro were up ahead somewhere.

And later they heard about the accident. They were scared and they felt guilty. That’s why she never mentioned it.

Uh oh. Nameless narco had his guys bring both Andres and Fede. Nope, they’re not letting Fede go now that he’s seen their faces. Alina’s going to bring Nameless Narco the paperwork.

Godoy calls Santiago and tells him to keep following Alina so they can find Andres and Fede. When Santiago sends him the location, he’ll bring reinforcements.

Antonio doesn’t get it. Some things don’t add up. Mia insists her dad didn’t do it and that Raquel just lied to protect her. Trevilla comes over to tell Antonio that Godoy’s asking for reinforcements.

Vicente’s seeing her again. In the neighboring cell, Blas is freaking out a little. Vicente begs Caro to tell him what to do and she whispers in his ear. He starts crying–he doesn’t know how to do it. He can’t do it.

Last entrada

Alina shows up in the alley and trades the folder of documents for a briefcase full of cash.

She asks for a minute to talk to Fede and Andres, but all she says is “Santiago could have saved you.”

The cops roll up and the bullets start flying. Santi also shows up and tries to shield Fede. Andres tries to get away and gets shot by a cop. The cops round up the remaining narcos and Alina.

Two Weeks Later

Laura reports that Caro’s death was all about a failed extortion payment. Vicente hung himself in his prison cell.

Blas Garrido is also in prison. And Damian’s the one who shot Carolina, in an effort to protect her from Vicente.

Blah blah blah, the families are linked forever now because of a tragedy…a betrayal…for falling into temptation. (Spaaaaaaare me!)

Fernando and Cintia seem to have moved into his apartment. Wow, who knew she could smile like that?

Antonio shows up at Miriam’s with bad news. The judge denied her petition for house arrest for the charges of embezzling and money laundering. She can gather some personal items, but he’s here to take her to the women’s prison.

Leo brings Mia home. He assures her he’s going to help her dad recover…and her too if she lets him.

Mia tells him to forget her–she’s no good for anyone.

Antonio finally decides they’ve been waiting for Miriam for too long. By the time they beat down the door to her room, she’s dead. She slit her wrists with the glass from a framed picture of Damian.

The Alvarados check out a shiny new apartment. Damian has Benja throw Lola the keys. It’s her place. Hers and Bebo’s. It’s from him and Nacho both.

So when is Santiago going to start being happy, Lola wonders.

Fede tells Raquel he’s moving out. He’s going to try to have a relationship with Luz.

Raquel assures him they love him just as he is and he doesn’t have to do anything to please anyone. He needs to find someone he can be happy with, unconditionally, without pressure, without thinking of anyone else but himself. He doesn’t owe anyone any explanations. They love him and all Raquel cares about is Fede being happy with whoever he wants to be with, as long as he’s being himself. She tells him to be free. Not to lie to himself. They share a teary hug.

Santi and Raquel sit on their respective beds and think of each other.

Santiago calls and asks if Raquel is going to accept his proposal. He can’t live without her one more day.

Mia’s sitting in her room when Fede comes in.

He says he won’t be coming in like this again. He’s moving in with Iker. He wants Mia to promise she’ll be happy and forget everything and everyone and find her path. Mia whines that she can’t forget Nicolas. Fede thinks there’s one last thing they can do so she’ll let it all go and think about herself….

Nico comes into the kitchen and tells Lola it’s done. He made the call. She’ll be here soon.

Fede calls him–he says he did it. Nico says he’ll see it’s all going to be ok.

Santiago’s surprised to see Lola and Nico here. There’s something he needs to know….

Mia slithers into Raquel’s room. “I know you like Fede better.”

She skips over and says she’s kidding. She’s not her mom’s little girl anymore. She wants Raquel to be happy. If Raquel is happy, she will be too.

Lola hands Santiago an envelope. It’s a couple of plane tickets for him and Raquel. Benja makes adorable toddler noises. Santiago thanks them and they have a group hug.

Santiago and Raquel walk along the beach.


After some action in the magic bed, they go for yet another walk on the beach. Gosh, that must be sooooo boring.

Santiago wants to spend the rest of his life with Raquel. She showed him how to be a better man, less biased, he learned how to love, how to laugh…and he’s done all of that with her. Who he is now is thanks to her. He loves her.

Raquel says he gave her a second life, the chance to be happy again. She loves him too.

Santiago goes down on one knee and then realizes he forgot the ring…he’ll be back in five.

Suddenly Raquel’s remembering a conversation with her doctor. He says these thoughts aren’t doing her any good.

Damian stands at Caro’s grave and remembers Antonio begging him to say who was in the third car. Damian insisted it was no one. He remembers Raquel’s doctor telling him that what Raquel has is a stress-induced dissociation…for now. But she’s seeing things negatively because Damian is out of control and he needs to calm down.

Raquel remembers Antonio asking her who was driving the third car.

Fede voiceovers that when these things happen to his mom, she can’t remember anything.

Raquel seems to be hearing the accident…Damian yelling at Caro to leave, Caro calling for help. Damian saying “Help her, please.”

So Raquel picked up the gun and fired it just as Vicente turned so Caro was between them.

Damian freaked out. He took the gun out of Raquel’s hand and told her to go.

Raquel sobs on the beach, remembering, as the tide rises.

Damian wiped her prints off the gun with Caro’s coat and then begged Caro to hang on.

By Caro’s grave, Damian puts a gun to his head and fires.

On the beach, Raquel sobs. The tide gets high enough to push her off the rock where she was perched.


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Linda F.
Linda F.
3 years ago

Thanks so much for doing this incredible recap, Kat! I really enjoyed your comments, plus I needed some closure after watching the episode. I agree with you about not letting Damián off the hook. Given all the damage he’d already done, one noble gesture didn’t redeem him. I have a few questions: 1. So, was it Raquel who Caroline saw in the car that pulled up next to them at the toll booth? Because in the flashbacks, it looks like the kids had already fallen behind by then in their car. 2. Uni cut any explanation of the scene early… Read more »

3 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina


Linda F.
Linda F.
3 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Hear, hear! Well said. I’m over my initial shock and really admiring how all the pieces came together for a surprising, yet logical ending.

3 years ago

Apologies for butting in. I watched the first couple of episodes but stopped because it was all too depressing. I did, however, catch the final episode.

Am I to understand that Damian and Santiago have known from the beginning that Raquel killed Caroline? That Raquel “forgot” she had killed Caroline? In other words, at least one if not two of the characters have been lying since the start of the novela?

3 years ago
Reply to  Remi

Lol! I’m so glad you “butted in” (which you totally aren’t) because it gave me the courage to do the same.

My husband and I watched the first week and lost interest. My husband was dying to know who did it so I took full of this recap. He and I both are like “whaaaaa?” And now that you’ve asked these burning questions, I don’t feel so alone 😀

3 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Thank you all. I kinda feel guilty for not watching. The lead actors are all superb and the time switching was interesting. But I think I might have felt cheated by the ending if I had stuck all the way through. Perhaps if there had been no murder mystery, if the novela had focused on the effects of infidelity on two couples or, really, two families and how they dealt with the truth, I could’ve handled it. OTOH, this past year has been so depressing, I’ve been reluctant to read or watch anything that wasn’t pure escapism. I do truly… Read more »

3 years ago
Reply to  Remi

It really was a high quality show, but I think you’re on to something about it being a mystery. If I had followed the whole thing I would have been even more annoyed by that ending.

I support pure escapist watching and reading. I’ll evangelize for Nancy Drew and *squeee* Soy Luna.

3 years ago
Reply to  Sara

It was a high quality show but very depressing.