Cuando Calienta el Sol

Anybody in the mood for fresas this morning? Luis Miguel and his ten closest friends hit the beach for Spring Break. Compare this to the series promos with Diego Boneta–he definitely has the look down.

Cuando calienta el sol aquí en la playa, siento tu cuerpo vibrar cerca de mí….

Gracias a Sara for finding this blast from the past!

Luis Miguel: The Series begins on Sunday, April 22 on Telemundo.

Have a great week.

Author: 5ftLatina

Kat is 5ftLatina. She is really 5' tall (and probably shrinking) and Latina. She is not actually a cactus, but she is both prickly and cute. Mr. 5ft is actually married to Kat, but is not 5' tall or Latina. He is also not a form of plant life.

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Autora/ Author

Did Luis Miguel do that pull his hair move a lot early in his career? I’ve seen it on the promos and now on this video.

Mr Me agrees that they’ve nailed the look and the 80s hair. I think he’s willing to give this a try because he likes how 80s this song is (and partly cause it’s once a week.)

stealth cacophony
Autora/ Author

OMG! the 80s! I think I agree with Sara’s husband that I might try to remember to try it because of the 80s music.
I feel like an idiot even saying this, but I never realized Luis Miguel was that young. I mean obvio, once he was, but I’ve never seen him sing as a young man before. He looks like a kid.