Al Otro Lado del Muro Tuesday 5/29/18 #69


Eliza tries to say it’s not about her feelings, but Max whines that they married for love, right? They don’t have to do this! He knows she has valid reasons to divorce him and he’s made lots of mistakes (OK, I think “mistakes” is a little mild for slept with another woman, married her, let her get away with harvesting one kid’s bone marrow for another without telling you…I’d go with “major fuck-ups” personally). But all Max cares about is whether she loves him.

Eliza reminds him he’s betrayed her so many times, ruined her trust, let her down as both a husband and a father, took advantage of their son–does he really think she can still love him?

Max wants a yes or no answer, because he still “loves” her.

OK, then, she doesn’t love him.

“Why are you lying to me?”

She’s not. The Eliza he thought he knew has finally opened her eyes.

Max insists it’s just a whim and she still wants him. Is this Andres’ idea?

Dude better not even talk about Andres. He’s an honest man, unlike Max. He’s shown her commitment, honesty, support–for her and the kids. That’s real love. Yes, she loves him. She’s deeply in love with him.

“Fine, whatever. We’ll sign.”


Karina’s surprised to see Tommy back. He knows he’s gonna flunk if he keeps ditching, right? And she’s running out of ways to cover for him with their mom, especially when he smells of alcohol. She knows he’s hurting because of Frida, but this self-destructive behavior isn’t doing him any good.

Tommy’s pissed off she told Eliza about Frida.

Well, she did it to protect him. They’re mellizos (twins) they’re supposed to have this deep connection, but he kicked her out of his life. “Tomate,” (awwww), “What are you into?” She heard him screaming the other night. She knows he’s carrying around something that’s not about Frida.

Julian starts calling out to Karina from the parking lot. Karina wants Tommy to wait, but he says they’ll talk later. (Has he not spoken to Julian at all? They were friends when they were kids, weren’t they?)

Julian tells Karina he came to talk about Raquel. Doesn’t she know?

Uh, last she heard, his dad was going to help her.

They’ve deported her. (Again.) Nobody told him, he just overheard. He told his dad to help her, but his dad said no because she’s salvadoreña.

Karina doubts that. He only thinks about himself. Now all of a sudden he’s the defender of immigrants? Oh, he’s trying to impress her, right? So they can….

Julian insists he came to tell her this because he’s the one who caused the accident that got her deported in the first place. (Y’all, I gasped. I really didn’t expect him to admit this.)

Karina doesn’t know how someone can be such an asshole as to separate a mother from her baby.

Julian whines that he didn’t know…no, wait, there’s no excuse, he’s an “animal.”

Well, Karina thought he wasn’t. She was stupid enough to think there was some good in him.

Julian points out that he could have just not said anything, but he wants to fix things.

Karina can think of something. Something that would even be good for him and not just Raquel. He can turn himself in, tell the cops about the accident. She’ll even go with him.

“I can’t.”

She knew it. He’s a coward.


Eliza thanks Max for meeting her. She really didn’t want to hurt him. (Oh, save it. He doesn’t deserve it.)

Max whines that he doesn’t want her pity (unless it’s enough to keep her married to him).

He walks out and she sits on a chair in the lobby. Alejandra walks through, surprised to see her. Eliza says she’s the one who needs a friend this time. They hug. (*sob* come on, do we really need a romantic love fairy tale when we have besties?)

Back in Alejandra’s office Eliza tells her about Max’s attempts to avoid divorce and how she had to tell him she was in love with someone else.

Sofia wonders who.

Um, well, Eliza’s not talking love-love, just…she’s marrying Andres for citizenship. (Come on, writers. We know it’s not that easy or Raquel wouldn’t have been deported in the first place!)

Eliza knows it’s wrong to marry him just for papers. It’s unfair. He’s a great guy and he deserves love.

Sofia points out that she’s doing it for her family and he’s agreed to it.

Because he’s noble. And he loves her.

