La Bella Y Las Bestias Friday 6/15/18 #4

Back at the ranch….

  • Emanuel shoots at JP on the road leading away from the ranch, but JP hides in the brush.
  • JP goes back to the ranch and finds Victor and his dad’s bodies. He calls to tell his mom Armando’s dead.
  • Ricardo still doesn’t think there’s enough evidence to accuse Armando and his partners. They’ll have an army of lawyers. He’s sorry to say, but yes, the law treats people differently depending on their resources.
  • Rodrigo and Licha try to convince Bela to leave the country like Emanuel’s been suggesting.
  • Emi’s really not taking her father’s death well. At all.
  • Ricardo tells Bela it looks like Maria will be released soon, Armando’s dead, and he thinks she should leave the country because if Armando’s own guys would kill him, what would they do to her?
  • Bela crashes Armando’s funeral. She never showed Ricardo the video–she wants to know the names of all the creeps in the video first. JP can’t help, the only one he recognizes is the one who’s a senator.
  • Bela can’t get Emanuel to help her with names either, so she goes into research mode.
    • Armando’s dead
    • Castor and Norman are on the wall already
    • Cristina Ricci (the brunette) (No, I’m serious.)
    • Maria Estela Gonzalez (Aylin)
    • Horacio Hernandez
    • Abelardo Zea (ex-Chamoy)
    • Ignacio Vega
    • Antonio José Ramos
    • And the back of Emanuel’s head
  • Emanuel wants Castor and Norman, now in Sinaloa, to kill Maria, but they tell him she’s pregnant.
  • Bela crashes Armando’s graveside er…mausoleum-side? service looking for the back of Emanuel’s head and convinces JP to leave with her.
  • JP takes Bela to the casino and shows her the fancy meeting room. As far as he’s concerned, Castor and Norman are the ones responsible for killing Bela’s parents and Armando, plus shooting at him.
  • Emanuel watches Bela and JP walking down the sidewalk and arguing about the best way to resolve things–Bela’s voting vigilante justice. Emanuel blows up a cheese vendor’s truck near them. (Dude. That’s cold.)
  • Bela wakes up in the hospital with a broken leg. Emanuel calls it an attempt on her life and tells her JP also survived. And also she’s in Los Angeles.
  • JP’s still in Mexico, getting treatment for burns on his back.
  • Emanuel’s desperate to know what Bela and JP talked about, but she doesn’t trust him enough to tell him the truth. She does trust him enough to tell him Maria’s pregnant. And no one knows. And no one knows who the father is.
  • “The gringos” have apparently decided Bela needs to go into foster care so they can protect her until she’s legally an adult.
  • Bela finds a boxing gym, but gets kicked out. It gets the attention of the only girl training in the gym, who comes by to stab Bela’s mattress later.
  • Emanuel has Castor take him to Maria’s room and pretend he’s another prisoner. It’s totally his baby. The creep.
  • Emanuel keeps ordering Castor and Norman not to kill Bela, but Castor keeps insisting on doing it anyway.
  • JP wants to get rid of Armando’s share of the casino. Emi’s completely against it. Gloria doesn’t want to do it either, until JP points out it was probably Armando’s partners who had him killed.
  • Bela’s ruining her eyesight, looking at the video on JP’s phone over and over, but she doesn’t seem to be getting any new information out of it.

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