Al Otro Lado del Muro Monday 5/14/18 #58


I don’t think the drugs are having the same effect on Alondra as they had on Wife #1. Alondra’s anything but compliant, fighting Ernesto as he tries to drag her to her room.

Ernesto whines about having feeeeelings and wanting to protect Alondra and she’s not giving him a chance blah blah blah. He’s from “another time” (so he’s, like, a Neanderthal or what?) and the video freaked him out and…is she trying to get back at him for something?

Alondra breaks it to him that he’s not the center of the universe.

Ernesto wants to go to family therapy. Oh, Alondra’s all for therapy–Ernesto can work on not being a chauvinist and Paula can get it through her head that being gay isn’t a disease.

Alejandra calls and Ernesto pretends everything is fine.

Paula and her ice pack head for Ernesto’s study to crush up some more pills that are clearly not having the desired effect.

Ernesto makes plans to meet with Alejandra and tells Alondra to stay put. And no, she won’t be sneaking out because he left instructions for security. He goes over to the bedroom door calling not too loudly for Margarita. “How did I know you’d be standing right there. I must be a magician.” He asks her to keep an eye on Alondra.

Alondra would rather be alone. She ponders the photo, the things Alejandra said when they met…and wonders if Alejandra could be her mom.


Sofia’s furious that Ernesto’s trying to act like a concerned parent. She says she’s going to go drag Alondra out of his house.

Joel tells her to chill. They’ve got just enough time to get to the restaurant and set up before Ernesto arrives. Until they know what Ernesto knows, she has to keep being Alejandra Miranda.


Rod’s happy to have his grandma here, although he knows it sucks for Raquel. Carmen doesn’t want to come visit and get surprised by bad news again. He’d better not ever let his dad or Jennifer do anything to him again!

Before I’m even done thinking that it’s not fair to put that burden on a kid Rod says nobody made him do it. He did it for his brother and if he had to do it again, he would.


Jennifer announces that Dr. Pedroza got her an appointment with the “best psychiatrist.” She asks Max to watch Charlie. She’s being way too compliant. And smiling. I don’t trust her.

Max remembers telling Eliza they made a mistake trusting Jennifer. He replays their argument and Eliza telling him not to come around again or she’d call the cops.


Ernesto thanks Alejandra for meeting him and spouts a bunch of BS about having a “padre” (cool) conversation with Alondra and communication being the base of understanding….

“You’re talking like a politician.”

He apologizes…and then goes right back to doing it, talking about family relationships. He catches himself this time and stops. He thanks her for being there for Alondra.

Joel’s at the bar in his DOTD. Older gent with a ridiculously fake beard and a hat. He checks to make sure Richie’s getting the signal and then tells a waiter to get ready.

They show us the pin doubling as Alejandra’s mic. It doesn’t seem to go with anything she’s wearing. She asks if he knows what caused the fight and he says he saw the video.

Right, but the video wasn’t the reason she was suspended–it was because those girls provoked her by putting the video online. Alo’s being bullied. Does he realize how unfair that is?

Ernesto’s more concerned about whether she thinks Alondra is gay.

The waiter stops by to take their drink order, but that only delays Ernesto’s obsessing. He babbles about this being a way for her to rebel….

OK, but if she IS gay, what difference does it make? Is he going to accept her?

Ernesto doesn’t know. Because he wants to be the President of Mexico and he doesn’t think Mexico’s ready for a president with a gay daughter.

Richie’s wishing she’d bring the conversation around to Cummings.

Ernesto keeps whining about trying to find “help” for Alondra. Um, Alejandra’s vetoing the exorcism suggestion. Maybe they could keep talking about it at his house.

Richie freaks out. Joel doesn’t know what she’s doing either, but he’s going to try to stay close to them.


The more they repeat this video, the more I wonder if it’s meant as a commentary on the way female pop singers are expected to exude sex even if the song has nothing to do with it. Modern dance Frida with the leotard and sheer fabric seems to be mocking the idea of taking any of this seriously while bicycle Frida seems to say “Hello, it’s about sex! Isn’t it obvious?!”

Tommy walks down some street, drinking booze out of a bottle stuck in a paper bag.

The video finishes playing. Frida’s crammed on a couch next to some dude who’s more interested in her legs than anything else. She excuses herself to listen to Tommy whine about being sad and tell him she can’t see him right now.

Johnny comes over to ask if she was talking to her boyfriend. He suggests inviting Tommy over so he can watch them again.

Frida asks him to stop it. This is the one pure thing she has in her life, so could he not make fun of it?

Johnny laughs at her, saying she still hasn’t told her boyfriend about her secret life? Maybe she should do that before he finds out just how she’s gotten so far.

RIP Steve

Jennifer goes over to Steve’s house, which has a giant painting of a wedding dress on one wall, which makes me think “Hey, that could be a cool decorating idea, putting a wedding dress or some other meaningful item of clothing in a frame/box and displaying it.

Anyway Steve has a selfie of him with Eliza in a frame. She remembers Steve saying he was in love with her. And then she remembers killing Steve. Random observation: Jennifer has really long fingers.

She starts hearing the Für Elise ringtone and freaks out.

