El Gran Final de Al Otro Lado del Muro Monday 6/11/18 #78


Jennifer’s pissed that Steve’s not reanimating himself and getting out of the freezer when she brought Eliza here just for him. She did everything he asked…she didn’t turn her in or deport her or anything.

She keeps begging Steve to help her and saying she’s cold. Eliza wakes up and wisely keeps quiet.

While Jennifer’s arguing with Steve, she makes her way quietly out the laundry room door. But the abominable snow-Jennifer notices in time to chase her back to the house, stopping to pick up her trusty murder stick along the way.

In a panic, Eliza tells Jennifer that Max loves her and she needs to call him. He wants to apologize and get back together with her. Jennifer remembers hot times with Max.

Eliza tells Jennifer that she’s dead, so Jen’s going to have to take care of Max and all the kids. Jen just needs to call Max. Isn’t that what she wants? The family together like she dreamed and happy forever? Jennifer remembers Rod’s first sleepover.

All she has to do is call Max and Eliza and Steve will leave her alone. The noise will stop, the cold will stop. When Jen comes back, Eliza will be gone.

Jennifer starts to walk back into the house, but she remembers dead!Steve complaining that Eliza’s been taking advantage of them. She tackles Eliza into the pool and tries to drown her. Eliza stops struggling.

Max and Andres come running into the house, looking for Eliza. The go out the back, jump into the pool, and Max pulls Eliza out while Andres struggles with Jennifer and her waterlogged sweater.

Jennifer keeps yelling at Max to leave Eliza alone and let her die.

Operation Rescue Alondra

Paula’s upset that it’s been 10 minutes and the helicopter’s not here yet. (Aw, Paula, we all know if you’d been in charge of that it would have been there in 9.)

The sniper finally gets a clear shot at the random guy who came in with Paula and Pastrana. They’re so surprised to hear him drop that Alondra gets to head-butt Pastrana and get out of his grip.

Joel takes Pastrana down, Sofia threatens to shoot Paula, and the gun Joel and Pastrana were fighting over goes off.

Richie sends everyone in.

While Sofia and Alondra are trying to check on Joel and Pastrana, Paula makes a run for it. She’s barely out of the room when the cops stop her.

Sofia walks out of the house with Alondra, who swears she’s really OK. It was bad, but…she can’t help thinking about how many girls suffered thanks to her dad and Paula. “Thanks for saving me, mom.”

They get to watch Paula get marched out in cuffs and Sofia asks the two FBI agents to stop so she can gloat. She spent years in prison for a crime she didn’t commit and all she could think was that Paula should be there instead of her. And now she gets to be free and Paula’s the one who’s going to spend the rest of her life in jail. Gosh, Sofia would like to say she feels sorry for her, but she’s actually happy.

Now our trio of law enforcement hotties walk out of the mansion. Richie’s like, totally stoked, ’cause they rescued 304 girls in 10 locations and didn’t lose a single one!

Alondra’s appalled at the number. Sofia wants her not to think about it, but she can’t help it. Did they at least arrest her dad?

Richie says it’s almost impossible because of his diplomatic immunity, but they’re going to get him.


The cops roll up Ernesto’s drive and make their way into the house. (I’m thinking it’s lucky that all these extras have their faces mostly covered. But come on, somebody should take responsibility for spending time to show them how to look legit instead of saying “Eh, it’s just a small scene, nobody will notice.”)

Ernesto’s already gone and it’s just Julian and Karina in the living room.


Carmen has fixed breakfast for the bros. Charlie and Rod know something’s up and she’s not telling them what’s really going on. Carmen’s in the middle of their interrogation when Andres calls Tommy’s cell.

The cops take Jennifer away while Andres gripes at the cop that he needs to take her to a psychiatric institution. The guy’s like “That’s for the psychiatrist to decide.” And I’m like “She broke OUT of an inpatient facility. Can’t you just…return her?”

He asks what Andres can tell him about the victims. Starting with the guy in the freezer–how long has he been there? And does Andres know if his wife….

Andres interrupts to explain that Eliza’s not his wife, she’s his fiancée and the ex-wife of the guy whose house this is.

