Al Otro Lado del Muro Friday 4/13/18 #38


The percentage match drops all the way down to 0.47%. Ernesto’s upset. Paula calls Dr. Farias demanding an explanation.

Which Dr. Farias reads off Joel’s phone based on whatever BS the tech guy came up with. This is the same program they always use and their system is top-of-the-line.

Paula screams at her that her system is [mierda] (shit). How could the percentage go up that high and then fall?

Well, the program uses an algorithmic sequence and it can be unpredictable. The percentage went up during the first phase of testing, as the program was decoding the alleles of the first subject. But once it started decoding the alleles of the second subject it started discarding coincidencias (concurrences? matches?).

In the FBI office, Patrick tells Richie it’s a logical explanation.

Sure, but it’s Team Evil that has to be convinced.

Patrick scoffs. They don’t know jack about genetics or programming, so he doubts there will be a problem.

Irving pops open a bottle of champagne so Team Evil can toast to Sofia’s death. Ernesto turns down the glass, claiming he has a headache. Irving mocks him for being disappointed that Alejandra isn’t Sofia. Ernesto excuses himself to find a headache pill.

Irving doesn’t like this attitude. They’ll have to keep an eye on Ernesto.


Bless whoever wrote this for having a scene where two guys do the dishes and talk like it’s NBD.

Tommy tells Andres about his conversation with his dad. He wasn’t a bad dad when they were younger. It’s cool that Max wants to make up with his mom, but Tommy can’t be sure he’s not just trying to take advantage of her.

Andres thinks Max is sincere. That was the original plan, after all.

“Until he married Charlie’s mom.” And he hasn’t even divorced her yet. It’s in the works, but until it’s done, Max could still change his mind and go back to his other family like he did before.

Anyway, Tommy doesn’t care. It’s up to his mom if she’s going to believe Max.

Andres says she’s smart. She’ll make the best decision for everyone.

Tommy agrees. It’s her life. She can do whatever she wants.

Andres brings the conversation around to 66’s gang. Is he in the gang? Tommy lies and says he has nothing to do with them and they’ve never approached him.

Andres doesn’t know if he knows about Bennie. Tommy knows, he just doesn’t think there’s anything for him to do about it. It’s Bennie’s pedo (shit, problem).

Andres says Bennie looks up to him. If Tommy told him to get out and take the job Andres is offering, he would. They shouldn’t be intimidated by those gang guys. All they have to do is stand their ground and speak firmly and they’ll shatter like glass figurines.

Tommy excuses himself to take a call from Frida. Andres says he’ll go outside and see if there are more dishes to wash.

Tommy complains about Frida standing him up. She apologizes, but she was recording her demo. Tommy says she’s got nothing to apologize for. She made her choice about what’s more important. She shouldn’t feel sorry for it.

Frida begs him to get together tomorrow.

In the living room, Santiago’s taking baby Maria to bed. Carmen asks Raquel where she’s from and how she got here.

Raquel is from El Salvador. She and her dad left so she wouldn’t get kidnapped and forced into sex slavery.

Raquel describes her trip on La Bestia. Whatever Carmen has heard about the train probably falls short. You have to climb up to the roof and fight off others desperate for a space. Then you have to try not to fall off. During the day, the sun burns you. At night, you can’t sleep because you’ll fall or someone will steal the little you have with you.

They were about to cross the border when some narcos attacked the train. They were looking for girls for a brothel. Raquel’s dad fought them to keep Raquel from being taken and they killed him.

It was a miracle Raquel escaped. A woman helped her cross the border in Texas. She hid in trucks to get to Los Angeles. She was just a kid. If Andres hadn’t found her wandering the street, lost, she doesn’t know what would have happened.

Santiago comes back from putting the baby to sleep and asks what happened. Raquel is sobbing. She can’t forget how her father died.

Carmen says she’s sure he’s in heaven and happy to know she’s happy. If she keeps her love for him in her heart, he’ll always be with her.

But she has to move forward. She has such a beautiful future with her husband and her daughter.

Date night

So, did Julian’s dad remarry?

He did, with a beautiful woman. He was so in love with her. But she was a fake and a liar. She acted like the best mother and the best wife…but all she wanted was his money.

So…she took his dad’s money?

No, she just got into some bad business, cheated on his dad, and ran off with the guy. His dad was destroyed. But for Julian it was like literally losing another mother.

Karina’s sure that must have been difficult for him.

