La Bella Y Las Bestias Monday 6/18/18 #5

Before the time jump…

  • María has already figured out that Castor and Norman want her dead. Now Castor’s all squeamish about killing a pregnant woman ’cause it’s “bad luck.” For now, Emanuel wants her fed.
  • Bela’s not fitting in very well. It seems like Stabby Girl might end up being her BFF. Bela beats the crap out of a guy who stole Stabby Girl’s juice box.
  • JP visits Ricardo’s office and realizes Bela didn’t show him the video. He stops to take a picture of a poster for the police academy on the side of the building.
  • Stabby Girl’s name is Penélope. Now that they’re buds, she tells Bela that Mike, the owner of the gym, was in the army and his girlfriend was killed by the Taliban. Supposedly he snuck out and got revenge.
  • Emanuel pretends he still doesn’t know where Maria is, but he wants her parents’ permission for a rescue attempt because…you know…something might happen. Alicia’s a definite “no” on that.
  • Armando’s partners have the right to make the first offer to purchase Armando’s share of the casino, and the house. Which sounds great to JP, but Gloria says the offer amount is inside the suitcase. It’s $1.
  • Emilia’s dealing with her grief by getting drunk and dancing on the bar at some antro. JP carries her out and takes her home.
  • JP tells his mom he’s going to become a Fed.
  • Penélope and Bela are sneaking into Mike’s gym when some amateur hit man corners them on the stairs and says he’s there to kill Bela. They end up kicking the guy’s ass down the stairs, where Mike holds him until he confesses to Bela that Ernesto Acosta, aka El Castor, sent him. Then they drag him inside and waterboard him until he admits El Castor’s his dad. Bela says she’s going to kill everyone responsible for her father’s death. She leaves Junior alive to deliver the message.
  • Junior shows up at the ranch and complains that his daddy said Isabela was just a little girl. He barely made it out alive! He hands over a note from Bela saying Castor’s got two strikes against him now and he’s going to be the first of eight to die.
  • JP interrupts a meeting between Ricardo and María’s parents to hand over his paperwork and tell Ricardo he wants into the academy. And if Ricardo won’t let him, he’ll go tell the press.
  • Bela shows the video to Mike and Penélope. Mike’s not entirely convinced Bela intends to kill those people. They are eight of the most dangerous people in Mexico, after all. Bela hadn’t thought about what she’d do if she got caught and sent to prison. Mike says she needs a plan, a team…but he’s with her on the revenge thing. Bela smothers his hat with kisses and high fives Penélope.
  • Horacio, from the video, is trying to buy Armando’s house. JP turns him down, but Emilia breezes in and says she’s taking over her dad’s business.
  • Emanuel gives María a tiny taste of freedom before he shoves her into his truck.

Years pass…

  • The foster facility guys know not to mess with Bela. The gym guys treat her like one of them. Mike has a couple of fighters sneak up on Bela in the gym to see how she handles it. He doesn’t think she’s ready yet.
  • Penélope has decided she wants to go to México. Bela and Mike are the only family she has. She wants Bela’s help with something.
  • JP’s graduates and gets his badge. Ricardo doesn’t like him any more than he did before. JP’s two pals Simón and The Guy Who Has A Crush On Emi, are also graduating today. JP seems to have a girlfriend.
  • Emilia’s at an antro trying to sell some customers on her “supernice” pink cocaine. I don’t even want to know if that’s really a thing. She describes it as all the perks of cocaine and none of the nasty side effects or withdrawal.
  • The club partners are celebrating that Emanuel got a recent promotion. As Abelardo prattles on about him having a squeaky-clean record, we get flashbacks of Emanuel loading the back of his car with shovels and cal (calcium oxide, lime), digging a grave, and dumping María’s body in (or at least I’m guessing it’s hers). Everyone applauds Emanuel’s promotion to director of INTERPOL Mexico.
  • Castor and Norman are running the casino, but Castor is taking advantage of his position to sexually harass employees and customers.
  • Bela’s back in Mexico. She fantasizes about telling the guy at customs that she’s here to avenge her parents’ murders. What she actually tells him is that she’s finished her degree and has come back to apply what she’s learned. She saunters out of the airport, flanked by Mike and Penélope.

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