So Andres and Eliza are a couple and her ex-husband found the two of them in the pool? (Draw this guy a diagram already.)

Max is trying to clean up a wound on Eliza’s head. She wants to get out of here so bad! Seeing dead!Steve was too much for her.

Max is quick to blame it all on Jennifer. She did tell him Steve was in the freezer, but he just thought Jen was hallucinating.

Eliza’s upset thinking about what Max and Charlie have lived through. Max jumps on it saying she should understand now why he did all the weenie things he did, because he was afraid Jennifer would hurt them.

Andres listens as Max says he’s been wanting to leave her, but he couldn’t leave poor sick Charlie with a “crazy” woman like that. If he’d know it would come to this, he would have had her hospitalized sooner.

Yeah, Eliza knows.

Now that Jennifer can’t hurt them anymore and Charlie’s going to live thanks to Rodrigo…maybe life is giving them a second chance. He begs her to let him show how much he loves her and get their family back. She shouldn’t go through with marrying Andres. She might regret it the rest of her life. Max says she’s the love of his life and he’s the love of hers. They can’t let a “crazy” woman ruin their relationship.

Andres is about to sneak off when the cop comes looking for Max.

Eliza starts to tell him something, but Andres thinks he already knows what she’s going to say and says she has to be free to make a decision.

Eliza, I love you. Maybe this love isn’t a great or glorious one, and I don’t know if it’s eternal, but it’s a love built of little things: bread, flour, sugar, nails, hammers, lots of work, birthdays, times with family…things that make life happier. I don’t promise you eternal happiness, but I can promise you time. Good times, bad ones–hopefully more good ones than bad ones. The most important thing is that you have this–the deep love I feel for you. It’s yours if you want it.

Eliza thanks him and he walks out.

Then she thinks about Max while I try to find the song that’s playing over these memories, but I’m having no luck.

Then she thinks about Andres. And I search some more and still can’t find it.

A week later

Tommy got Julian a job at the construction site. Which is good for Julian since his dad’s a fugitive and they seized all his assets.

Maybe not so good for Tommy, who tries to explain that they’ll be building a castillo–I think that’s supposed to be castillejo for frame–and Julian pretends he understands and then asks if their castle will be medieval, baroque, or renaissance. Tommy starts explaining again.


We’re all dressed up for something. “Whose bright idea was it that when a man gets dressed up he has to put a noose around his neck?!” Rodrigo complains. Carmen threatens to strangle him herself if he takes that tie off. He’s gotta look good for his mom’s wedding. Carmen babbles about how she got her hair done and her makeup….

Rod gives Tommy a thick notebook to write down all his wishes for the next 100 years. Because even when they’re old, Rod’s still going to be kicking his butt at video games. Rod already knows what the first one will be–kissing a girl!

Carmen overhears and scolds them both. LOTS of girls! For the both of them. To kiss and hug so they’ll be really happy.

Karina’s helping Eliza get ready, but so far it looks like she’s wearing a bathrobe to her wedding. Karina teases her about how it feels to be finally getting married.

Alondra comes in and mocks Karina saying it’s the happiest day of her life! It’s what she’s always wished for! Isn’t that what every bride says? (No. Some of us get nervous and do stand up.)

Eliza says she’s happy to be getting married when she’s in love. Karina and Alondra are happy for her too. Eliza’s biggest happiness is having the family back together, especially Alondra.

Karina agrees–she doesn’t know what would have happened if they hadn’t rescued Alondra.

Alondra knows the answer to that–she’d be in a brothel like so many other girls and women who have been kidnapped and exploited. It’s going to take her a while to get past this.

But she’s here because she has good news–a letter from Sofia. She would have liked to be here, but she sent this.


My dear friend. I wish with all my heart I could be with you on the day of your wedding. Even if I can’t be there physically, know that my friendship and gratitude and the great affection I’ve always had for you are there with you.

We’ve both been on a difficult path, but we’ve finally made it to safe harbor. I had to stay in Miami to close this cycle, making sure all the people who caused us so much pain can’t ever hurt other girls…or other mothers, like they did to us. I know Alondra is and will always be like another daughter to you.