Sofia says she made a radical decision to protect the kids. Sofia gets that. She’s doing the same. It’s been rolling around in her head for weeks, but she doesn’t know if she’s scared or maybe still in love with Joel.

Eliza thinks he’s a dumbass for not believing in her.

Well, no one could really love their sister’s killer and she has no way to prove she’s innocent. So he’s back with his fiancée and Sofia is considering marrying Ernesto again to protect Alondra.


Pastrana flashes a (fake, I’m sure) badge and picks up the coyote in Friendship Park. (What do you mean which one? We only have one.)

Pastrana brings the coyote to confession with Padre Ernesto. Rather than having him confess, Ernesto recites everything they know about him. Jorge Raimundo Vargas, alias El Pollo Loco. He works for a criminal organization, getting people across the border. They have tunnels from Reynosa to Tijuana, which is impressive. Sometimes they use trucks–an old method, but it works. But what Ernesto’s really impressed with is the VIP plane service. How do they evade the gringos’ radars?

No, wait, they’ll talk about that later. He’s been working this business since 1989, which means he’s got thirty years of experience. He’s personally gotten three thousand people across, which is a record.

So, now that they’ve established that they know everything about him and can send him to jail….

Jorge asks what they want. He can scrape together 20 thou.

Oh no, they don’t want money–they want to hire him.

“Who are you?”

Ernesto cackles and asks Pastrana to smack him upside the head for saying something stupid.

Now, what Ernesto CAN tell him is what he’s going to do. He’s going to have to fill a monthly quota of merchandise. That merchandise being 50 señoritas, age 20 or younger, and if they look as young as 11 that’s even better.

He’ll find them, they’ll tell him where to take them, and that’s that.

What about the cops?

Ernesto laughs again. They’re going to give him lots of money and everyone will be happy. All he has to do is deliver them, safe and sound…and untouched. He’ll figure out how. Pastrana can give him tips.

Pastrana puts a hood over Jorge’s head and Ernesto goes over to light a candle. Unfortunately, he does not get struck by lightning. As he walks away there’s a pretty sizable flame going up and I wonder if he burned something rather than just lighting a candle.


Margarita comes over to tell Sofia she saw Paula drug Alondra.

She thought it was weird that Paula came over and went to Alondra’s room, so she followed her. She sprayed Alondra with something like a perfume bottle. Alondra even asked her what it was and Paula said it was flowers or something, to help her relax.

Margarita couldn’t see what it looked like. It was small. She searched the room later, but it wasn’t there.

Sofia figures she keeps it in her purse.

Margarita’s afraid Paula’s doing the same thing to Alondra as she did to Claudia.

Yeah, what exactly happened with her?

Margarita thinks Claudia caught Ernesto with Paula. They had a big argument and she said she was going to divorce him and tell everyone he’s unfaithful. She never saw Paula put anything in her food, but Claudia got sick little by little–the same as Alondra. First dizziness and headaches and not wanting to talk to anyone, even her son, and then after a bout three weeks Ernesto found her dead from a derrame cerebral (stroke).

Alondra’s out with Beto, walking through a park. She thinks it’s such a pretty day–the clouds, the trees, the grass, and it all smells so good.

Beto likes that she’s so detallista (thoughtful). He loves being with her. It’s like a vacation from his dad and his grandpa. Not that he doesn’t like being with them, but they treat him like a puppet. Isn’t that the same with her? Or maybe since she’s a woman they don’t constantly harp on how she’s supposed to, he puts on his “grandpa” voice, PREPARE TO SERVE THE COUNTRY LIKE HIS FATHER AND GRANDFATHER. But they must be preparing her to marry well? To a future “servant of the nation”?

Alondra admits they are. Beto asks her to be honest–they’re pushing him at her, aren’t they? And his grandpa’s pushing her at him. Alondra laughs and they go on walking.

