Al Otro Lado del Muro Thursday 4/12/18 #37


Pastrana swings the bathroom door open and Dr. Farias scolds him. There was a noise? Well maybe it was her CRYING! Now, she needs some privacy so she can calm down, because she won’t be able to finish the test like this.

Pastrana gives her five minutes.

Once the door is shut, she whispers to Joel that he has her phone.

Joel tells her they’ll take care of it. Her kids are safe and they’ll get her out of here as soon as she gives Pastrana the results. It’s a long story. Yes, yes, they will arrest him, but he’s part of a larger organization. Joel’s sure they’ll leave her alone once they get the results. He hands her the receiver and tells her to put it by the computer she’s using to run the test.

Dr. Farias is back in the lab.

Pastrana’s fiddling with some little metal briefcases. I have no idea what that’s about.

She waits until he’s distracted and sets the receiver down by the computer. The little box fits right in.


Paula teases Ernesto about Julian. Any woman would want him–trust her, she knows.

Ernesto gripes that he’s just a kid. HIS kid.

Ooh, is he jealous of his own son? Maybe he should be….

Ernesto grabs her by the neck and accuses her of sleeping with Julian.

Well, he IS an adult. What’s the problem.

Ernesto complains that she disturbs him.

Paula tells him to chill. She likes grey hair.

Julian gets out of the pool and comes over to tell them he’s going to Rodeo Drive to buy a present for a girl. Ernesto reminds him–no scandals or he’s out of the house.


While Frida records in the studio, the song plays over…

Tommy walks away from the gang guys.

Sofia flips through photos, looking at the ones of Alondra again.

Tommy gets to church late. Max shows up right after he does.


Eliza can’t believe Max showed up!

He says he was looking for Tomás. He wishes Andres well–he didn’t realize this was a baptism.

Tommy comes over to try to kick him out, but Karina, Rod, and Charlie come over. Rodrigo assumes Max is invited to the party and Andres graciously agrees–his house is open to everyone.


Jennifer explains to Steve that Charlie’s supposed to be resting, but Eliza came over to take Rod to some family thing and Charlie insisted on going.

Steve’s worried they’ll have a repeat of the other day, but Jennifer says Eliza promised she’d be on top of the meds. And Charlie’s so happy with Rodrigo–she can’t say no. Rodrigo knows Charlie’s dying and he’s trying to make him happy.

Steve thinks they should all do the same.

BTW, why didn’t he say he already knew Eliza?

Steve complains that Max already asked him for an explanation.

She’s surprised that Max did that, but she’s not asking for an explanation, she’s just saying it was obvious when the two of them saw each other that…se toparon (they’d run into each other).

Of course nothing happened between them! Look, he’s gonna tell her the same thing he told Max–he kept his mouth shut because he’s in love with Eliza. Jennifer gets this speculative look on her face.

She has to admit that Eliza is llena de cualidades (full of good qualities).

Steve totally agrees, but she’s Max’s wife. Not that Max deserves her, but Steve’s going to give her up.

Jennifer doesn’t think it’ll work out with Max, Eliza got a strong character and Jennifer doesn’t think she’s going to be able to forgive Max for abandoning her and their children. But, hey, it’s his decision.

Steve feels like an idiot leaving Eliza to a guy who won’t appreciate her.

Jennifer agrees it’s not fair to him, or her, or Eliza. Actually, the whole thing sucks for everyone but Max.


Rod and Charlie admire the piñata. Charlie thought it was only for little kids, but Rod says Tommy still takes a turn.

Carmen’s still snickering, remembering the look on Max’s face when he saw Eliza up there next to Andres. “Mom!” Hey, what has Max given her compared to what Andres has? When has Andres ever failed her?

Raquel’s pissed that Max is there. Wasn’t he supposed to be dead? Andres is the one who’s been the head of the family. She thinks someone should open Eliza’s eyes. Andres says they have to support her decisions. Raquel complains to Santiago that Andres doesn’t deserve to suffer.

Alo tells Karina she was remembering the day her mom was arrested. Why now? Just because of Ernesto and Alejandra. The photographer. Her photos make Alo nostalgic. Karina thinks that sounds weird, coming from someone who thinks sentiment is weakness. Carmen calls Karina to help with the cake.

Alo takes Ale’s number out of her pocket.

Max tells Andres he has a nice family. He thanks Andres for risking his life to save him, despite what Andres thinks of him.

Andres brushes it off–he’d do it for anyone.

Well, Max thanks him anyway.

Andres warns him that if he mistreats Eliza again, or disappoints her, or makes her cry, then he’ll find out who Andres really is.

Max assures Andres he loves Eliza and he knows how much he owes her. He hopes he can return the favor to Andres someday.