Enjoy your wedding and I’ll see you tomorrow in Miami. Alondra has the plane tickets and reservations at a hotel for your honeymoon. Please accept this as my wedding gift.

I love you,
Your friend and sister, Sofia


In Miami, Joel joins Sofia on the beach with a DOJ folder. Her name has been cleared. She can’t believe it.

FBI Office

Richie gets an award for his work taking down the child trafficking ring.

Richie thanks all the agents who made it possible. And now he’s going to speak in Spanish in honor of a special woman.

Sofia is finally cleared of all charges in the United States. She’s free. He asks for a round of applause.


Paula’s sharing a cell with a woman who had her daughter kidnapped and sold. She plans to beat Paula to death, so she’ll understand how it feels to be a mother.


She’s still in an inpatient facility. With more security. Being haunted by Für Elise.


He’s somewhere in the Caribbean where he has access to his offshore accounts.

A waiter brings him a beer in a pilsner glass and stares until he gets Ernesto’s attention.

It’s Patrick. And here’s here to arrest him. Heh!


Karina and Alondra ask Julian how the new job’s going. He says today he found out what a “castillo” is to a carpenter. He’s thinking this “work” thing is going to be easy.

Alo and Karina laugh at him. Alo says with daddy on the run, they don’t have a choice, they’ve gotta get to work.

A girl walking by gets Alo and Julian’s attention. Karina smacks them both for being disrespectful of the fact that she’s sitting right there!

Charlie’s also checking out a girl while Rodrigo adds an entry to the list–try the esquite (grilled corn) from the guy who lives near Carmen’s house. Rodrigo notices Charlie looking and says that’s item #1.

Tommy still hasn’t talked to Frida. He doesn’t want to get rejected. Carmen didn’t figure her grandson for someone stupid enough to let the queen of social media, the heroine of modern feminism, get away.

So she’s got a surprise for him…Frida’s here. Hey she’s a vieja chismosa who apparently knows how to use the internet. She tells the kids to stay in the shade.

Frida says she saw him at the karaoke bar and…Tommy kisses her. Tommy asks her to forgive him and she kisses him.

Someone calls out “The groom’s here!”

Tommy and Karina walk Eliza down the aisle. I’d say they hand her off to Andres, but it’s more like they bring Andres over.

Andres promises to keep loving Eliza like he’s loved her all this time. The love he dreamed of every night. The love made up of little things like sugar and bread. He loves her with all his heart.

Eliza loves him too, with that love of little things that makes big, strong loves. The love that illuminates them and makes them grow because it’s planted in the earth. A love that’s been growing in her since before she realized it.

Rodrigo holds up his cell phone so Santiago and Raquel and María can watch the wedding from Mexico.

She didn’t see it until it surprised her all at once and screamed at her when she looked into Andres’ eyes that THIS is the love of her life.

Rod’s ready for them to move on to the kissing part. Everyone erupts into applause and laughter when they do.


Sofia figures Eliza must be getting married about now. Joel offers to find a judge and do the same. Sofia’s like “Sorry, no, you haven’t earned it yet.”

Then what would she like to do?

Sounds like they’re going to Netflix and chill at the hotel. With room service.

Sofia worries they’ll be tired when they have to go back to work on Monday.

Sofia and Joel kiss on the beach, but she looks over his shoulder and sees a man approaching a little girl. As she walks off to confront him, Joel sighs and kisses his afternoon off goodbye.


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Thank YOU for all the recaps! This was a very satisfying Fin for me. Things were wrapped up and baddies got what they deserved. Even better, they didn’t leave us with one of those “will there be a second season?” kind of endings. It had some flaws, but for the most part this was entertaining and thre weren’t any stories that I found boring or extraneous (I’m looking at you, PATM.) For most of this story, I don’t think I cared if Eliza ended up with anyone or not. Well, I did NOT want her with Max. For me, they… Read more »

Linda F.
Linda F.

Oh, one other thing: did don Carlos get away? I assume the helicopter allowed him to escape capture.