Sofia can’t reach Richie or Joel, so she leaves a message to have them call her. She needs to leave and Margarita needs to go home. Sofia begs her to be careful and not confront Paula. And if she can get at the stuff she shouldn’t touch it! Sofia hugs Margarita and thanks her for her loyalty.


Mark brings home a new victim. Her name is Ariadna and she’s going to be “the next Jenni Rivera.”

(Can we stop with that tired old “the next”? Jenni Rivera was Jenni Rivera. There will never be another Jenni Rivera. We are all individuals, not interchangeable Latina singers. We don’t have to be “the next” anybody! We can be ourselves!)

Ariadna is impressed with how much Frida has accomplished in such a short time. Mark emphasizes that it’s because Frida handed herself over to him. And if Ariadna follows his instructions, she’ll be next.

“I’d do anything!”

Well, for now Mark wants her to get settled and then come downstairs to train with Frida.

“What did you say?!”

Mark sends Ariadna to her room and then faces Frida. He asks her not to throw a tantrum. Has she not figured out that while she’s under his roof she’ll do as he says?

“I’m not a nanny! I’m not a teacher! I don’t even have time to prepare myself for my own concerts!”

Mark tells her she’ll figure it out if she ever wants another concert.

Ariadna and Frida have finished their warm up. Ariadna says she’s never danced before.

Then why is she doing this if she doesn’t like to dance?

Well, she saw Frida’s videos and she wants to be like her, a famous singer.

Frida says fame is attractive, but it’s cruel too. You see a singer on stage and think they have it all, that they’re happy, but it’s not always like that.

Ariadna doesn’t care–she wants her dream.

Frida says she could do it some other way. She’s pretty–maybe she could get into conducción (presenting) or acting. Maybe this isn’t right for her.

But Frida trained here and look at her! If she’s worried about Ariadna being her competition, she promises she’s not thinking of it that way.

It’s not that. It’s that…she might be running risks she doesn’t like.

It can’t be so bad. Frida’s doing well right?

Mark brings Johnny in to meet Ariadna and Johnny’s instantly talking about making a star out of her. They’re having a big dinner tonight to introduce her to some people and he wants Frida to help her with her makeup, clothes…prepare her. “You know what we like.”

(Seriously, can people not see how this perpetuates itself? And how describing it as “sleeping your way to the top” helps keep it going and leaves victims with nowhere to turn to for help?)


Raquel walks slowly back to the house in Tijuana. She’s probably thinking she’s hallucinating when she sees Santiago and María waiting outside, but then she starts to run. She and Santiago hug and squish the baby, but María’s cute even when she’s upset. Santi says this was the only place he could be–with her. (Could it be time to open a Tijuana branch of the bakery?)

Eliza gets back home and Rodrigo’s there alone. Karina went out. Grandma, he doesn’t know. He doesn’t know where the baby is.

Eliza says she forgot to turn the sound back on on her phone and she didn’t listen to her messages. She’s had a rough day.

Because of her divorce, right? Eliza just stares at him and Rod snaps. He never gets anything from any of them but silence. They’re all walking around making these faces. He knows they have problems, but nobody says anything–not Karina, not grandma, not Eliza, not Tomás.

“Is he here?!”

No. Rod hasn’t seen him since last night. He’s been acting weird.

Eliza asks if Rod has eaten and he softens a little. He’s hungry.

Tommy’s at Jennifer’s wandering around the property. Charlie sees him from upstairs.

Carmen and Andres are hanging out on her couch. She’s relieved he came up with this idea. There was all this back and forth and now look, Raquel’s got her baby and her hubby–she’s happy right?

Carmen says Santiago’s so handsome and brave she wants to give him a medal.

Raquel’s a little sad because now her suegro’s going to be alone.

Andres is glad the three of them are together, that’s what’s important.

Carmen realizes she hasn’t called Eliza–she must be worried!

Eliza’s searching the boys’ room for clues. She finds the picture of Max and his other family in Tommy’s backpack.

Tommy keeps wandering around until Charlie comes outside. Tommy rushes over, asking if he’s ok.

