Al Otro Lado del Muro Thursday 6/7/18 #76


Eliza thanks Joel for being with Sofia and loving her.

Joel thanks Eliza. He knows how important Sofia and her family are to Eliza and he wishes they had more time to just hang out and be friends…but they won’t be able to. She has to break all ties with Sofia and her family for her own safety. This might be the last time Eliza gets to see her.

Alondra asks Sofia what happens now.

She’s not sure. Alondra knows who her dad is now. She knows why Sofia came back, but there’s still a lot to tell her.

Alondra says they have all weekend.

Actually, they have a lifetime. She’s going to have to marry Ernesto. There’s too much at stake.

So she’s marrying him to protect those girls?

Sofia says it’s all part of a plan she and Joel have. Does Alondra remember Joel now?

She remembers he helped them cross and protected them from her dad’s people.

Sofia says he and others did. There’s a lot she can’t tell Alondra. And if Alondra wants the two of them to just run off, she’ll do it. Nothing’s more important than her.

Alondra says they have to go back. She’ll have to keep pretending to be stupid. She doesn’t want to abandon those girls. She wants to help Sofia and she’s not going to change her mind.

A week later

Alejandra’s at Ernesto’s house, dressed for the wedding. She’s going with a ’40s wave, ’20s headband, strapless dress. Ernesto can’t resist risking bad luck by taking a peek.

Julian and Alondra come down the hallway, ready to go. Julian’s going on ahead with Ernesto.

Alondra carefully tells Alejandra it’s all gonna be OK.

At the FBI office, Patrick’s kicking the vending machine and complaining about how late it is. Richie tells him to chill–he got the judge in San Antonio to sign search warrants for all the safe houses.

Except the one in Miami. Yes, he knows they need it and he guarantees Patrick they’ll have them all tomorrow.

They’re ready to go see who Big Man is.


Jennifer’s shivering in her room. A nurse comes in, talking on her cell phone. She’s here to take Jennifer’s vitals, but she forgot the blood pressure cuff in the last room.

As she walks out, Steve whispers “Make the call.”

Jennifer steals the phone and a syringe and tosses them under the folded blanket at the foot of her bed.

The nurse comes back and sits on them without noticing as she takes Jennifer’s blood pressure.


Karina hears Carmen’s end of a conversation with Raquel. Carmen says it sounds like they won the lottery. She sends her greetings to Santiago and the baby.

Karina asks what that was about.

Some weird internet thing involving a Nigerian prince that netted them $40K. That’s a fortune in Mexico.

The Nigerian prince wouldn’t happen to be named “Julian Martinez,” would he?

In the bakery, Eliza’s got the envelope with the divorce decree, but she’s afraid to open it. Once she does it’s over. She’s closed a circle and after that it’s a leap into the unknown.

Andres says they’ll do it together. He opens the envelope and pulls the paper part way out for her. Eliza pulls out the divorce decree and Andres says that didn’t hurt much, right? Like a mosquito bite or an injection.

Rod and Charlie come bouncing in with Tommy and Max trailing after them. Charlie’s cured!

Tommy explains his illness is in remission. Max adds that he’s got a lot more years to live. Eliza hugs Charlie happily.

The doctor said all of Charlie’s levels are normal and he’s not dying! Eliza says he has to take good care of himself now.

Eliza gives the boys permission to have cake. Tommy grabs one from the cooler and says they’ll eat it at the house and kill some aliens.

That leaves the adults behind to have an awkward conversation about the divorce coming through.

At the house, Karina is explaining to Carmen that she refused to help Julian clear his conscience and gave back the check. She thinks he’s doing this to impress her.

But he didn’t say anything. And look, Carmen also has a hard time believing that all of a sudden he’s Mother Teresa. He is Ernesto’s son, after all, hijo de tigre pintito. If Karina wants to know if he did it, she’s going to have to go ask him.

The boys and the cake come in and Tommy announces that Charlie’s cured. Carmen’s thrilled. Charlie gets smushed into a group hug.

Max says that’s enough of Eliza’s “tantrum.” What else does he have to do to show her he loves her. Hasn’t she seen the way his relationship with the kids has changed?

Eliza tells him to leave. He wants Andres to leave. Eliza says he stays and this argument is over. Andres says if he loves her so much, maybe he should respect her and do as she asks.

Fine, Max vows if she tells him to go she’ll never see him again.

Love Doctor Andres tells Max if he loves a woman he shouldn’t manipulate her.

Max tells Eliza he hopes she’s not sorry in a way that means the opposite.

Wedding time

Alo and Ale get into the limo.

Patrick and Richard are outside the church, watching from the van. It sounds like Big Man is coming to the wedding.

Ernesto complains to Don Carlos that he spent a fortune on security and getting rid of the press.

In the van, Patrick wonders if Big Man is a politician. Richie doesn’t know. He’s been very good at hiding his identity. By tomorrow they’ll know and finally close the case. He hopes Sofia’s sacrifice is worth it.