Andres and Eliza get to Steve’s house. Jennifer’s upstairs packing a suitcase so it looks like Steve left. She ignores the ringing doorbell.

A security guy in a golf cart drives up and Andres and Eliza explain that they’re worried about Steve. The security guy says he hasn’t seen Steve for days, but he’s one of the more reserved neighbors. They beg him to let them into Steve’s house, just to make sure he’s OK. The security guard goes off to get the keys.

Upstairs, Jennifer buys a plane ticket (I’m guessing) and hears the security guard letting Andres and Eliza into Steve’s house.

Eliza hides in a closet and hears the ringtone again, which Eliza and Andres don’t seem to hear. Eliza says a lot of clothes are missing from the closet. Andres finds the laptop and says it looks like Steve bought a plane ticket.

Long time coming

Carmen goes over to Jennifer’s. Time to pop the popcorn.

She’s never understood what Eliza saw in Max. Carmen always knew Max was no good, but he’s surprised her now–taking advantage of his own son? How could he?!

Max wants to move the conversation outside so Charlie won’t hear, but Carmen’s sure Charlie’s smart. He probably knows what happened to his brother.

Max tells her to go for it, then, get it all out.

Well, what hasn’t Carmen said already, you know? She figures just being Max is enough punishment for him. Having to look at himself in the mirror and know what a coward he is.

She’s not asking for explanations. She just couldn’t go back to Tijuana without saying things to his face. And if it weren’t for his “crazy” wife and her threats she’d make sure Max were in jail.

He tells her to go for it. What he did has no justification. But he wants her to put herself in his place. Because he “loves” Rodrigo, but he also “loves” Charlie and Charlie was dying. The transplant saved his life. Rodrigo saved Charlie’s life.

So if it had been Eliza or one of her kids, would Carmen have let them die?

Max’s phone starts ringing. Andres asks if he’s heard from Steve and Max repeats Jennifer’s story about him taking a job in Spain. And then he hangs up on Andres.


Andres and Eliza both think it’s weird that Steve just took off like that. The security guard says it’s time for them to go. Andres makes one last attempt–did Steve happen to leave any papers for him? He asks the security guy to mention to Steve that Andres Juarez was looking for him if he calls.

Inside the closet, Jennifer’s still hearing the ringtone.


For all his alleged concern about Alondra, the first thing Ernesto wants to do when they get to his house is get Alejandra alone.

But, surprise! Don Carlos is waiting for him. Joel and Richie have no idea who he is. Funny, he thinks he’s seen Alejandra before. She gives him the perfect “Oh, no, another one who thinks I’m the dead wife” smile.

Ernesto introduces her, not mentioning the resemblance, and starts to introduce Alejandra to Don Carlos, but she already knows Carlos Esparza. She tells him his time in politics was a real turning point for the country. He’s flattered. It’s so hard to find people who appreciate what politicians do. (Well, maybe if they’d actually do something. Sorry…bitter American, party of one….)

For our benefit, I’m sure, Richie and Joel mention that he’s retired, but still pulls a lot of strings.

Carlos thinks Alejandra looks like a movie star, or a beauty queen. Ernesto again says she’s a photographer and works with the consulate.

Uh huh…hey, isn’t Ernesto going to offer Alejandra a drink? How about that tequila he gave Ernesto?

Back at the office, Joel opines that he wouldn’t be surprised if Don Carlos was involved in the child trafficking ring. Richie finds it suspicious he showed up just when Cummings died. “In politics, there are no coincidences.” Richie agrees. (Seriously, guys?)

Margarita tries to convince Alondra to eat something, but all she wants to do is sleep. She notices the photo at Sofia’s grave and asks where Alondra got it, but she’s already out.

Margarita serves tequila downstairs and tries to ask Ernesto for a moment, but he’s busy. Can’t it wait until tomorrow? (um, how about NO?)

Don Carlos wants to hear about Alejandra’s photo project, but Ernesto’s eager to talk in private. Alejandra tells them not to worry about her–she’ll just sit there and sip her tequila.

Richard wants to get Sofia closer to them, but Joel tells him to forget it–she’s there to see Alondra.

In the study, Don Carlos asks if Alejandra doesn’t look exactly like Ernesto’s “ex-wife.” What was her name…Sofia? Ernesto uncomfortably agrees.

Alejandra sneaks into Alondra’s room. Alondra’s thrashing around in her sleep. Sofia remembers Alondra when she was younger, reading, running through the desert, crying at the prison, and older Alondra at the fake grave.

Sofia asks if Alondra is ok and Alondra opens her eyes. “Mom?”

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Thanks, Kat!

It really bothers me that Max never seems to remember Tomás and Karina. I guess in the context of the convo with Carmen it fits. It just feels like he never says “mis hijos.”

Visita/ Guest

I’m still reeling from the death of Steve. I wonder how this will play out with Raquel. Am I a bad person for wanting Jennifer and Max to
go off this novela as in a terrible accident…they both die. Both are worthless selfish people. Max’s character has no purpose now.
Good that this novela is in it’s Ultima Semanas.


I’m still reeling too. I am really upset by Steve’s death. And yes, what will this mean for Raquel and her family? 🙁

We can be bad people together because I’d be fine if Jennifer and Max died. I wouldn’t feel guilty either.