Al Otro Lado del Muro Thursday 5/10/18 #56

Personal problems

Sofia reminds Lorena about the phone that was used to tip off Paula and somehow showed up at her house. Is that what Lorena meant by behaving like she hated her?

Lorena lies. She says she found that phone at the docks. One of their people must have dropped it. And she planted it at Sofia’s so Sofia would get blamed? Yep, that’s it. It was stupid. She hopes Sofia forgives her.

Sofia’s not even worried about that. How are they going to tell the others? And which one of them is going to do it?

Lorena asks Sofia to let her be the one. She did it all out of jealousy.

Sofia’s annoyed that Lorena never realized they’re on the same team. Wasn’t their mission more important than her jealousy.

Lorena says she’s never loved anyone as much as she loves Joel…and then Sofia showed up. Lorena remembers Joel breaking up with her.

Hey, Sofia didn’t mean to come between them.

Lorena knows. And she knows what she did was stupid. She mixed work and feelings. She’s not asking for forgiveness, she just wants Sofia to understand.

Sofia agrees to let Lorena tell them, but she still wants her to know what happened between her and Joel won’t happen again.


Eliza’s upset that Alondra went home with Ernesto. How’s he supposed to help her when he doesn’t know her?

Carmen says it’s a lot to deal with–first Raquel, then Rodrigo, and now this. And didn’t Eliza say she’s fought other times?

Yep. Those girls have been harassing her for years.

Carmen asks Karina what they did this time, but Karina totally not-casually says she doesn’t know what happened. And she’s got homework to do.

Margarita brings Alondra some lemonade, but she won’t answer the door. Karina tries calling and she ignores it. Margarita shouts through the door, asking if she’s feeling ok, is she having a headache. Alondra’s remembering Kelly getting into the shower, kissing her on the bleachers, banging her face against the desk in class and beating on Grace. Her hair’s smoother than usual and she looks much older.

At Devils HQ, 66 is watching the video that launched a thousand punches–Kelly kissing Alondra on the bleachers.

Tommy comes back from making a delivery and 66 starts giving him a hard time about his sister going viral and becoming a star even before Tommy’s girlfriend. But hey, if Tommy wants to bring his sister over, he can “cure” her.

Tommy goes after him, but the rest of the guys pull him away. 66 gets all pissy about being the boss and if he has to remind Tommy again he’ll be digging his own grave.

Eliza asks Karina later what happened, but Karina doesn’t think she’ll understand.

OK, Eliza admits she hasn’t been very understanding lately, but…

Karina’s just not willing to betray Alondra like that.

Hey, whatever else happens she doesn’t want Karina to doubt that she loves her and loves Alondra. So doesn’t she have not just the right, but the obligation to know why Alondra’s suffering.

Karina caves and shows her the video.

At Ernesto’s, Margarita has gone to Julian for help. All she knows is that Ernesto scolded Alondra and she’s locked herself in her room. But with all the dizzy spells and headaches lately, Margarita’s worried.

Julian tries knocking and telling Alondra that she’s scaring Margarita…and now she’s scaring him too…if she doesn’t want to talk, that’s ok, but could she please open the door? He gives up and busts it down. Alondra’s gone.

Eliza hands the phone back to Karina and asks if Alondra’s gay.

Karina has no idea. Alondra’s never admitted to liking anyone. But if she was, would Eliza reject her?

No, she’s just worried it’s going to make her life more difficult. As much as everybody wants to act like this world is so liberal, there’s still a lot of discrimination. Like at school–aren’t those kids always bragging about how they’re “open minded”?

Karina’s phone rings and she ignores the call.

Eliza says she just doesn’t want people constantly going after Alondra.

Julian tries calling Alondra, but she won’t answer. Margarita checked with security, but they didn’t see her leave. He thinks she might have gone to Karina’s so he’s going to go over there. He doesn’t think there’s any point telling his dad what’s going on.

Julian swings by Karina’s to pick her up and he’s annoyed she’s not even going to do the obligatory small talk. Is her mom still watching her?

Does he know where Alondra is? They both expected the other one to know. What happened at school?