Julian scoffs that it was at the beginning, but then he understood that she was ungrateful, una vividora (an opportunist).

Where is she now?

She died.


Ernesto drunk-dials Alejandra and calls her Sofia.

She corrects him–she’s Alejandra Miranda.

Ernesto apologizes. He was just calling to ask for a meeting tomorrow, to talk about the offer Paula made her.

Tomorrow…hmmm…he’s kind of caught her off guard. She needs to talk to her husband and go over her schedule.

Ernesto scoffs–a professional like her has to get her husband’s permission to work?

Well, she’s still traditional in a lot of ways. She’ll get in touch tomorrow with her answer.

In his office, Paula is calling Trejo (I think) to tell him to drop surveillance on Alejandra and remove the microphones and camera without anyone knowing.

Irving jokes that it’s a good thing they don’t have to depend on her spies, since clearly they don’t know what they’re doing!

Ernesto comes back to the office as Irving’s getting ready to leave. He wants to talk business tomorrow, but Ernesto thinks it’s too soon.

Irving’s losing too much money waiting. They’ll talk tomorrow at the consulate. Irving shows himself out.

Ernesto thinks Paula would have loved it if that woman were Sofia. She’d get to kill her all over again.

Richard comes home and has a very fake convo with Alejandra about poker running late. He hands her a note that says she can relax–they didn’t find out it’s her. They silently jump up and down in happiness.


Aw, crap. It looks like Lorena found every bottle of booze in the house and emptied them all. She’s passed out in bed.

When Joel wakes her up she starts crying. She won’t believe he was working–she insists he was sleeping with Sofia.

Joel carries her to the bathroom, hoping a shower will help sober her up.

Relationship status: It’s complicated

Post sex, Max and Eliza reminisce about how they used to stay up all night talking, especially when he was going back to LA the next morning. Max is taking the sunrise as a sign. It’s a new horizon for them.

Eliza asks if they’re going to keep hiding from the kids and her mom. Is she going to keep feeling like his lover?

Max is annoyed. She’s his wife.

Being his wife hasn’t done her any good. Less now when she knows that Jennifer’s suffering too–she feels terrible about that.

Max says he’s going to divorce her. He’s just doing this for Charlie.

Eliza doesn’t need another explanation. It’s just difficult. This was a great surprise, but now she has to get back to reality. He’s married to Jennifer and she’s the other woman.


Richie and Sofia come back from a run. He says the doctor is safe with her sons and he’s got surveillance on them, but he doubts they’ll bother her. It seems like they bought it and they’re convinced she’s Alejandra Miranda.

Huh. She wonders what Ernesto’s call was about, then. (They haven’t talked about this already?!) Yeah, he called her last night. She thought he was trying to trick her by calling her Sofia. Then he apologized and reminded her about the job offer they made. She thinks he’s not convinced.

Richie thinks it’s that Ernesto is interested in Alejandra.

She hopes not!

Richie sees Trejo coming out of the building and grabs Sofia. He looks over her shoulder and says it’s Martinez’s people. They couldn’t be more obvious!

When they go inside, he sweeps for bugs and they’re all gone. Now they can relax a little.

And they can quit pretending to be a couple inside the apartment.

Richie grumpily says that’s exactly what it means. She doesn’t have to keep pretending she feels anything for him.


Rod and Charlie snuck in an extra night of sleeping over because Jennifer told Eliza she could drop Rodrigo off at school. Charlie wishes he could go to school with him.

Instead Rod thinks they should come up with a reason he can’t go to school today. Toothache? Nah, that would mean a trip to the dentist. Stomachache or headache, maybe–just one pill and it’s al fixed.

Jennifer comes upstairs to get Rod and Charlie tells her about Rod’s super tragic diarrhea. Yeah, he shouldn’t go to school today because he feels awful.

Well, she promised Eliza she would take Rod to school, no excuses. So if they have to, they’ll stop for diapers.

Rod gets out of the bed and shoots Charlie a sad look while Jennifer tries not to laugh.


Eliza’s making a really big deal about not having to give anyone explanations about where she was because she’s a grown up. It’s not like she was out partying or hanging out with strangers. She and Max are legally and morally husband and wife.

Carmen says that’s true. Although legally and morally he’s also married to the other one. And hey, how do they know he doesn’t have a wife in every city he visits? “La verdad no peca.” (It’s no sin to tell the truth. The rest of the dicho goes “pero incomoda” but it’s uncomfortable.)

Karina says she can do whatever she wants. And hey, she’s looking pretty good this morning.

