Al Otro Lado del Muro Friday 5/11/18 #57


Julian drives Karina home. Carmen comes outside to scold them about leaving without permission. She tells Julian he’s just like his dad. Eliza comes out to join Carmen and Karina tells them both to chill…she didn’t want to worry them, but Alondra’s been missing since last night.

In the kitchen, Karina says she and Julian went to all the places Alondra goes when she wants to be alone–the fútbol field, the arcade, all over the neighborhood, the park.

Eliza’s furious that Karina hid this from them.

“Well, see how you get?!”

Tommy asks if they checked the warehouses, remembers all the crap 66 said yesterday, and starts to take off without even explaining where that thought came from.

Eliza was trying to get them organized, but fine. Tommy will check the warehouses, she and Carmen will go to Sofia’s grave. Karina will call all her friends from school…again.

Instead Alondra calls Karina. She saw Karina called a bunch of times, but she had her phone on silent. Karina says they were all worried about her, but Alondra says she’s fine. She’s at a friend’s house. She’ll tell Karina about it later.

Paula wants Ernesto to call off the hit on Irving. She begs him to recapacitar (reconsider), but Ernesto refuses. He’s sick of Irving and his filthy business.

Alejandra calls him to tell him not to worry about Alondra.

“Why? What happened?”

Uh, she thought he would be worried about her…?

Ernesto says they had a little argument and he was just about to check her room.

“She’s with me.”

OK, then he’ll talk to her later.

Alondra gives Alejandra a pitying look and says he didn’t even notice, did he?


As Irving’s getting released, Joel and Richie stand around muttering about him. He’ll never talk. He obviously has friends in high places.

Irving grins at them and asks Richie who’s screwed now. He’ll be talking to their bosses soon…they’re friends of his. Joel tells him it’s not over. They’ll see him in court.

Irving asks for his phone back. When Richie brings it over and drops it on the desk, Irving uses a handkerchief to pick it up.

As he and his lawyer are walking out, Lorena’s walking in. The two of them stare at each other.

The guys have to break it to her that he’s friends with a judge who got him out. But it’s not over. They’re taking their evidence to the state’s attorney and they’re sure they’ll get him.

Joel suddenly wonders where Sofia is. I don’t know if Lorena’s “Seriously?” is because he’s asking about Sofia at all, or if she thinks the answer should be obvious. Sofia went home to rest. “And you let her?!”

Richie tries to tell Joel to chill–they tapped Irving’s phone, but Joel’s already halfway out the door.

Joel makes it outside. I recognize this exterior from ¿Quién es Quién? He’s crossing the street as Irving comes out of the building. Pastrana’s on a roof nearby.

Irving smiles at the reporters as Paula and Ernesto watch from Ernesto’s study. She tells him to call Pastrana and tell him not to do it.

Instead it’s Irving who calls. Paula says they’re watching him on TV.

The mystery woman who was dusting her knick knacks yesterday comes rushing down the stairs, calls Irving a child rapist and shoots him twice at close range. As a reward for her service to humanity, she gets cuffed. Joel runs back over. Someone says to call 911. (OK, call, but take your time and make reeeeeeally sure you dial correctly….) The woman screams that Irving raped her when she was ten. The news cameras are getting everything.

Ernesto and Paula are in shock. Paula thinks he’s dead. Ernesto hopes so.

Inside, Richie’s got a tech tracing that last phone call to Paula. He runs out, saying he has to talk to her.

Julian & Karina

Julian’s still giggling about the video. It’s just two girls kissing–and they don’t look bad.

“Gross! She’s your sister.”

OK, he’s just saying…he’s not surprised. She was always like that…masculine, didn’t like girl stuff. He remembers Ernesto being a total ass about not letting her play soccer or shoot a bow because that’s only for “ugly” girls.

Karina says the problem is that those idiots made the video to make fun of her. Julian agrees that sucks. So what did everybody say inside? Are they freaking out over two girls kissing?

“We’re not troglodytes.”

OK, OK, but Alondra’s back and she’s fine, so can they maybe talk about them.

Oh, now he wants to talk? He missed her? No wonder he kept calling!

Julian admits he’s an “idiot.”

Look, if he’s going to say they should just be friends, he might as well say it. Because if he actually liked her he would have been able to …you know.

Julian says it had nothing to do with her. He was just tired. He swears he’s in love with her and he wants to make love to her.

Well, Karina wants to too, but they can’t force it.

Julian begs for one more try and Karina tells him that was going to be her first time. How’s she supposed to feel when she got rejected? So now he knows. Maybe he’s just used to more experienced girls.

Julian insists he wants her, he’s in love with her, he wants to be with her and if she just forgives him then when…uh, if she wants to they’ll try again and he swears it will be incredible.


Carmen asks what’s on Eliza’s mind. Is she worried about Alondra being a marimacha or gay or whatever?