She mentions the video and Julian wants to see it. She complains that they’ll get busted, but shows it to him anyway.

Julian gets a kick out of it. Karina smacks him. Alondra must be depressed right now and he’s making fun of her.

OK, he’s ready to go looking, if she has an idea of where to look.


Paula’s been watching the news and no one’s talking about Irving. She’s sure Pastrana saw what he saw, but Ernesto thinks if he were correct, everyone would know by now. Ernesto’s kind of hoping it was some rival organization that got him…and if they end up killing Irving, he’s ok with that.

Paula insists they’re in danger. Irving’s with the police.

Well, what’s Ernesto supposed to do? Dress up like a little girl, sneak into the FBI office, and carry him out?

Paula doesn’t think that’s funny.

Ernesto doesn’t think anything’s been funny since they’ve been doing business with the king of child trafficking.

At the FBI office, Joel and Richie are still working on Irving. They’re wondering what granddaughter Annie will think when she hears about his perversions. And they’ve got a witness.

Irving declares the “bitch” is dead. Joel and Richie take this as a confession of murder. He could really help himself out if he talks before they take the case before a federal judge. They’ve got five other victims willing to come forward. It’s always easier once one person is willing.

Joel reminds Irving he based his whole campaign on being a family man. And he’s done a great job of keeping his sideline quiet, but what are people going to say when they find out.

Irving refuses to fall for it. He’s still insisting the two of them are in big trouble.

Uh huh…All Irving’s got left at this point is his reputation. He might as well try to save it. The media’s going to come after him. They’ll publish the photos of the party alongside photos of his victims. But they can arrange to hold back some of the details to protect his family…all he has to do is name his partners.

Irving gloats that it’s all their word against that of a former senator.

Oh, but they’ve also got his hit man…Manuel? Yeah, Manuel’s going to talk.

Irving agrees to tell them what they want to know, but only if his case is transferred to Texas.

Joel and Richie take a break and put someone on the interview room door to make sure no one goes in or out.

They tell Sofia and Lorena that he won’t talk unless they agree he can be tried in Texas.

Seems like a no-brainer to Sofia. As long as he gives up Ernesto and Paula, why not?

Joel starts talking about needing to keep Sofia safe. If Irving knows about her they should assume Paula and Ernesto do too.

Sofia refuses to leave without Alondra. Irving threatened her specifically. Richie says he can arrange that.

Ernesto calls.

Alejandra says she hasn’t been answering her phone because she needed time to think about his proposal. On the off chance we’ve forgotten that horror, they give us a flashback.

Ernesto admits he may have been too impulsive.

Alejandra agrees, she wasn’t expecting that and now she doesn’t know if she can keep working with him.

Ernesto wants to talk, but Alejandra wants more time to think.

He tells her to take all the time she needs. He’s got some problems on his end too…just consulate stuff. Anyway, he wants her to know it was a serious proposal.

Alejandra thanks him for understanding.

Sofia tells the others she can’t tell. He sounds like he doesn’t suspect her, but since she can’t look him in the eyes she can’t be sure. He did sound tense and he mentioned stuff going on.


Max is sitting on Jennifer’s bed, waiting for her to wake up. He explains she had a crisis and Pedroza sedated her. Jen doesn’t remember what happened. She was on the phone….

It all starts coming back to her and she starts babbling that Eliza made her do it. Max has no idea what she’s talking about.

In the freezer, Steve’s phone starts ringing.

Jennifer’s still going on about keeping Eliza away from her, Eliza made her do it. She starts begging for medicine. Charlie comes in and Jennifer looks guilty. Steve’s phone keeps ringing.


It’s Andres calling Steve to find out if he has some paperwork ready for Raquel to sign. Santiago’s getting a little desperate because he’s not answering his phone.

Raquel sings to the baby over the phone while Santiago holds her. Maria’s not happy.


Sofia gets home after dawn. She’s starting to look for something in the kitchen when she realizes Alondra’s sleeping on her couch.

When Alejandra wakes her up, Alondra immediately hugs her and says Ale’s the only person she can talk to.

