Al Otro Lado del Muro Friday 6/8/18 #77

The op

Patrick tells Richie and Joel the auction is happening at a party with a bunch of millionaires who pay a fortune to have out-of-the-ordinary sexual experiences. Three of them are foreigners and Samuel Kuri is going to be the easiest one to get to. There’s already enough on him to put him in jail.

Samuel Kuri, per the fancy invite, answers the door for Room Service. In this case, it’s Richie and Joel serving up a can of whoop-ass.

As Joel sits at the desk checking out Kuri’s laptop, Richie reads him his rights. I’m seriously grossed out by this web page with pictures, names, and ages. Joel pulls the invite for the “Mysterious Extravaganza” out of the envelope.

Sofia comes in and asks if Joel found anything useful. Not on the computer, but the invitation is going to help him get in.

Sofia insists they’re both going. Yeah, Paula’s going to be there, but Patrick says these parties are big on discretion. And the place is supposed to be huge, so Joel’s not going to be able to check it out alone.


Yep, Karina and Julian had the sex. Hopefully it was the safer sex.

Julian tries to convince Karina to go, but no way does she want to without knowing if her BFF is OK. She tells him to just hide her somewhere.

Julian thinks she’s the best thing that’s ever happened in his life. Karina doesn’t know how a day can be so good and so horrible at the same time.

Ernesto shambles into the living room asking if they’ve found Paula yet.

Um, no. They can’t get a lock on her location. She could be anywhere.

Ernesto starts screaming at the techs to get out. Don Carlos doesn’t even argue with him, but he won’t let him drink. He’s no good to anyone drunk.

Ernesto starts choking Don Carlos and growls out something like “Drunk or sober, I’m no good to anyone.” He starts babbling about how he lost his daughter and saying her name.


Frida’s singing at the karaoke bar. She either got a haircut or got rid of the extensions. It’s cute.

Tommy walks in.


Paula’s got Alondra tied up in a bedroom, presumably in the giant house where they’re holding the auction. She tells Alondra to behave or she’ll sedate her–though, she’d rather have her conscious. Paula’s throwing this event all for her. Between the live and the online bidding, it’s going to be a great event.

Although, these people are a little…exotic? Perverse? Sadistic? But no worries, Alo won’t be the only one. In another room, several sedated girls occupy all the available furniture and floor space, except for where Pastrana sits, watching over them.

Paula recommends Alondra not get too worked up. If she smiles, maybe she’ll get a pig who treats her with something like respect and after a few years of slavery treats her…well. She can get used to anything…if she stays alive.

(But, Kat you left out, like, half the conversation! Yes, yes I did, for the sake of my sanity. I already feel like I need a decontamination shower from typing the above.)


Jennifer swapped out her clothes for Eliza’s and attempted to recreate the messy bun. Talk about a pale imitation…but it’s good enough that when the nurse sees her from behind she wishes her a good night.

Inside Jennifer’s room, she leaves the tray and leaves the lights off since it looks like her patient is sleeping. (OK, I really have to call BS on this from a security standpoint.)

Eliza wakes up in Jennifer’s bed in the morning, groggy, and crawls out of bed and over to the unlocked door. She starts shouting for help.

I guess that worked. Andres arrives and she’s in the middle of screaming at the staff for their ineptitude. She explains to Andres that Jennifer drugged her and took her clothes.

She’s worried about the kids, but Andres says Karina’s at a friend’s house (oh, he’s never going to believe that one again!) and Carmen, Tommy, and Rod are at his house.

He hands her a change of clothes and asks the staff to clear out.

Andres’ house seems to be crisis HQ. Good move, I think–Jennifer hasn’t ever been there…except for those drive-by’s. Let’s hope she has a bad sense of direction.

Rod and Charlie are off in the bedroom playing and Karina called to say she’s hanging out with her “friend” for a while longer.

