La Bella y Las Bestias: Characters

La Bella y Las Bestias premiered tonight on Univision. Here’s your list of who’s who:

In order of appearance
  • Isabela, “Bela” León
    • decent shot, competes in martial arts
    • goes to the same college as Emi, but they don’t hang
  • Enrique León
    • Isabela’s dad
    • Armando’s nemesis
  • Armando Quintero
    • moves a lot of (illicitly gained) cash
    • expects obedience
    • orders Enrique’s entire family killed at the urging of Castor
  • Juan Pablo, “JP”
    • wants no part of his dad’s business
    • studying economics?
  • Gloria
    • Armando’s wife, JP’s mom
    • starts drinking early
  • Emilia, Emi, “Mimita”
    • JP’s sister
    • spoiled rich girl
  • Pilar
    • Emi’s friend
  • Maria
    • Isabela’s friend
    • Lichita’s daughter
    • pregnant (her ex is the father)
    • wears a medal of the Virgen
  • Louise
    • Isabela’s mom
    • killed by Castor in the mall parking garage
  • Emanuel
    • Isabela’s godfather
    • Enrique’s friend
    • spy for Armando
    • works for INTERPOL
  • Alicia, “Lichita”
    • housekeeper for the Leóns
    • Maria’s mom
  • Castor
    • the shorter of Armando’s henches
  • Norman
    • the taller of Armando’s henches
  • Las Bestias
    • the guy who played Chamoy on QeQ
    • woman in pearls
    • Aylin Mujica
    • three other guys
    • Armando
    • Emanuel
  • Rodrigo
    • Maria’s dad

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Thanks, Kat!

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stealth cacophony

Thanks, just this alone answered most of the questions I had from the first epi