La Mujer del Vendaval #109

The Mayor and His Paramour

July asks Timo for a definitive answer, will he marry her or not? Timo tries to put her off, saying ‘well sure, but not right away’ and July hauls off and slaps him and says she’ll just have to accept the other proposal she’s had, and stalks out. Timo is more befuddled then usual.

Hotel Toscana, Poolside.

Cami and Nisa indulge in PDA while Gordo tries to convince Cuchi that Nisa is cheating on him

Rancho Sala

Ale gives a worker (who is already calling him boss) instructions to clear a certain section of land, but he hasn’t talked about it with Marcela first, and she comes in and changes his orders to a smaller section. Ale’s not happy about being contradicted in front of the worker, but he’s got to go talk to his parents so no time to fight. Marcela doesn’t let him leave w/o a big smooch.

Eulogio’s Special Hell

July tells Eulogio ho he’s her novio now, and she’s gonna introduce him to Timo as such, but first Eulogio’s gotta give her a real big engagement ring.


Gordo chats with Cami. Guess what? They’re both from San BP and know some of the same people. Cami tells Gordo all about why he’s at the Toscana and working as a janitor.

El V
Marcela’s Room

ML unsuccessfully searches for the documents ceding the ranch to Ale
Rosa catches ML going through Marcela’s drawers. ML pretends she’s looking for a mislaid blouse, but Rosa doesn’t buy it, she does the laundry, and she knows which clothes belong to who and she never puts the things away in the wrong drawers. ML accuses Rosa of being distracted by drooling over the guys guarding Severo. (who are doing a terrible job at it by they way)


The ladies plan their day, Marcela will go to town and get the vaccines today and tomorrow they all will take stuff to Mateo in prison and go visit him.


Mateo and Roman bond and talk over their shared fate – prison = bad, the ladies in their lives = good. Roman’s already signed up for electrician classes and Mateo decides he will too, it’ll make the time go by, and then he’ll be able to fix all the broken things around the ranch. Roman tells the saga of Linda and the story of his own sad childhood.

Mateo councils Roman to go easier on his mom, she just wanted Roman to have a good family, lots of women think any father is better than no father, and maybe she’s telling the truth about not knowing how bad it was, and maybe his dad was mean to her too and she never said anything so as to keep the family together.


Ilse is trying to track down Linda, she’s calling around to everyone in the phone book with Linda’s last name, with the ploy that Linda has won an encyclopedia. She finally finds Linda’s aunt, but the aunt says Linda doesn’t live there, she’s just on a visit. Ilse gives the aunt the encyclopedia story and the aunt says Linda will be back, she’s just gone to church w/her dad and even gives her address.

Ilse calls Amadeo with the good news that she’s found Linda, they decide not to tell Roman till they know if they can help at all


Gordo tells Cuchi all the info he got from Cami, and all he can remember hearing about Cami from San BP, and Cami said he and Nisa are dating, now isn’t Cuchi mad at that darn Nisa?

Nope Cuchi realizes he cheated on Nisa first, and anyway his main interest is Nisa’s money. He’s gonna win it away from Cami starting right now.

San BP

Marcela rides Huracan into town, San BP still has a watering trough on the main street for Huracan to get a drink.

She sees Emiliano. He wants to talk to her in his office he has something important to tell her. Marce tries to put him off till tomorrow, or meet him at the ranch but he really needs to see her in his office. Marcela has to put Huracan in a safe place first, she’ll see him in his office. Emil looks star struck up at her on her white horse.

El V Guest House

Severo is dragging himself out of bed, his arms work pretty good, his legs don’t have much movement yet. (Where does he think he’s going? Or maybe he’s just exercising?)

He knocks over a jug.

ML is in the office, still searching. She can’t get into the desk, Marce had the locks fixed. She hears the jug break and runs to her dad’s room and finds the bedclothes all mussed, and the jug next to the bed broken, though he’s gotten his legs back into bed. She’s instantly suspicious, did he do this? What’s he up to? Her interrogation is interrupted by Rosa’s scream, there’s a possum on the loose! ML assumes the possum broke the jug and they go looking for it in Severo’s room.