Alondra’s annoyed at herself for crying. She pulls out her cell phone and shows Alejandra the video. She explains what happened and says it was all a trick. Kelly made her think she cared, but she was just using her to make the video. So yeah, she hit her–what else could she do?

Wait, is that bad? Should she not have done it?

Alejandra admits she probably would have done the same thing.

Alondra can’t even imagine Alejandra hitting someone, much less someone bullying her. She’s not weird. Alondra thinks she is. She’s different.

One or both of them remembers how annoyed she was to have to wear a dress to Ernesto’s inauguration.

Alejandra says we’re all different in some way. The important thing is for her to be OK with herself. What other people think doesn’t matter.

Alondra says that’s the problem–she doesn’t know what she’s feeling. Before, she wouldn’t have cared about what they were doing, but now…this time it hurt. Kissing Kelly hurt.

“Because you liked it? And that’s why you’re confused?”

Alondra had never really thought about whether she liked women, or men, or both.

It sounds to Alejandra like she’s finding herself. She should follow her heart.

But if her heart says she likes women? Everyone will be looking at her like she’s some bicho raro (weirdo).

“Not the ones who love you.” As long as she’s honest with herself, they’ll respect her choices. Everyone’s happiness is personal. Love goes beyond the labels the world tries to put on us.

Alondra declares Alejandra la neta (the best). Alejandra says she might still have to punch some people. Hate’s always going to exist. But the only person Alondra owes any loyalty to is herself. She remembers saying goodbye to Alondra at the prison and asking her to promise she’d be beautiful and brave and happy.

Alejandra tells Alondra to come find her if she needs someone to talk to. Or the woman who raised her–she’ll know how to understand her.

Alondra promises she will. Does Alejandra has some lemonade maybe? Um, no, her dad doesn’t know she’s here. She ran away.


Jennifer still seems groggy in the morning, but she says she’s better. She can’t remember what happened. She just…fainted and fell into the pool.

Max reminds her she said she did something and she blamed Eliza for it.

Of course, because Eliza’s the reason she doesn’t have a family.

Max thinks it’s time she got professional help.

“I’m not crazy!”

Max tells her Charlie’s responding to treatment, but Pedroza said he needs emotional stability.

“So when are you going to give it to him?”She says she’s been doing everything around here. And if anyone’s bringing in emotional instability it’s Eliza! She needs to be deported so she can get out of their lives.


By morning, there’s an unconfirmed rumor that Irving Cummings has been arrested by the FBI. The cell phone video is making the rounds, but the newscaster keeps emphasizing that it’s not confirmed.

Paula calls Ernesto to tell him to watch, but he already is. And drinking too.

A woman we haven’t met before is also watching the news and looks somewhat upset when the newscaster says Irving’s going to be set free immediately.

Joel and Richie are angry. They had to clear out of the warehouse so fast that they didn’t do a thorough search of the area. So now their chance to get a confession is gone. They decide to try to make him talk before his lawyers show up.

Paula can’t get Irving to answer his phone. Ernesto wants her to call Pastrana–they can’t let Cummings testify.

Paula’s sure he won’t say anything. And besides, his lawyers will get him out. There’s no need to rush things.

Ernesto points out they’ve been waiting all night.

Paula insists Irving would never betray them. And besides Ernesto’s a diplomat–he has immunity. He owes it to Irving to help him.

Nah, Ernesto doesn’t think he owes anyone but himself. He calls Pastrana himself.

Richie and Joel give Irving the “good” news. His bosses have agreed to move his trial to Texas in exchange for giving up Ernesto and Paula.

Irving’s lawyer comes in to spoil their fun. His client was caught in the act? Well, tell it to the judge.

Irving gloats.

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Thanks, Kat!

“Her hair’s smoother than usual and she looks much older.” I DID TOO! For a second I didn’t even recognize her.

As much as everybody wants to act like this world is so liberal, there’s still a lot of discrimination. Like at school–aren’t those kids always bragging about how they’re “open minded”?

Sadly there is more truth to this than I think people want to admit.

“Raquel sings to the baby over the phone while Santiago holds her. Maria’s not happy.”

Not gonna lie, this scene made me bawl like Maria.