Don Carlos points out Big Man’s approaching limo and goes over with Ernesto make weird faces through the sunroof.

Ale’s limo has barely made it out of Ernesto’s gate when it gets blocked in by a couple of SUVs and people start shooting. Ale and Alo both get pulled out of the back of the limo.

Joel shows up and starts shooting back at the others.

They can hear the gunshots at the church and Big Man leaves without us getting much of a look at him.

Richie orders his guys to follow, but Patrick says not to.

Pastrana hauls Alondra into an SUV. Sofia’s on the ground. Joel calls Richie for backup–Richie was already on it.

Ernesto tries calling Alejandra, but Trejo calls to tell him the bride’s car was attacked. She and Alondra were kidnapped. It happened a few blocks away. He could have sworn he saw Pastrana.

Ernesto assumes Paula’s behind the kidnapping.

Julian comes over to ask what happened at the same time Don Carlos tells Ernesto he checked with the Secretary of the Exterior and Paula never made it to Sydney. Ernesto tries calling her.

Paula’s at some house on the water. Pastrana gives her the bad news–they only got the girl.

Julian asks again what happened. Ernesto says Paula kidnapped Alondra and Alejandra. Julian wants to call the cops, but Ernesto says Don Carlos is taking care of it and they can’t tell anyone.

But what are they supposed to do?

Nothing. Wait.

Next obstacle

Now that Eliza’s feeling calmer, Andres points out that Max said Jennifer’s no longer an obstacle. And Eliza still has time to change her mind. He wants her to be happy. She doesn’t have to do something just because he or Max says something. The answer is in her heart.

He’s off to pick some stuff up for the kids and take it to Tijuana. He’ll be back later.

Eliza’s cell phone rings. Because this day hasn’t been confusing enough, it’s Jen. She begs Eliza not to hang up and says she has to tell her something…no, not a threat…something about Rodrigo’s health. Max hid it. She wants Eliza to come visit her at St. Michael Mental Health Care Center.

She tosses the nurse’s cell phone on the bed just in time for the nurse to come back and assume she left it there.


The FBI/INTERPOL is set up at Joel’s apartment. They’re coordinating the raids on all the safe houses and looking for Alondra.

Alejandra’s on Joel’s couch. She hit her head when she either dove to avoid gunfire or fell. She needs rest.

Joel breaks it to her that they took Alondra.

At Ernesto’s there’s a similar setup in his living room. One of the guys at a computer hands Ernesto a phone. He’s to answer it if they call and keep the conversation going as long as possible, without provoking them.

Ernesto says he needs a drink. Don Carlos snaps at him that he needs to be in his cinco sentidos (five senses; be on alert). Ernesto’s phone starts ringing and the tech guy tells him they’ll give him a signal and he needs to keep her on the line.

Ernesto goes over to the living room so Paula can’t see the team behind him and answers the video call. She claims she’s in Sydney, but he knows she’s not. He wants to know where his wife and daughter are.

Paula says Alejandra never got to be his wife. Yes, they’re with her. And if he knew what was waiting for them….

Ernesto tells her to ask for anything she wants, but let them go.

Paula taunts him, saying she has what she needs. Alondra’s going to earn her a lot of money. And as for Alejandra, won’t it be sad for him to be a widower again?

One of Don Carlos’ team says Paula’s in New York.

Ernesto says he’ll give her anything down to his last cent.

Paula just wants to see him suffer.

Now it looks like she’s in Wichita.

Ernesto offers to trade his life for theirs, but Paula doesn’t think that’s fair. It’s time for her to have some fun.

Now she’s in Alaska. The tech guy who’s getting paid to have lines says she’s playing with them.

And sure enough, Paula’s got a guy on a laptop next to her.

If Ernesto wants to see them again, he needs to go to the warehouse. Alone.

She hangs up and asks her guy if he’s sure they can’t be traced.

Nah, they’ll be driving themselves crazy.

Pastrana calls and Paula says Ernesto thinks they have both Alejandra and Alondra. She needs him to find Alejandra.

At Joel’s, Sofia’s looking at the monitors and asking if they’ve got all the safe houses covered. There are supposed to be 20-30 girls at each one. They’re planning to take them all at once.

Sofia’s sure Paula took Alondra to sell her into sex slavery. It’s the same threat she made ten years ago. Can’t they go to all the houses now and look for Alondra.

Patrick tells her to calm down. If they go in early, they’ll ruin everything. They’re going tomorrow. She needs to stay calm and be strong.

Sofia’s had about enough of being strong. Joel tries to comfort her and remind her they’re trying to rescue all the girls. Sofia screams in frustration.

The FBI/INTERPOL are looking for Paula and Pastrana. They’re being considered fugitives and they’re armed and dangerous. Richie wants everyone searching all forms of transportation to hunt them down. I swear, Richie asks to speak to a guy named “Tommy.”

Joel is holding Sofia on the couch. He says he’s going to find Alondra if it’s the last thing he does.