Max says he’ll go to the police and make a report and Eliza begs him to tell them how dangerous she is. Max is confident they’ll find her before she hurts anyone else.

Eliza’s worried that she’ll go to ICE and turn her in. Tommy and Andres go to ask the neighbors to let them know if they see ICE coming around.

Carmen offers to make Eliza some tea.

The op

Joel puts on a set of cufflinks with microphones. They won’t be able to use earbuds, just cell phones. They don’t have a warrant yet because the owner of the mansion is a very “prominent” person and the judge didn’t want to issue it without more evidence. But he’s ok with Joel and Sofia going in to get it.

Now they’re just waiting for the signal so everyone’s acting simultaneously.

Joel asks Sofia if she’s ready yet….

As they walk up to the house, Sofia mutters about the sickos that are going to be at the party. She’s opted for the dress from Pretty Woman and a half mask, but Joel’s got his whole face covered. They have to hand over their cell phones at the entrance to the pool area.

They’ve been waiting outside and Sofia’s itching to get inside. Joel tells her to chill, the auction’s about to start.

But what if Alondra’s not even in there and they’re waiting for nothing?

Joel reminds her there’s no way to contact Richard.

Someone comes to fetch “Mr. Kuri” to the auction. The señora is invited to enjoy the party.

Richie’s out in the van fussing that Sofia’s not going to be able to resist going inside the house. Patrick’s sure Richie would be going in there too, if it was his daughter. The tech with them says he’s isolated some female voices calling softly for help.

Sofia brings one of the other party guests into the house and suggests he find them a room. She goes in the opposite direction and starts opening doors.

Paula comes sashaying into a room in in a long black gown and slicked back hair. Damit Paula, why you gotta be so evil?!

Alondra’s been dressed in some cheap Party City toga. Paula explains she’ll bring in more money if she looks younger. (Pass the brain bleach, please.)

I guess Party City had a sale. Sofia finds the room Pastrana was in earlier. She says she’s going to get them out, but she needs to know if Alondra’s here. Short, light hair….

She hides behind a dresser as Pastrana walks in, telling them to get on their feet.

At Ernesto’s he’s sobbing and begging Don Carlos to do something to save his daughter. Don Carlos says they’ll give themselves away if they do. Power has a price and it’s time for Ernesto to demonstrate how far he’s willing to go to get it. In life and in war, there’s always collateral damage. This time it happens to be his daughter. If he wants to govern, he’s going to have to face challenges with strength.

Don Carlos’ cell phone rings. The auction started.

A bunch of skeevy dudes in masks look like they’re gathered in a private screening room.

Don Carlos tsk, tsks about how he can’t understand how some men want girls as young as their daughters or granddaughters. (Doesn’t stop you from supplying them, does it?)

They bring Alondra up last and Joel uses his cufflinks to tell Patrick and Richie to come in now.

But they can’t.

Because they still don’t have a warrant.

When the piece of filth running the auction announces her name Ernesto starts screaming loud enough to bring Julian and Karina running. He wails to Julian that they’ve sold her.

Joel starts bidding to buy time.

Sofia makes her way upstairs, where she runs into Paula. She backs her up against the wall with her forearm on Paula’s throat and pulls her other fist back. “Where’s my daughter?!”

“I always knew it was you, Sofia!” Paula chokes out. Sofia tosses her through an open door into a room and stops to pull the mask off her face like she means business.

Joel’s stuck in a bidding war with some guy in the back row. I guess it doesn’t matter since he’s just trying to buy Richie time, but it’s unnerving.

Richard wants to go in now, but Patrick insists on waiting for the warrant. “[Fucking] judge!” Richard gripes.

Paula and Sofia are going after each other with fists and stiletto-clad feet (that’s gotta hurt). Sofia’s screaming that she’s gonna kill Paula and Paula says she’ll never find out where Alondra is if she does. They’re really making some big movements here and I’m starting to get nervous about the window in that corner of the room.