Carmen agrees–al cuerpo lo que pida (Give the body what it wants). Soon enough there will be problems and she won’t want to anymore.

“The voice of experience has spoken!” Tommy declares. So what happened with grandpa?

She calls him a chismoso (gossip) and says she’ll give him a coscorronzote (big ‘ol smack upside the head) if he keeps sticking his nose in.

Raquel comes in from the bakery entrance. The paperwork came in and she’s afraid to open it in front of Santiago and Andres. What if they denied her?

Instead it’s a request for her to come in and be fingerprinted (nope, don’t trust it). Tommy and Karina tell her it’s basically the last step before granting residency. They’ve had friends at school go through the process.

Now Raquel’s happy. Carmen says it’s part of the torta the baby brought in under her arm. (It’s a saying that babies bring good luck.)

Tommy and Alondra are off to school. Carmen asks if anyone knows where she can get her blood pressure medication–she’s out.

Eliza says it’ll be difficult. “Oh? I thought this was the first world and it’s so much better than everyplace else.” Well, yeah, but they’re strict. Pharmacies will only fill a prescription from a doctor in the US.

Karina’s got it covered–her friend’s dad is a doctor. She’s getting out of school early today, so she’ll take Carmen to see him.

Carmen proposes a toast, with juice and coffee, to Raquel.

Raquel’s worried about them too, but Eliza says Max is going to take care of it. Carmen rolls her eyes.

The office

Richie and Patrick get ready to do their spying for the day. Richie says they took the microphones out of Sofia’s place. He asks about Joel and Patrick says he’ll be back later.

Ernesto ushers Irving into his office. He hopes he slept well after last night’s excitement.

Like a baby. What better news could they have gotten than that Sofia’s dead?

Patrick realizes Irving is El Tejano.

Irving talks about getting back to business. He’s moved to LA. Demand is growing and they need more “merchandise.” Irving wants an unofficial census of [wetback] families with daughters between 10 and 20 years old. (The line to kick Irving starts here.)

20 years? Ernesto thought they were only looking for girls.

Irving says they’re expanding the business. The consulate should have a list of “illegal” families (mentally kicking him in the shin now). He wants Ernesto and Paula to review it and help him choose.

Richie and Patrick are furious that this is how they’re going to do it. Patrick can’t stop calling him a “sonofabitch.” Or maybe one was for Ernesto and the other was for Irving.

Richie feels powerless, having proof he can’t use. It’s illegal for them to have bugged Ernesto’s office. Any or all of them could go to jail for that.

Patrick says at least they can follow their movements.

Sure, as long as they always have their meetings in that office.

Patrick and Richie agree not to tell Sofia what’s going on so she doesn’t jump in and try to do something. Especially if she gets the idea that they’re trying to recruit Alondra. Not that he thinks Ernesto would do that, but Irving? He’ll do anything to put pressure on Ernesto. They can’t put any thoughts in Sofia’s head.


Frida shows up to meet Tommy. He’s still in a lousy mood about her standing him up the other night.

He knows she’s been working on her demo. She thinks he’s really going to like the songs.

Tommy bitterly says she’s probably going to ditch him when she’s famous.

She says that’s not going to happen. And she brought him $500 so he can start paying that gang guy back.

Tommy angrily asks where she got the money. An advance? What did they give her $500 in exchange for? He said he wanted to run off with her, not have her give him money from who-knows-where.

She told him, it’s for the demo.

Tommy wants the truth. He knows those guys weren’t offering contracts for free. They want to take advantage of pretty girls.

Is that what he thinks she is? A pretty girl? Is that why he thinks she has a contract and money?

They both know what Mark does with girls. He drugs them. Tommy nearly beat that guy’s face in for trying to get her into bed. So what’s he supposed to think?

Frida’s angry he doesn’t believe in her. She’s fighting for her dream and one day this will all be worth it.

“All this?”

She gives up on talking to him. Not because he’s not “buying her story” but because he doesn’t believe in her.


Jennifer gets back from dropping off Rod and Max is waiting to talk to her about their divorce. He had his lawyers go over the paperwork and adjust it so it’s even more in Jennifer’s favor. But this can’t wait. He wants them to end this on good terms.

Jennifer says he’s unbelievable. They had a deal. Why is he rushing things?

Nothing’s going to change. They’re already separated. Their marriage is only on paper.

Jennifer rocks back and forth and Max’s words get muffled. He talks about doing this for everyone’s good, including hers. Doesn’t she have anything to say?

