La Mujer de Vendeval #107

At Emil and Val’s house

The viper ladies Oct and Val plot how they both can work the situation to get what they each want. Oct will arrange things so that Val will be Alessandro’s only refuge. They part, planning for Oct to sleep at Val’s tonight

At the police station

Sagrario and the gals hug and cry, Sagrario couldn’t do anything to set Mateo free, and there’s no justice in this damn town

Ale and the atty meet with the judge and are incredulous to hear that Mateo’s goin to prison for a button. Since Lencho has a witness for his whereabouts and Severo’s bedridden. The judge says they can prove Mateo’s innocence at trial, but the decision to send him to prison is made.

Eulogio stops by the cyber bakery hoping to drown his sorrows in a coffee drink. If it’s agumented w/a little alcohol even better; he’s pretty broken up about what’s happening to Mateo.

Back in the cells Sagrario cries and apologizes to Mateo for having failed him.

Amadeo arrives to comfort Alba and Marce tries to comfort Sagrario.

Ale discusses the case moving forward with the atty.

As they take Mateo away, pretty much everybody cries.

Timo’s House

Timo gets the news and rejoices but Lencho is overcome with guilt and is about to confess to his father he’s w/Oct, but they’re interrupted when Oct pounds on the front door.

She just stopped by to get the news, and let Lencho know they’re leaving early in the morning, she declines to spend the night, and runs to the bathroom to call ML and arrange to meet her in town later so they can discuss some things. ML was chiding Rosa for not being more attentive to Severo but shoos her out so she can talk to Oct. Severo hears ML’s end of the convo and wonders what she’s up to with Oct.

In Town

July ambushes and confronts Eulogio; Timo still loves the octopus lady, and she blames Eulogio for covering for him. He never planned to marry July at all.

July has a plan to get back at Timo and she gets Eulogio to offer his help, but when Eulogio hears the plan is for him to help her make Timo jealous he’s not enthused. (I hate to agree with Eulogio, but July’s plan isn’t too impressive, not that I think Timo is all that machiavellian either.)

The fam gets back to the ranch with the bad news about Mateo, ML is happy, Rosa confused, and Amadeo offers to help with anything they need and that reminds Rosa that Cris called (I love the way Rosa’s mind works like ‘Oh Amadeo’s here being nice, and I told Cris, Alba was fighting with him. Oh yeah, Cris called. ‘ )

ML eavesdrops outside the bedroom door and hears Marcela and Alba talking bout how half the ranch is Ale’s now, but Marce hasn’t told him that yet.

Then she goes to bounce on Severo’s bed and tell him bout Mateo goin to prison. She reminds him she’s on his side all he has to do is remember those pin #s

She leaves and Severo does crunches. (I should exercise more)

Ale and Amadeo talk about how they’re not on board with this Cris/Alba thing (so, its unanimous then, or almost: Alba and Marce are against it, Nuria’s against it Ale, and Sil are against it, Amadeo hates it, and so would Sagrario if she knew it was a thing. The only person rooting for Crisalba is Cris.(and maybe some of us here in viewerhood) )

Anyway, they discuss Cris kissing Alba at the wedding and Amadeo and Alba’s protective fake novioship.

They can’t agree on whose fault it is. Ale thinks Alba is leading his friend astray and breaking up a marriage. Amadeo thinks Alba is a pure dove and Cris is doing all the pursuing and Alessandro should tell him to cut it out. Ale’s not Cris’s dad or anything but he agrees not to tell Cris the novioship is fake and says just tell Alba to stay away from Cris while he’s still married to Nuria.

At the Toscana Hotel offices

Cris is just finishing up and Nuria comes in and says Sil told her he was taking some vacay time, he doesn’t have to leave, if its a problem, she’ll go find a job somewhere else, she didn’t want to make him feel uncomfortable, she had planned on coming back to work since she got back from Houston, and she didn’t think it would bother him so much. Cris says he’s gonna take a few days anyway, he needs a break. Nuria asks is he going to San BP. Cris tells her not to ask questions that are only gonna hurt her and leaves

Sagrario’s room

Sagrario cries and asks the virgin what she did to deserve this punishment. ML slithers in and tells her its all cause she picked some rancher over her lawful husband, oh also ML is borrowin the car to go to town, and celebrate Mateo’s goin to prison, byee. She leaves Sagrario crying.


Ale tracks down Alba to tell her Amadeo’s leaving, and also why’d Cris call? Alba doesn’t know and swears its not what it looks like. Oh like yr a home wrecker after my friend for his money and position (OK pause the venom dude, what position and money? Cris always said he didn’t have any of either, and even the apartment is Nuria’s so what in the world is Alba supposedly going after? She actually left a really great job at the Toscana because of Cris. I wish Ale would turn his brain back on soon)
Course not, says Alba, its like you don’t even know me at all.

No, I didn’t, says Alessandro with that contemptuous look in his eyes, but a lot of things I didn’t know I’m finding out about. Just leave Cris alone, Nuria is a good woman, and I don’t want to hear your story of supposedly how it was, just know you won’t get away with this.

