La Mujer del Vendaval #108

We now rejoin Restaurant Plotting with Maria Laura and Octavia already in progress

Ale took away the only thing Oct cared about and trashed it and she wants to trash his life now. ML thinks that’s all well and good, but Marcela and Alessandro are gonna be closer than ever now that Marce has given half El V to Alessandro. And now ML has an opportunity to extort some cash out of Oct for the deets, after all she’s got a sick daddy to take care of. Oct pays up, but not enough for ML so Oct tries threats to get the info out of her, what if she told Marce about the necklace thing? Oh that wasn’t me Maria Laura says, the whole thing was Nisa’s idea, and she totally throws Nisa under the bus. Apparently Nisa was the mastermind of the whole plan and ML tried to talk her out of it but had no luck.

Oct promises lots mo money, and ML tells all she knows about Marcela giving half the ranch to Ale, but he doesn’t know yet. Oct is mainly concerned with how the transfer was made and documentation, but ML doesn’t know much about that.

Oct promises even more money if ML can find the paperwork. ML is gonna open a bank account so they can do more biznez.

ML leaves stuffed from the dinner and very pleased with herself and her future prospects.

Oct muses that ML has been surprisingly useful and she’ll have to keep her alive for a while, and heads to Val’s for some shut eye.


Marcela and Ale talk, she ‘s talking about Mateo and he’s talking about…. something else with his ‘the road ahead is dark, sad, and painful.’
Oh ya and he’s gonna take over the ranch while Mateo is gone, he thinks Marcela is behind the times and the ranch needs to be brought up to date.

He’s not just her employee and he doesn’t have to ask her permission to make decisions about the ranch. (Ok, actually he should. Even if they’re married that doesn’t mean he’s automatically boss of her business. He should defer to her since she’s the business owner and he’s not. (as far as he knows anyway) Back me up on this…. please? I’ve actually had disagreements with people about this type of situation IRL and I’m losing confidence in my position as I seem to be in the minority. As far as I’m concerned Ale’s position is paternalistic nonsense from a previous century, pure sexism, and just plain wrong.)

Marcela’s always open to his suggestions , but she knows he’s got other stuff to worry about and he’s not a rancher really and she doesn’t want to overburden him. She wants him to work stuff out with his folks so he’s happy again. He’s suspicious she’s trying to get rid of him, and suspicious about why she cares so much that he get along w/his parents. Marce says its not for her, its for him, he’s invested so much of his life in the Toscana chain and they can’t kick him out just like that, they at least owe him something. He accuses her of only being interested in the $$ he can get out of it. She insists she doesn’t care about the money, she just wants him to work things out with his parents, the sooner the better, and she goes to bed in a huff, while he reviews all the lies about Marcela that ML hissed at him all those times and laments that he found out who Marcela was too late.


Val tells her bro bout how Ale was disappointed with his bride on their honeymoon, apparently Marcela just didn’t measure up to his ex. Emil doesn’t believe anyone could unfavorably compare Marcela to some shallow dip, and he’s angry at Ale’s blindness (so are we all, bud, so are we all).

Now Val is all upset and defensive about Emiliano’s excessive defense of Marcela.

They argue a little about Val’s moving out, but she’s sure its for the best.


When ML gets home she rubs her ill gotten gains in Severo’s face; if he won’t help her there are other people who will. Now if only she could find those documents…, and she wanders out. Severo sits in the dark and wonders what documents, he starts moving his hands and the wondering about ML’s plans provides the extra motivation Severo needed to finally sit up by himself.


Mateo explains to Roman how he ended up in jail and they go to sleep to forget their sorrows.


In her room, ML puts her lovely money away, and promises herself this is only the beginning.

Ale is restless, he gets out of bed and goes to drink and play the piano in the middle of the night. ML hears him and comes in to keep him company. (Her gargling her drink was just too funny) She asks why he’s so down, and he says he’s worried bout the situation w/his parents. He thinks he should go talk to them.

‘I’ll bet Marcela told you to do that, huh,’ says ML craftily.

She pours poison in his ears, saying the money is the only reason Marce could possibly have for wanting him to be in good with his parents, after how they treated her. She fondles his chest and shoulders as she tells him its just too bad he picked the wrong Morales girl; some of them are nice and care about things other than money. Like love and Ale’s biceps and pectorals, and whatever that muscle at the back of your shoulders is called (trapezius?). Maria Laura just wants to love and be loved. Ale finally seems to notice she’s got her hands all over him and turns to look at her questioningly and she pulls back and apologizes like she didn’t realize what she was doing. He finishes his drink and goes to bed and she stays up hugging and kissing the pillow and fantasizing about his reaction when she’s all famous and stuff.