“I asked you to wait until Charlie….” It’s not fair for him to spend his last days dealing with the pain their divorce would bring him. All she asked was for him to wait, and he can’t even do that for his own son?

Good news

Raquel shows Andres and Santi the letter in Eliza’s kitchen. Andres says this is it–she’ll go to the office, they’ll take her picture and her fingerprints and they’ll send her card to the house.

Eliza says she’ll officially be a gringa.

Raquel still can’t believe it. (Neither can I.) Everyone hugs and laughs and Raquel cries. She thanks Santiago and Eliza for being the baby’s godparents. You know, just in case she and Santiago aren’t around. (Staaaaahp saying that!)


Richard fills Joel in on what they heard earlier. Patrick bitterly says they want to update their inventory so they can get more “merchandise” for their operation.

Joel’s sure this is why they sent Ernesto to LA. They assume undocumented immigrants won’t report what’s happening with their daughters out of fear.

In English, Richard says “It’s good fishing in troubled waters” which means Team Evil is taking advantage of the chaos. In Spanish they translated it as “El leñador hace leña del árbol caído” (the woodcutter makes firewood from fallen trees).

Joel says it’s the same thing the pedophile Sofia was following was trying to do. Just that these guys are doing it en gran escala (on a bigger scale).

Richard tells Joel that he and Patrick have already agreed they can’t tell Sofia.

Joel disagrees–she might be able to help them. She’s the only person they can get into the Mexican consulate. They offered her a job.


Alejandra shows up to meet Alondra for coffee. Alondra hugs her. And then she keeps staring at her.

Alejandra tells her not to worry, she doesn’t have to feel bad for staring. She takes one sip of coffee and Alondra says her mother used to drink it the same way.

Alejandra says she probably just notices the similarities because she misses her. She slips up and calls her “Alo.”

That’s what her dad calls her, and what her mother used to. It’s a family nickname.

She must have heard the consul say it at some point. She won’t do it again if Alondra doesn’t want her to.

Alondra starts getting weepy, but she says she’s fine. She just misses her mom so much and she’s angry at herself for missing her.

Alejandra says if she misses her, it must be because she left something good in Alondra.

Alondra doesn’t think she deserves it.

Alejandra tells her to let it all out.

Alondra says her mom was fun, happy, understanding. She never made Alondra do things she didn’t want to. Unlike her dad who wanted her to wear dresses and go to ballet class and called her butch if she didn’t. Her mom supported her and told her to be herself. On the weekends they’d help low-income people without telling her dad–he would have gotten angry.

That’s the woman she misses. Not the criminal. When she thinks that’s the “real” Sofia–a liar, a traitor, unfaithful–she gets angry at herself for missing her.

Ale asks if she believes that (¿Te consta?). Does she believe Sofia really did those things or is that just what someone told her.

Alondra says she saw video of the girls who were kidnapped. And one of her mom kissing the guy who was helping them get out of Mexico. They were kissing at a gas station. They didn’t even care!

And the worst thing is Sofia killed his sister. He told her so himself. That’s why she’s so angry at herself for missing her. That’s why “me choca”(it bothers me) to cry over her.

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Visita/ Guest

That article is Spot On! This is what women and girls endured
For decades! Frida is a victim. She Knows she wants fame and right now she is paying the price.

ELIZA needs to stop Having sex with MAX! Max has to get his Sh!t together…no empty promises. Until EVERY thing is straight, THEN
Eliza should decide if this is what she wants.

Ernesto is a PIG. He’s WEAK. Cummings is using him to continue the business, once Ernesto is no longer useful…they’re going to kill him. Good riddance to bad rubbish!


Thanks, Kat. Your recaps read so fast (which is a good thing for me…I’m so easily distracted.) Raquel’s stituation is killing me. This show is so filled with stories that make make me nervous. I have no faith that getting those fingerprints will be a good thing. And yes, stop talking about Andres and Eliza taking care of the baby “por si acaso.” I really think I need to let go of the idea that the legal bits of this show will 1. make any sense and 2. will actually reflect reality. It will be less frustrating for me I… Read more »

Linda F.
Visita/ Guest
Linda F.

Thanks for another great recap! Your write-up confirmed my impression that they are setting up Raquel for a major plot line. Will she be the first of the immigrant women in our story to be snared in Cummings’ and Ernesto’s renovated trafficking business?


Omigosh! I was wondering the exact same thing!! This show makes me paranoid.