No, what worries Eliza is that she must have done something wrong for Alondra not to want to talk to her about this. She should be supporting her.

Eh, Carmen knows how it goes–kids trust their friends more than their parents.

Eliza’s sure it must be difficult for her, being attacked for being different.

Carmen casually assembles a bakery box as she says it’s not that big a deal and it’s not even all that different. Lots of teenagers kiss boys and girls before they decide who they like. Carmen did it too.


Santiago comes in to give Carmen a debit card for Raquel. She says if all husbands were like him it would be a very different world.


Alondra’s flipping through a photo album as Alejandra gets ready to go out. She says Alo can stay as long as she wants, until she’s ready do go back to her dad’s house, or Eliza’s house. She’d love for Alo to stay, but she just…can’t.

Alondra begs to stay for just a few days and Alejandra says they’ll talk when she gets back.

Alondra’s wandering around Alejandra’s talking to Eliza on the phone. She tells Alondra to come home when she can. They love her and miss her and they’re here for her. Alondra misses them too, but she needs time to be alone…well, not alone, with her friend.

Eliza almost sounds jealous when she asks about her friend, but Alo says she’ll introduce them later.

She finds a box filled with pictures of her and drops the phone without hanging up. As she flips through the pictures, we can hear Eliza asking if something’s wrong. Alo finally picks the phone up and says they’ll talk later. She remembers meeting Alejandra at the embassy.


Ernesto is popping the champagne to celebrate Irving’s unexpected but overdue demise.

Paula doesn’t think there’s anything to celebrate. They’re going to investigate. And Don Carlos isn’t taking her calls.

But Ernesto’s just gotta celebrate. He never liked that stupid business of perverts.

Paula reminds him that’s THEIR stupid business.

And it did what it had to do. The end justifies the means. But he’s not a mafioso, he’s a politician! (*snort*) He’s going to tell Don Carlos he’s leaving the consulate and going back to Mexico to start his presidential campaign. And Alejandra will be the first lady.

Trejo comes in, having looked into the incident at Alondra’s school and says the kids are circulating a video and Ernesto’s not going to like it.

Yeah, he doesn’t like it. He thinks Alondra’s just rebelling because she knows he’s conservative.

Oh yeah, Paula’s sure Alondra’s spent the last 18 years pretending to be a marimacha. Look, she’s a lesbian, she’s always been this way, and he might as well accept it.

Ernesto refuses to be the first president of Mexico with a gay daughter.

Finally, something Paula can drink to…but what does he mean?

Ernesto knows there’s no “cure” but maybe they could find a doctor who can give her something lower her libido.

Paula’s willing to look into it, but she doesn’t think he’ll get anywhere while Alejandra’s influencing her. She’s an artist and artists just love showing off how tolerant they are. She’ll encourage Alondra to embrace being gay and there goes Ernesto’s image.


Now that things have calmed down somewhat, Max asks Celia what happened before Jen had her crisis. Did Eliza come over?

Celia doesn’t know. She went out shopping just as Steve was arriving. (Is his car not in the driveway?) He was gone by the time she got back. She excuses herself to go get some meat from the freezer to make Charlie some soup.

As Celia reaches into the freezer, Steve’s phone rings. She starts looking for it.

Jennifer scolds her like she’s doing something wrong. And Celia actually apologizes–she was making soup for Charlie and she’s hearing a cell phone.

Jen says it’s hers. She came in here looking for it. She shuts the laundry room door and starts moving food around to find the phone. She looks like she’s all grossed out as she finds Steve’s keys and the phone. Max is calling.

She grabs a hammer and beats the crap outta Steve’s phone while remembering seeing Max and Eliza kissing in the bakery, Max screaming at her that he’d had enough, Steve screaming at her that Max loves Eliza more. I love that they’re playing a section of Für Elise that’s less often heard. It gives the whole thing a silent film feel.

As Jennifer preps lunch, she remembers Max telling her to get professional help. She asks Max why he’s still there. She thought he’d be with Eliza.

Well, no, not since Jennifer ruined any chance with her. But he’s not going to lose Charlie. He’s going to stick around and be the father he needs. He has conditions, though–he wants Jen to get a psych eval and leave Eliza alone and not try to deport her.

Jennifer will agree to anything as long as Max doesn’t see her again.

Charlie comes outside and Jennifer announces to him that they’re going to be a family again.

Charlie’s face knows something’s not right.

Over lunch, Max is overly focused on his food. Charlie asks if Max is doing this for him. “It’s best for all of us.” Jennifer says they’re all getting better now and Max promised he won’t see Eliza ever again, right?

Doesn’t that mean Charlie won’t get to see Rodrigo or Eliza or his other siblings?

Jen promises to find a way to bring Rodrigo “home.”

Max, on the other hand, doesn’t know if Eliza will give permission for that, so he’s not going to promise anything.

Jen tells them both to just forget about that and enjoy their first family meal together.

