Corazón Que Miente: Characters

This show smacks you with a bunch of information right up front. Hopefully this will help make sense of who’s who and what’s what.

A few years ago

in order of appearance

  • Mariela
    • girl on a bike
    • Carmen’s BFF
    • friends with Leti
    • has a thing for Alonso
  • Manuel
    • girl on a bike’s grandpa
    • a doctor
    • wants to build a big clinic on his land, but he doesn’t have the money
    • Quadrum has been trying to buy his land
  • Carmen
    • Leonardo’s godmother
    • she’s been living in his house and taking care of it
    • needs to watch her blood pressure and sugar levels
  • Leonardo del Rio
    • sculptor
    • he’s been living in NY
    • Lucia dumped him years ago and he never got over it
    • single
    • friends with Daniel
    • possibly the father of one of Lucia’s children?
  • Quadrum Corp
    • construction company
    • has been buying up all the property in town one way or another
    • the Campanario site had a break-in
  • Lucia
    • married to Demián
    • still has a thing for Leonardo
  • Demián
    • runs Quadrum
    • verbally abusive jerk
    • lousy parent
    • having an affair with Rafaela
  • Santiago
    • Lucia and Demián’s son
    • won’t admit to having a thing for Leti
  • Alonso
    • Lucia and Demián’s son
    • Demián’s favorite
    • has a thing for Mariela
  • Rafaela
    • Lucia’s cousin
    • lives with Lucia and Demián
    • works for Quadrum
    • having an affair with Demián
  • Sara
    • Lucia’s mom
    • she and her husband Gregorio forced Lucia to marry Demián
    • Sara had a “close friendship” with Leonardo’s father.
  • Gregorio
    • Lucia’s (dead) dad
    • he didn’t like Leonardo
  • Daniel
    • Demián’s brother
    • a priest
    • has mad bici skillz
  • Amalia
    • Demián’s cook
  • Noé
    • Demián’s driver
  • Leti
    • their daughter
    • buddies with Santiago
    • thinks guys are kind of useless
    • friends with Mariela
  • Rogelio
    • some guy who thinks he’s going to own Quadrum someday
    • has a thing for Rafaela; it’s one-sided
    • Demián’s personal hench
  • Eduardo
    • guy in a suit who works for Quadrum
    • responsible for getting Manuel’s property
    • wants a notaría, Demián’s supposed to be getting it for him
  • Carla
    • suit guy’s wife
  • their son
  • Elena
    • their housekeeper
  • Eva
    • the Padre’s housekeeper
  • Mari
    • Demián’s assistant
  • Ponciano
    • Demián’s gardener

That’s all for now. We’re talking Corazón Que Miente on the forums.

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2 years ago

Thanks for this, Kat.

I’ll mosey on over to the Forum to post moret thoughts.

Linda F.
Linda F.
2 years ago

Kat, you’re a godsend! I had a lot of things distracting me during the first episode, so you filled in the blanks. Did you notice that Rogelio is the same actor we just saw as the dad in the Saturday preview of La Bella y las Bestias?