Sofia corrects him, “We’re going to find her if it’s the last thing we do.”


Karina comes over to Ernesto’s and Julian quickly sneaks her upstairs.

She asks what’s wrong and Julian says “me duele la vida” (life hurts). He acts so cynical because if he really thinks about his life he wants to shoot himself.

All the women in his life have come to bad ends one way or another. His mom died when he was so young, he can barely remember her. Isn’t it horrible, not to be able to remember your own mother’s face?

Sofia was like a second mother to him and she abandoned him. He started thinking maybe life was playing a trick on him. It wasn’t bad enough to be an orphan once?

He still had Margarita…but now she’s gone too.

But Karina…Karina never abandoned him because he’s the one who screwed it up. Because he started to care about it and it scared him.

Karina says it’s not so bad. He still has Alondra.

Julian says she can’t tell anyone this–Alondra’s life depends on it–but she’s been kidnapped.

Julian thinks it has something to do with his dad’s shady businesses. Karina needs to get away from him–he doesn’t want anything bad happening to her. He’d die.

Karina pushes him gently down on the bed. (Really, kids? Sex? Now?)


Ernesto gets inside and hears Alondra calling for help…and then she does it again in exactly the same way.

Ernesto finds a speaker on the balcony and curses Paula, calling her a perra.

He goes back downstairs and hears Paula telling him to watch his tone of voice. The cards are in her favor. She has his women and she has him by the [bleeped].

Ernesto quickly says he’s sorry, she’s right…he just wants to know that they’re OK.

Later. Now she needs him to do some things for her.

First he needs to get on his knees…or else. She watches him on her laptop and notices he’s crying. He never cried for her! That’s just another thing he’s going to have to ask forgiveness for.

Ernesto does, but now she wants him to repeat after her: “Paula Duarte, I’m an idiot and I never should have let you go. I love you, Paula. You’re the love of my life. Alejandra’s just a pelusa in comparison. Sofia’s no one. Neither of them can compare to you.”

Ernesto even throws in a spontaneous “You’re the only one, Paulita.”

She always wanted to hear him say that, but…now that she hears it, she doesn’t care. She hangs up on him.

The FBI have decided Paula’s in Miami, site of the infamous auction. Joel checks online for a notice about the auction and says it’s happening tomorrow.


Carmen’s having a talk with Tommy about Frida. He complains that nobody put a gun to her head.

Uh, huh, but they put a gun to his head?

“It’s different.”

Oh, Carmen knows. Very different. Because Frida’s a woman and you can’t forgive them anything. If they get raped, “she must have been dressed provocatively,” if they get hit “lo merecen por dejadas” (they deserve it for letting it happen). If they go out looking for sex, which everyone does, only the women get called “golfas.”

Tommy complains that he’s not a macho.

Oh, yes he is, because he doesn’t want to listen to this truth that’s as old as the world. Guys don’t have women always chasing after them, trying to grope them, trying to have sex with them. When was the last time a guy got fired for not being friendly enough to his (female) boss? But for women, that’s el pan de todos los mendigos dias (the daily bread; shit we put up with every day).

“You don’t understaaaaaaand.”

Oh, she understands better than he does. His male pride isn’t letting him see past his own nose.

“I can’t stop thinking about her with those men.”

Then he needs to curb those dirty thoughts. He needs to think about her face. He knows her. He’s looked in her eyes. He knows who she is. He needs to think about her swallowing her shame and fear and telling everyone what happened. Because she would rather lose everything than let them keep using her. She could probably use a hug right now. If he loves her he needs to quit behaving like an ass. Because he’s not the victim in this story–she is.


Eliza arrives to visit Jen and gets right to the point–what does Jen have to say about her son?

Nothing. She lied. She wanted to apologize to Eliza and ask her to take care of Charlie and Max.

The doctors say she’s having psychotic breaks and schizophrenic hallucinations. So she’s going to be here a while. She’s a danger to Charlie and Max so she decided to check herself in.

Eliza’s crying.

Jen asks her to take care of Charlie and Max for her. She’ll be a great mom…she already is a mom…and Max has always been in love with her. They’ll make a great family. Charlie will be with his siblings.

Eliza doesn’t know if anyone told her, but Charlie’s illness is in remission.

Jennifer sobs in relief and thanks God…and Eliza and Rodrigo. She retrieves the syringe as she leans forward to hug Eliza. She says she’s not holding a grudge, she’s just grateful that Eliza’s a great woman and a great mother. She stares at the needle behind Eliza’s back.

Like yesterday, we get a different song with the closing credits. Tonight it’s Für Elise. Oh yeah, I laughed.

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Thanks so much!

Joel and Alejandra’s “last thing we do” talk makes me nervous.

I ditto your “Really kids? Sex now?” comment. Writer fail.

Carmen is the best!

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I have a crush on Joel! He can’t die!


Lol. He’s not my favorite, but I don’t want him to die either 🙂