Max finally corners Tomás and asks to talk to him about his and his siblings’ futures. He’s been thinking if he recognizes them as his children it would make things easier for them to be here.

“Are you trying to win my mom over or what?”

Max says he cares about them. (Like he did ten years ago?)

Tommy says if they do that they’d have ICE looking at them.

So, Max will get a lawyer. Look, if he were in Tommy’s place he doesn’t think he’d trust his dad either.

Tommy says he doesn’t care what Max did to him, just what he did to his mom and siblings.

And now Max is trying to fix that. Does Tommy remember learning how to ride a bike? He just hopped on and said he could do it on his own and then he crashed?

Tommy remembers.

And Max said he’d teach him how to ride the bike. And Tommy trusted him and he learned how. This is Max’s way of telling Tommy to trust him and the two of them can put the family back together.

Andres looks over and gives Max a suspicious glance.

Max asks Eliza to go out with him tonight. He has a surprise for her. She jokingly accuses him of wanting to kidnap her. Max agrees he does, but he really does have a surprise. He’ll just take the kids to Jennifer’s and come back after.


Richard fake-reminds Alejandra he’s playing poker tonight and he’ll be out late. He hands her a note saying he’s going to the office to see if there’s any news.

Trejo reports to Paula that he’s leaving, but she tells him to stay there and keep an eye on Alejandra.

Alondra calls Alejandra. Sofia runs to the darkroom and assures Alondra she’s not bothering her. She’s ready to listen.

But Alondra’s not sure it was a good idea to call. She needs to talk, but Alejandra might not be the right person to talk to. Even her voice sounds like her mom’s.

Alejandra suggests Alondra just pretend she really is her mom and say whatever she needs to say.

Alondra doesn’t think she wants to play that game, so Alejandra suggests they meet in person tomorrow to talk.


Pastrana wants an explanation of the test…in plain English.

Dr. Farias says they’re trying to extract DNA from the two samples and compare them. They can see the percentage match in the top corner. They’re looking for an 80-90% match, but if the two people are not at all related it will be 0%. They’ll see the numbers come up on the computer.

Paula checks in with Pastrana. He set up a camera facing the laptop so they can both see the results at the same time.

Ernesto complains that he’s hungry. Paula already ordered sushi. She hears the doorbell and assumes that’s their delivery…but instead it’s Irving, waving around a newspaper and asking what the hell’s going on.

Irving’s upset that Alejandra wasn’t left alone. What was she doing at the consulate? What were they thinking? Now people will know about her. They’re going to resurrect Sofia’s case.

Paula tells them both to calm down. The past doesn’t matter, but the results of this DNA test do. They’re about to find out the truth.

Irving asks who else knows.

“Just us.”

OK. But if that is Sofia, it means someone’s protecting her.

“That’s what I told Paula!” Ernesto complains.

Paula admits she doesn’t know if Sofia is on her own or someone is protecting her, but she thinks they need to find out if it’s her first.

The food arrives and Ernesto goes to answer the door.

Irving smiles at Paula and says if that woman is Sofia…she’s already dead, OK?

Julian and Karina

Julian gives Karina a necklace after dinner. He didn’t know if scientists like things like that. She says science doesn’t take away romance. (Sing it!)

Julian puts the necklace on her and asks if they should maybe order another dessert.

Karina would rather talk. He said his mom died when he was young? She understands if he doesn’t want to talk about it.

Julian thinks it might do him some good. She died when he was about four years old. He remembers her being happy, loving, full of life. She got sick, something about her head, an ataque cerebral (stroke).

Julian has good memories of his mother, but sometimes the details get away from him. He doesn’t know if what he remembers is real or a dream. He remembers his dad went into her room–because she refused to go to a hospital–and he listened from the door. All of a sudden, his dad yelled and he looked in…his dad was crying at his mom’s feet.

Julian doesn’t know why his mother wouldn’t go to the hospital. His dad brought in doctors, but she refused to see them. She let herself die.

Karina wonders if he can be sure that’s how it happened. He was pretty young.

“Why would my dad lie?” (Oh, Julian, I wish you hadn’t asked that.) He remembers his mom’s eyes would roll back, she’d shake…. He worries he’s scaring Karina.

Not at all. She likes seeing his sensitive side, knowing he’s not just a brainless party boy.

(I just realized she’s been calling him “Julius.” Which I guess explains why she’s not making the connection between him and “Julian” Alondra’s brother. But still..the names are awfully similar.)


Max takes Eliza…to the house she was supposed to have before? (You’re kidding me, right?)

It’s empty except for a giant fire hazard…uh, I mean candles. He says he got the house back for her and it’s hers. They can start over. (Oh, what memories! Right there is the spot where I was standing when Jennifer said this was her house and kicked me out….)