Patrick’s worried Joel’s bidding too high and he’s going to blow his cover.

Ernesto’s still begging Carlos to stop it. Carlos tells him to quit being pathetic. They’ll figure out how to get her back later, but they can’t do anything now.

Julian can’t believe they’re seriously having a conversation about selling his sister. Karina’s still standing in the hallway listening and looking horrified.

Ernesto, the fucking spineless dirtbag, tries to send Julian to his room, but Julian insists on knowing what’s happening. If they know where Alondra is, why haven’t they called the police? He’ll do it himself.

Carlos stops him. If he calls the police his dad will go to jail for the rest of his life. Is that what Julian wants? (I’m thinking it’s a solid maybe.)


While Eliza sips tea, Carmen walks around with a baseball bat. The boys have gotten sucked into their video game. She peeks out the windows and asks if Eliza’s gotten any news.

Nope, Andres and Tomás aren’t back yet. Max says the police are looking…and what does Carmen think she’s going to do with that bat.

Defend Eliza, duh!

Eliza tells her to quit playing with it before she breaks something. She’s not worried about Jennifer, she’s worried about ICE and if they show up Carmen had better not hit them!

Carmen remembers Eliza’s friend in the police who helped them find Raquel.

Eliza remembers Joel telling her she’d have to break ties and tells Carmen her friend got married yesterday and she’s off on her honeymoon.

Eliza gets a text.

From Steve.

Yep, Steve, Raquel’s lawyer, the one who moved to Spain. He’s at Max’s house and wants Eliza to meet him. Maybe he can get them out of this situation. She doesn’t have time to argue. She tells Carmen not to leave and not to open the door.

Carmen’s screaming after her to take the bat in case Jennifer is there. She complains that Eliza’s stubborn. “¡Carajo!”

Party’s over

Pastrana pulls a gun on Joel in the auction room and tells Joel to come with him.

“You don’t know who you’re dealing with.”

Pastrana pulls his mask off and starts screaming that he’s INTERPOL, freaking out all the other guests.

Richie and Patrick start screaming at their people to get in now.

Sofia and Paula are still fighting, until Sofia gets distracted by the sound of helicopters.

Swat dudes, I guess, come through the backyard and towards the house, shooting at all the party guests.

Paula gets away from Sofia and makes a run for it.

Joel tells Pastrana to give up–he’s surrounded.

But Pastrana thinks Alondra’s his ticket out of here.

Alondra kicks him in the back, a bunch of guns go off, and she gets hauled out of the room by Pastrana and a couple of other guys. Joel chases after them.

Sofia comes out of the room, looking for Paula, and makes her way back downstairs.

Ernesto’s still crying, not that anyone cares. Julian finally realizes all the stuff Sofia said ten years ago was true. He’s the one who was selling girls, not Sofia. She took Alondra away to get her away from him.

Carlos spouts some BS about not being disrespectful and Ernesto not owing Julian any explanations.

Julian demands Ernesto look him in the face and tell him the truth.

Ernesto whines that he wanted the best for all of them.

Carlos says Julian has benefited from Ernesto’s actions.

With money from those girls? Julian begs Ernesto for once in his life to do something right and call the police.

Ernesto says he doesn’t know how to. He can’t.

“They have Alondra.”

Don Carlos’ cell phone rings. All their safe houses were raided. Their people are being arrested.

Ernesto eagerly asks if they found Alondra.

Don Carlos says there’s a helicopter coming to take them to the airport now.

But did they find Alondra?

Don Carlos just shakes his head.

Richie and Patrick get a call over the radio–they’ve got the girls. They start celebrating.

They don’t, however, have Alondra, Paula, Pastrana, and some random guy. They all go back to the room where Alondra was being held and Sofia says she’s going to take care of Alondra and her mother.

Sofia runs out to the back of the house and says she can’t find Alondra.