Yep, Charlie knew it was Tommy. He saw him. He probably thought Charlie was dead and that’s why he’s here?

Tommy tries to act like he has no idea what Charlie’s talking about, but Charlie saw his face when their dad took off his mask. And then the gun went off–that was an accident, right? Tommy can quit denying it, Charlie knows he’s here because he felt bad and wanted to see what had happened.

Tommy asks if he told his dad.

“OUR dad. We’re brothers.”

Rodrigo’s surprised to find Eliza snooping in his room. She asks about the picture and Rod says their dad has the same picture, or maybe that’s the one from his house. Like he said, Tommy’s been weird–first the nightmare and now this. And he won’t talk to either of them.

Eliza says she’s going to have a serious conversation with Tommy and Rod’s going to stop worrying.

Tommy begs Charlie to forgive him, but Charlie tells him not to worry about it. Their dad doesn’t know and he’s not telling. It’ll be a bro secret. Besides, Charlie understands why he did it.

Tommy’s amused. Why?

He’s mad at Charlie and Max for what they did to Rodrigo.

Tommy says that’s not his fault. It’s kind of hard to explain.

Right, but Charlie caught him….

“You did, bro.” He knows it wasn’t right and he really didn’t think Charlie would be there. It was the last thing he wanted, but he doesn’t think Charlie would understand.

Oh, please, Charlie’s understood everything Tommy said. They hear Jennifer calling and Charlie tells him to go. “She’s worse than the cops!”

Carmen calls and tells Eliza what happened, which she pretty much figured. She asks Carmen to tell the kids to be careful and give the baby a big kiss.

Rod’s confused–they deported Raquel, Santiago, and the baby?

Eliza says it’s just Raquel. Santiago decided to go with her.

Tommy comes in, but he’s off to his room with barely a word. He notices his backpack has moved and the picture is missing.

Eliza walks in with it and asks if he’s looking for this. What was it doing in his backpack? Where did he get it?

Tommy claims Charlie left it when he came over last time.

But Rodrigo said he had no idea where it came from.

Tommy says he doesn’t have any reason to lie and Eliza melts. He’s right. She’s sorry. She just got back from getting divorced and found out Raquel got deported again. It’s just too many things going on at once and Tommy hasn’t been helping. That’s why she’s snapping so easily.

Tommy says he’s sorry. Eliza just asks him not to give her more problems. She needs his help. They hug.


Richie and Joel get out of a meeting and Joel complains about how difficult it is to convince Richie’s bosses.

Eh, they’re covering their asses. They don’t want to get into a fight with the Mexican government unless there’s solid proof.

But they have the recording Sofia got. What more do they need? Do they have to catch them in the middle of abducting young women?

Richie says they want the names of the partners in the US.

Sofia interrupts and says she has something more important to discuss with them.

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Autora/ Author


“I’d go with “major fuck-ups” personally”

Nailed it right out of the gate!

Autora/ Author

Julian whines that he didn’t know…no, wait, there’s no excuse, he’s an “animal.”

This just begs for snark…or tears. I’ll just zip my lips though.

Autora/ Author

Seriously, can people not see how this perpetuates itself? And how describing it as “sleeping your way to the top” helps keep it going and leaves victims with nowhere to turn to for help? Why do people blame the person sleeping their way to the top and NOT the asshole who expects a sexual favor in exchange for better treatment/opportunities. Seriously! Maybe people can’t see past the fact that this is the entertainment industry, so they must be thinking it’s somehow optional. Except there are plenty of people who don’t have options because they need the job to, you know,… Read more »

Autora/ Author

Thanks, Kat! For the recapping and putting up with my comment flooding.

Yes! The BFFs story line has been so much more entertaining to me. The romance has been secondary and I’m fine with that.

This is probably a stupid question and I guess I could google it, but if Raquel is from El Salvador, wouldn’t they send her there? Or is Carmen acting as kind of a sponsor? Or do I need to not think about it so hard? 😛