Max asks why Jen didn’t tell him Steve came over. Jen goes off to flashback land.

So, um, anyway, Steve just decided to go back to Spain and he came over to say goodbye.

Charlie and Max stare at her. Why didn’t he say goodbye to Charlie? Max has been trying to call and he’s not answering.

Well…Steve was upset because Eliza blamed him for the whole bone marrow thing and he blamed Max for putting him in that position.

Huh. Max didn’t think things were that bad between them.

Jen suggests dessert. Chocolate? She goes inside to get something and Charlie asks Max what happened to her. She’s acting strange. Max says they have to be patient. After her crisis she’s going to have mood changes. But everything’s OK.

Jennifer’s standing frozen in front of the kitchen freezer remembering smashing the phone and taking the keys. She finally pulls a container of ice cream out and tells Celia to take it to Charlie and Max. She reaches her hand into a drawer and pulls out Steve’s keys.


Meanwhile, Eliza’s still worried about Alondra and Carmen reminds her sometimes it’s easier to talk to someone who’s not as close to you.

Andres comes in, asking if they’ve heard from Steve. He’s supposed to bring some paperwork for Raquel to sign. Andres tries again, but his phone’s either off or out of service.

Eliza tries too, but it’s still off. She knows Steve isn’t like this.

Andres agrees. This is important paperwork to request re-entry for Raquel. She has to sign it when Santiago sees her this weekend.

Eliza’s worried something happened to Steve, but Carmen’s sure he’ll call. His phone battery probably died or something.

Eliza says he lives alone…and accidents do happen. Andres thinks they have to find him. Eliza knows he works out of his apartment. She’ll go look for the address.

Carmen offers Andres some pan para el susto, but he turns her down.

Father-daughter time

Alondra’s trashing Alejandra’s place, looking for evidence. She finds a ring inside a box inside a box in the closet. There’s a knock at the door and she makes the tiniest effort to clean up as she goes over to answer it.

It’s Ernesto. He tells her to grab her crap. They’re going home.

Joel and Sofia pull up outside her building and she recognizes Ernesto’s car. Ernesto brings Alo out of the building and shove her into the car, obviously against her will.

Sofia says they’re kidnapping her, but Joel reminds her Ernesto’s Alondra’s father. He tells her to wait.

At the FBI office, Richie tells Lorena and Patrick that the woman who killed Irving, Estela Dominguez, confessed. Her mother used to work for Irving. He raped her as a child and sold her to a brothel , and she eventually escaped.

Patrick and Lorena think it’s possible she acted on her own. She saw an opportunity and she took it.

Richie wants to make sure Paula and Ernesto have nothing to do with her. After what happened at the pier (that Lorena still hasn’t come clean about) he wouldn’t put it past them to have hired her.

Irving is dead and his people have erased all evidence of Sara’s murder and Lorena’s torture.

Joel calls to tell him Ernesto’s people took Alondra. Richie puts him on speaker and tells him not to let Sofia call Ernesto until they know what he knows.

But Sofia has a plan….

Ernesto walks Alo into the house as she screams at him that she’s not going to let him control her. He pulls that whole “while you’re under my roof” thing and Alo’s more than happy to leave, in that case.

But Ernesto’s not going to let her. She needs to learn to live with her family.

Alondra reminds him she’s 18 and she can do what she wants–if she wants to go kiss a woman or a dog or whatever it’s her life!

Paula’s having a hard time holding back the giggles. The two of them are SO alike. Paula says she’s found someone who can tame the beast…and Alondra swings her backpack up to hit Paula’s head.

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Thanks, Kat!

“Ernesto and Paula are in shock. Paula thinks he’s dead. Ernesto hopes so.”

I hope so too. Unfortunately, I expect to be disappointed.


“Is his car not in the driveway?”

ohhh. That didn’t even occur to me. Oh well. Must be one of those pesky details we shouldn’t worry about. LOL.

Visita/ Guest

I’m a bit disappointed. How could Jennifer have placed him in the freezer alone? Why didn’t the housekeeper find him? How large can the freezer be? Why wasn’t Max curious about Steve’s car being in the driveway? Jennifer is not that bright, but the other characters are less intelligent. It’s time to catch her crazy, racist butt.


So many questions!!!! I’m sure some people can’t stand when there are problems like this, but I’m working on just going with what they give me. My husband points out these things all the time and I tell him “just go with it.” It’s only for entertainment purposes.

I can’t wait to see her go down. I’ve hated her from the beginning.


And I’m picturing baskets and things that might also hide the body.

Plus I’m just going with it. If I want logical not over the top I’ll watch something else. There’s a reason I choose telenovelas and soaps as my entertainment of choice 😉


“I love that they’re playing a section of Für Elise that’s less often heard. It gives the whole thing a silent film feel.”

Heh. “Für Elise”. Yes!! I thought this scene was really well done.

Sorry for flooding comments. For some reason I am reading and just adding comments.