Ale walks off leaving a very confused and hurt Alba in the hall.

Emil calls Marce for news and she tells him Mateo went to prison. He tells her to relax and tries to reassure her Mateo’s got a good atty. See you tomorrow Ale is suspicious at Marcela over who she’s talking to on the phone but she ignores that and goes for a relaxing bath.

Alba cries to Amadeo bout heartless Ale. Amadeo’s her friend and he’s on her side but he’s gotta tell her the truth, Cris can’t have good intentions toward her, and she’s gotta give him up for her own sake.

As Amadeo is leaving, Alba tells him she doesn’t hate Selma, its just that he’s got a lot going for him and he deserves better. Confused and filled with longing, Amadeo leaves.

Municipal Mansion

Timo goes to get Oct a present, which he swears isn’t a turkey, before she leaves. While he’s gone she warns Lencho not to wimp out and tell his dad about them, and he acts like that’s not exactly what he was doing when she arrived at the door. Then she pounces on him, but while danger turns her on it just scares Lencho and they don’t get very far before Timo returns with a jewelry box and goes to one knee, inciting general panic, but its only a medal from his granny. For now anyway. There’s some juggling and arguing and stuff and Lencho ends up getting the medal and Oct escapes.

July’s place

Eulogio is scared, July’s plan is gonna get him killed. July is sure the problem is that Timo has always taken her for granted, if they make him see she can find somebody else he’ll propose right away. And after all Timo deserves to be cheated on. July reminds Eulogio he said he’d do anything to help her, and he holds her in high esteem and she promises its only till Timo proposes. She wheedles and Eulogio caves. He gets supper and a kiss on the cheek. (poor Eulogio, this is gonna be a nightmare for him, he loves July and wants to be with her for realzies but she only wants him to pretend to be with her so she can marry someone else. Also Timo really will be livid )

Toscana Lobby/Terrace?

Nisa and Cami bill and coo, he must be eating lots of seafood, he’s soo amorous. Gordo sees them and shakes his head and smiles.

Silvana comes along and interrupts the making out, Gordo turns around quick so she won’t recognize him and realize he’s watching them. Sil tells the kids this isn’t the place for this and sends Nisa to her room to rest up for classes tomorrow.

Gordo watches Cami carry Nisa’s shoes after her to her room and muses on Cuchi’s idiocy, in thinking he’s got Nisa eating out of his hand.


Emil calls Mateo’s attorney to urge him to do his best for Mateo. Val thinks Emiliano is taking too much trouble for Mateo, but Emil’s worried for Marcela’s sight. He didn’t want to say anything to Marcela lest he scare her but she’s already gotten a lot worse since her previous tests, not that she’ll go blind any minute, but she’s been real stressed since the wedding and that’s not good for her at all. Val says she’s talked to Ale and what he said worried her too.


Mateo moves in to his cell and meets his grouchy cellmate…. Roman?!

Some Restaurant in San BP

ML and Oct meet for dinner and conversation. After a few preliminary “pleasantries” and assurances about the calendar launch Oct gets down to business: What does Maria Laura know about the Berrocal necklace? ML’s face reveals her shock, before she can pretend, badly, she doesn’t know what Oct is talking about.

Oct sees right through her and asks how the necklace came to be at El V.

ML gets more confident and keeps denying she knows anything about it. Oct gives a brief rundown of the story so far as far as she knows it, but ML just laughs and says she doesn’t know anything about any of it but it sounds like it would make a great telenovela.

Oct is sure ML arranged the whole thing, and is willing to work with ML to separate Alessandro and Marcela.

Maria Laura thinks she’s just what every man needs in his life, but wait just a gol durnd minute here, doesn’t Oct love Ale like a son and only care for his happiness?

Oct puts her cards on the table, Ale took away what she most loved in life and if he couldn’t make her daughter happy, she doesn’t want him to be happy with Marcela either.

ML thinks that sounds fair.

(ML has a special definition of fair. Anything that makes someone else happy is usually unfair according to ML. Whereas anything she does to get her own way, is totally fair of course. Also anything that brings misery to other people seems to qualify as fair too. Maybe Maria Laura is so miserable she thinks everyone else should be too?)

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3 years ago

Gracias, stealth! I’m sure there are a lot of things that suck about being paralyzed, but I think not getting to hear the entire chisme is high on the list. Severo sure does look like he’s doing crunches, doesn’t he?!

“Cris always said he didn’t have any of either, and even the apartment is Nuria’s so what in the world is Alba supposedly going after?” Ummm…his linen suit collection?

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
3 years ago

There’s a lot of fun word games when Timo and Lencho talk, but I’m not a good enough recapper to catch and explain them all, but I remember the first time I watched not getting most of what Timo said, and I liked the show anyway, so I gave up on translating all the Quinoneses

3 years ago

I think puns are difficult in any language. And Timo’s are so bad, I think I’m happier when I don’t understand them!