The possum has left, and ML is left alone with her father again.


Alessandro enters Luc’s office all steely eyes and clenched jaw, let the confrontation begin.

Luc goes on the attack, asking why the honeymoon was so short, not that he has time to keep track of Ale’s comings and goings on, he’s got a company to run, without one of its top execs since Ale hasn’t been in to work. Luc asks if his mother has told Ale about the necklace and Ale looks nervous. Luc tells Nestor’s story of the recovery of the necklace, but really Luc says he still suspects Marcela was involved somehow, and he goes on to attack Marcela’s character, she’s a gold digger ect.

Ale’s not here to talk about that, he just wants to discuss his future at the Toscana.

Inez brings in the paperwork for Alessandro’s resignation. Luc says he should sign it, its only formalizing what’s already happened, but Ale won’t sign it and now the fight begins in earnest. – Luc accuses Ale of planning to freeload off the hotel to support his new wife and her white elephant of a ranch. Ale says he can do his job from the ranch, but Luc insists that if his butt is not in an office chair in a Toscana office then he’s useless to Luciano. Ale reminds his dad that he’s not the only owner of the chain and he’s going to talk to the more reasonable owner, his mom.

Oct’s Suite

As soon as they get back to the hotel Oct pounces on Lencho, but he’s not into it, he’s still feeling guilty, the medal thing really got to him. Octavia sees she’s wasting her time and goes to work.

When she gets to her office Mauro tells her Luc found out about Lencho and was livid, but Mauro covered for her and told him Lencho was his own assistant and staying in his apartment. Oct gives him a pat on the head for a job well done and asks to see Luc. But Luc is with his son and can’t be disturbed.

Devious Fun Time With Eulogio and Timoteo!

Eulogio tells Timo the townsfolk are starting to wonder when Timo is going to provide all the wonders he promised them during his campaign. Timo doesn’t have time or attention to waste on that now, there’s something much more important on his mind. July has another boyfriend.

Eulogio asks is he sure its not just a story July made up but Timo has bought into July’s story completely and is totally worked up and freaked out about it. (does July know her man or what?) They must find out who this mystery man who has proposed t July is. And by they he means Eulogio. From now on, Eulogio’s #1 job is finding out who is stealing July away from Timo. ASAP!

Nestor’s Office

Ale examines the fake necklace and plans to take it back to El V with him and hide it.

Hotel Lobby

Silvana and Nuria are discussing something (I missed it, but Nuria sounded angsty, so, probably Cris) Inez tells Sil that Ale wants to speak with her.

Cris’s office

Ale explains the whole Mateo thing to Cris. Cris offers to help, but they’ve got a lawyer already. Cris tells Ale Nuria’s back at work and things between them are worse than ever, he just can’t let her betrayal go. Ale says he knows what its like to feel tricked. Cris assumes he’s talking about Damiana, but Ale’s clearly talking about Marcela.

San BP (presumably)

Maria Laura makes a deal with some guy to open a couple of locked drawers for her.

Emiliano’s Office

Emiliano gives Marcela her test results, and when she doesn’t understand them, he explains. When she was little the retinosis was progressing fairly slowly and steadily, but it has speeded up lately. She’s getting worse faster. Marcela looks surprised and scared.

(If Maria Laura was a smart villana she’d start a fund to save Marcela’s sight and abscond with the money. Why is this the first thing that occurs to me? I might be a bad person)

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2 years ago

Gracias, stealth!

I don’t know if I’m horrified or amused by Eulogio getting roped into helping July with her plan.

“ML going through Marcela’s drawers.” *snort* Yeah, I’m twelve.

I’m kind of surprised that Severo’s actually trying to do rehab on his own. I guess the thought of one day being able to swindle again must be good motivation for bed calisthenics.

I like your evil plan! Oh well, save me a seat at the bad people table.

2 years ago

Yeah, Eulogio’s aided and abetted a lot of stuff he needs to come clean about. I really wish he’d stick it to Timo and at least tell everyone Mateo didn’t kill Mike and Timo’s the one who wanted Ramon to poison the horse trough.