Corazón Que Miente: Characters, part 2

Just when you’d gotten the hang of who’s who, we start all over again an unspecified number of years later…

in order of appearance
  • Mariela (Thelma Madrigal)
    • finishing a degree in general medicine with the highest average in her class
    • has a crush on Leonardo
  • Cristian
    • friend of Mariela’s, fashion plate
  • Mariana
    • friend of Mariela’s
  • Leonardo
    • Mariela’s guardian
    • still an artist
  • Rafaela
    • Demián’s wife
  • Renata (Dulce Maria)
    • Demián’s mom’s second cousin’s son Francisco’s daughter
    • moving into Demián’s house
  • Lety
    • working in Demián’s house
    • Demián and Rodrigo behave inappropriately toward her
    • has a crush on Santiago
  • Rodrigo
    • Demián’s main hench
  • Amalia
    • Demián’s housekeeper
    • wears a much lighter uniform now
  • Santiago
    • Demián’s younger son
    • guy in a yellow sweater
    • works for his dad
    • still has too much decency to be Demián’s son
    • a numbers guy
  • Alonso (Pablo Lyle)
    • Demián’s older son
    • at university
  • Florencia
    • Eduardo and Carla’s daughter
    • in love with Santiago
  • Lisandro
    • Eduardo and Carla’s son
    • lawyer, not by choice–would rather be in PR
    • known for having excellent fashion sense
  • Carla
    • still married to Eduardo
    • pushing her daughter to marry Santiago
  • Eduardo
    • lawyer
    • finally got that notaría he wanted
    • part of his job is collecting on debts for Demián
  • Carmen
    • Mariela’s other guardian
    • alive and kicking and not following her diet
    • lies to Mariela about it
  • Padre Daniel
    • Demián’s brother
    • still priestly
    • avoiding his brother
  • Denise
    • Leonardo’s agent
    • also his girlfriend?
  • Marcia
    • Demián’s administrative assistant
  • Cirila
    • Carmen’s assistant
  • Julio
    • the church handyman
  • Elena
    • Julio’s mom, Rogelio’s partner
  • Céfiro Hidalgo
    • Carmen’s friend
    • a lawyer

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2 years ago

Thanks so much! Especially for the explanation of Renata’s “relationship. How that became “sobrina” is a mystery.

2 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

Or in Demián’s mind “fair game.” Barf.

2 years ago

Thanks for the clarification. It does help remove some of the “ick” factor. My guess is that he is “uncle” then as a matter of convention showing deference to his age and position.