El Gran Estreno de La Bella Y Las Bestias Tuesday 6/12/18 #1

A lot of the action in the first episode is also covered in the character list.

  • Armando sends JP to get Emi out of jail. JP takes his time.
  • Bela wins her martial arts tournament.
  • Despite having advance warning, Enrique and his team manage to seize $12M of Armando’s cash. Armando himself gets away.
  • Bela’s dad has a secret “bunker” under the house with his own personal files about Armando and his partners. He gives Bela the combination to the safe, where he’s left a gun for her to use IF she needs it.
  • Maria tells Bela she’s pregnant. Her mom doesn’t know yet.
  • Armando meets with his six business partners and Emanuel (his spy in Enrique’s camp) to discuss how to handle their loss. They vote to kill Enrique. From the security room, JP records the meeting on his cell phone.
  • Bela defends Emi from their schoolmates’ teasing when the video of Emi’s drunk driving arrest goes viral. Emi doesn’t appreciate it.
  • JP attempts to call and warn Enrique about the attempt on his life, but Emanuel takes the call and Castor and Norman overhear him. Armando has JP brought to the casino and locked in the safe.
  • Castor talks Armando into killing Enrique’s entire family.
  • At a shopping center, Castor and Norman grab Enrique and Maria. They leave Louise in the parking garage with her throat cut. Bela, who had gone back to a store to get her mother’s credit card, finds her.

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