The only furniture Max bought was one bed. “Subtle,” Eliza quips.

Max wants her to decorate the house however she wants. She remembers coming here full of hope, but it didn’t last.

They decide not to talk about…well, anything…and just have sex.

After party

Carmen’s still hanging out at Andres’. She thought it was a very nice baptism, other than that lángara (slippery person) showing up.

Oh, does Carmen not like her yerno (son-in-law)?

Carmen doesn’t even recognize him as her son-in-law. She complains that she doesn’t know what to do with herself–she’s used to doing the dishes. Raquel explains that around here when one person cooks, the other one cleans.

Carmen tells baby Maria she’d better learn this early–the women aren’t the only ones who have to wash dishes…even if the men are doing a bad job of it.

Looking at Raquel and Santiago makes her want to cry. They’re like the perfect picture of a happy family. They agree, they are happy, and what more could they ask for?

Not being afraid of deportation, says Raquel. Santiago soothes Raquel–they’ll find out in a few days.

Carmen scolds her for not having faith. If she keeps doubting, she’s going to call down a chahuistle (literally a corn fungus, not the edible one, but more generally a plague, a curse). Carmen’s sure everything will be fine.


Paula, Irv, and Ernesto hang out in Ernesto’s office. Paula’s got the laptop set up and they should be able to watch the results soon. Ernesto pours himself another drink. Irving seems positively gleeful about it being “showtime.”

At the FBI office, Patrick says the signal is good, the program is working, and they just have to alter the percentages slowly.

Richard gets impatient when the program shows a 70% match. Patrick tells him to chill.

In the lab, Pastrana asks if it’s normal for the percentages to go up and down like that. Dr. Farias nervously says it is. He finds the little receiver and she babbles that it’s just a piece of lab equipment.

What’s it for? Why is she so nervous?!

Out in the van, they hear two gunshots. The other guy tells Joel they lost the signal.

Backing up a few seconds, Dr. Farias says she’s not nervous, but she’s leaving. Pastrana fires twice at the floor and she freezes.

The percentage is crawling back up again. The tech says they lost the signal. Richard yells at him to fix it. (Oh, shut up Richard.)

Patrick calls Joel. Joel tells Patrick he heard shots, but Patrick tells him not to go in there. The tech guy needs a chance to fix it. Screw that, Joel wants to check on the doctor.

Team Evil have no idea what’s going on, because the camera Pastrana set up doesn’t have audio. But the numbers are going up. Paula says if they go over 90% then Alejandra and Alondra are mother and daughter.

Pastrana, still pointing a gun at Dr. Farias, calls to tell Paula they have a problem.

Pastrana has to get out before the police get there. He explains to Dr. Farias that when they do, she should say someone broke in to steal something, a sample, whatever. He threatens to kill her kids again and tells her not to leave the lab until the test is done.

Joel comes in and hears Pastrana threatening the doctor–one call and the kids die. Pastrana comes rushing out of the lab, throwing on his jacket.

Joel goes into the lab and Dr. Farias is frozen for a second…then she starts screaming that she has to get out of there, her children are in danger!

Joel tells her to calm down. There are FBI operatives in the area and there isn’t a sniper at her ex’s house. Everything is fine…now, how can they stop this program. (Is it awful that I don’t trust Joel to have had people check the ex’s house?)

The results are holding at a 79% match. Paula’s sure Alejandra is Sofia.

Dr. Farias says it’s too late to reverse the results, but Joel’s guy gives her some instructions to get them connected again. Conveniently the “settings” window opens at the very bottom of the screen, out of sight of Pastrana’s camera.

They must have decided there’s no more time for caution, because the percentage starts dropping rapidly, to the confusion of Paula, Ernesto, and Irving.

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Visita/ Guest

That scene in the lab was damn close. I was on the edge of my sofa screaming for someone to barge in! Joel with his disguise cracks me up. I’m actually find myself agreeing with Jennifer. Steve should not give up. In a way I know Jennifer is hoping this will be a wedge for Max with Eliza. WHY does Eliza keep having sex with Max when she is not even saying they are going to stay as a family? I hope she doesn’t get pregnant! I like Carmen. She only wants her daughter to be Happy. Sofia is getting… Read more »


I think my heart stopped watching the percentages go up!

Visita/ Guest

Why do I get the feeling that Rodrigo will be a casualty? We’re all looking at Charlie and feeling bad that he’s so sick, Something tells me it’s Rodrigo who is the one in the most danger.


“He’s been thinking if he recognizes them as his children it would make things easier for them to be here.”

Stop thinking and effing do it Max. I’m losing my patience with him. He should have been on it from day one.


Thanks, Kat! This show is going to be the death of me.