Joel thinks they have her inside and they’re going to try to use her as a hostage. He borrows a radio and asks Richard for an update.

Richie says they’re in the attic.

Joel and Sofia go running back inside.

Ernesto’s got his bugout briefcase and he’s ready to go. Julian begs him not to be a coward.

Well, the way Ernesto sees it, if he gets arrested they’re gonna kill him anyway, so this is his only option. Julian can come along if he wants.

“Are you serious? To where?! No!”

Well, Ernesto’s not going to stay and let them kill him. He’s had to carry around the guilt for al those girls he hurt. All their mothers should hate him until the day they die. And that feels pretty rotten. But what’s he gonna do? Stay here?

Julian reminds him they don’t know if Alondra’s OK.

Ernesto literally shrugs.

Julian begs him to turn himself in. Someone he loves taught him that he’s been selfish and he’s hurt people. He’s sure Ernesto still has some good left in him. He begs Ernesto to talk to the police and end it. Julian promises to stick by him.

Don Carlos says the helicopter has arrived.

Karina stands in the hallway, out of sight, as Julian begs his dad not to go.


Andres can’t understand what Carmen’s telling him about Steve sending Eliza a message.

He remembers when Steve first went missing and they checked his house and Max said he’d taken a job offer in Spain.

He asks Carmen to tell him again, slowly–Eliza got a text from Steve telling her to meet him at Max’s house?

Yep, that’s what she understood. She told her not to go, but Eliza’s stubborn.

Andres calls Max and tells him to go to his house and Andres will meet him there. He walks out without explaining anything to Carmen.

She sends up a prayer to San Judas Tadeo.

Eliza gets to the house, but no one answers the door. It’s not locked, so she comes in and starts calling out for Steve. I, um, kind of hope she doesn’t find him.

She walks out to the backyard, to the shed/laundry room/morgue.

There’s frozen food defrosting all over the floor and oh yeah, Steve’s in the freezer. Jennifer whacks Eliza with a pipe.

Not done yet

Richie tells Paula to give up already–they’re surrounded.

Pastrana pulls Alondra over to the window so he can threaten to kill her if they don’t leave.

Joel and Sofia come in and Joel puts a gun to Paula’s head. Sofia tells her to let Alondra go. There’s no way out.

Actually, Paula thinks this ends one of two ways–with Alondra dead or with Paula and her friends having drinks on the beach. Paula’s got nothing to lose. If Joel blows her brains out, Pastrana blows Alondra’s brains out and Sofia loses the daughter she just found.

She wants a helicopter to take her to the airport where she can catch a plane out of the country.

Joel tells her to let Alondra go.

No way. Gosh, is he still the same idiot he was ten years ago, who believed Sofia killed his sister? That was her and Pastrana actually. And they had fun doing it. She keeps taunting Joel to shoot.

Guy #3 from the van tells Richie there’s a sniper at the house across the street who thinks they’ve can get a clean shot.

Paula’s still telling Joel to shoot her before she gets bored. No one’s getting out alive.

Joel lets Paula go. Their random extra person comes over to hold his gun on Sofia and Paula demands that helicopter in ten minutes.

Or…you know…Monday.

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“But, Kat you left out, like, half the conversation! Yes, yes I did, for the sake of my sanity. I already feel like I need a decontamination shower from typing the above.”

Yeah. I’d RPC the hell out of that scene, too.


Thanks so much, Kat.

If I was in Sofia’s stilettos I would have been, “Nope. You’re giving me a dressy ponytail and a looser, shorter dress because I may have to kick som ass. Aand for the love of bob it’s MIAMI…Not velvet. Too hot.”

Carmen and her bat-I approve.

Ok. Steve’s phone. It’s really bothering me that we watched Jennifer destroying it multiple times and it just keeps coming back/ringing while frozen. I know from Jennifer it’s just delusions, but did I understand correctly that Eliza was hearing it ring?