Luc gets home and Sil’s still awake. She wants some affection, but he just thinks she’s checking to see if he’s been with another woman and pulls away from her embrace.

Gordo laughs to himself and plans how he’s going to sabotage Nisa’s relationships so she has no one but him to go out with. When Cuchi gets home, Gordo tells him he saw Nisa at the hotel making out with some big handsome guy w/large hands and muscles. Cuchi is grief stricken at the news.


Next Morning

On the ranch

Marcela hands out sweets to the ranch kids and explains that Mateo’s not coming back for a while. Then she has a therapeutic talk with Huracan (Horses are great listeners) (especially if you have a carrot or a bunch of spinach or an apple or something) (if you don’t have something, the horse is probably going to be too distracted wondering why not, to listen very well).

Meanwhile in Val’s bedroom, Oct is up with the sun and ready to get out of this town. Emiliano comes in in his pjs and Oct flirts with him quite a bit before he leaves.

Val warns her off, Emiliano can’t be manipulated. Oct scoffs, the man hasn’t been born who can’t be manipulated. Val says yeah but he’s already in love with Marcela.

Val has plans to break up his friendship with Alessandro so he can go after the woman he loves. (these two make me think I’m woman-ing wrong)
Oct jokes that Val’s so smart she should run for mayor. (I actually think she’d be a less terrible mayor than Timo. Valeria for mayor! She could blackmail people into getting things done to improve the town)


Luc calls Oct’s office while he’s having breakfast, and hears from the secretary that she left yesterday and didn’t say when she’d be back. Obvs Luc is furious, breakfast is now ruined and he carps for a while to Silvana about Octavia and her high handedness.

Mauro yells at the secretary for telling Luc about Oct being gone. Mauro is concerned Luc will find out about Lencho.

Sure enough Luc calls Inez into his office and browbeats her till she cracks and tells him Oct is with Lencho now, but they’re just friends.

Luc seems obsessed with knowing who is having sex with whom, and gets even angrier when he hears Lencho is drawing a wage for being Mauro’s assistant.

He demands to speak to Mauro at once.


Oct meanwhile is trying to wrench herself loose from Timo who can’t bear to let her go.

Until July arrives at the front door, then Oct and Lencho make good their escape, and Timo makes excuses. It was just business dear, all about business.

July only has one question, is he going to marry her or not? He hems and haws for a while and July says she just wants a straight answer so she can decide whether she should accept the other proposal she’s received.


Ale tells Marce he’s going to see his folks like she wanted. She encourages him to stay as long as he needs to work things out with them.

Fine, but he wants to go to her appointment w/Emiliano with her. All the time, he’s looking at her with suspicious eyes.

Marcela explains that its not a doctor’s appt, she’s just planning to stop in and see her friend while she’s in town running errands. Ale doesn’t like her seeing Emiliano alone, he’s too interested in her. Marce thinks Ale is being ridiculous, Emiliano is friend to both of them.


Nervous, Mauro comes in to Luc’s office and Silvana leaves them alone to talk after warning Luc not to get worked up, it’s bad for him. Luc only has 2 questions, Who hired Lencho, and what exactly does he do around here?
Mauro covers pretty well, even going as far as saying Lencho is staying at his place.

Nisa waxes poetical about love and destiny at Cami. Cami is just bugged about having to scrub toilets, but Nisa says her kisses will make up for all of it, and she plants one on him just as Gordo brings Cuchi to see and points them out to him.


Marcela tells Alessandro that its hurtful that he doubts her fidelity and honesty.

Alessandro tells Marcela that if she ever cheats on him he’ll kill her.

(A line has been crossed here IMO)

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2 years ago

Thank you, stealth! I so have your back about the business thing. As far as he knows it’s not his ranch, so who’s he to come in and start taking over?

And I hated the end of the episode. I agree that he did cross a line.

I could never woman like Val and Octavia woman. That’s just waaaaay too much work. They’re not even having fun.

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
2 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Thanks:) the episode had a lot of variance, between fun stuff and gloom. Oct and Val just seem so confident and in charge I just want a quarter of their confidence. Even Maria Laura’s confidence in her charms would be admirable if it wasn’t so misplaced.

2 years ago

Maria Laura has so much potential. And I would think just finding a job and working can’t be harder than all this running around she’s doing.