La Bella Y Las Bestias Tuesday 6/19/18 #6

Gloria got JP a hidden microphone in a bullet as his graduation present. He’s also hoping she gets sober now, like she said she’d do “after graduation.” Emi seems genuinely happy about JP’s graduation. So, um, JP and Gloria think she’s going to the university instead of running her tiny drug empire.

Bela brings the team to her old house and gives them the nostalgia tour. “They shot my dad from here. He died down there.” Tomorrow she and Pen are going to Pueblo and Mike’s going to start looking for a place to set up a gym. How is Mike still a reluctant hugger after years of hanging around with those two?

JP’s got a murder board. I wonder if he knows anything Bela doesn’t.

Bela heads for the bunker, alone. Everything’s right where she left it.

On the way to Puebla, Bela’s talking about getting their own justice if the law won’t help. Pen tells Bela her stepfather abused her. One day she stopped waiting for her mom to come home and made a run for it. Her mom never knew about the abuse. She never came home and she got killed later during a mugging. Pen’s going to make Pedro pay.

JP wants to go after Castor and Norman for sexual assault. Richard’s suspicious that he’s doing this for personal reasons. Besides, he has another assignment on his desk. He got stacks of cold cases from the ’60s. His buddies tease him–did he think Ricardo would give him a good case right off?

Pedro’s still alive, beating his girlfriend? wife? Lupe. Bela pays them a visit disguised as a churchmouse. She falters when she looks past him and sees Lupe comforting a little girl. Pen’s ready to break the cycle. Bela insists they shouldn’t leave the girl an orphan. (Meaning?)

Castor’s being pushed out. Norman gets to be in on an important meeting with Emanuel. In the pool. Now that Emanuel’s head of INTERPOL in Mexico he’s going to let the rest of the partners get away with everything, but he’s not going to help them. He needs out of the club-within-a-club.

Penélope dresses up like a hippie selling beaded necklaces. She gets Pedro’s attention. Lupe sees Undercover!Bela reading her bible and stops to chat. Pedro’s got cop friends, so it’s no good trying to press charges. Lupe hints that she’s noticed Pedro noticing her (not Pedro’s) daughter.

JP’s still angsting behind his pile of paperwork. Castor pays women for sex and then forces them if they’re unwilling. Somebody’s gotta put a stop to him, right? Felipe (the artist formerly known as The Guy With A Crush On Emi) thinks Ricardo might be right about JP going after Castor for personal reasons. JP’s computer beeps–he’s got an email saying Bela’s back in town.

Mike found a place to set up the gym, with office space on the upper floor.

JP goes to Bela’s house. Like, are you kidding me with this?! Dude! She doesn’t answer the door. Or her phone.

Penélope keeps playing along while Pedro flirts (I hate to even use that word) and talks about being on his third wife and never having kids and liking girls more than boys. She keeps the disgust off her face while he’s watching, but breaks down sobbing when he’s gone, wiping off her cheek where he kissed her goodbye.

Emi checks in with the clients she gave samples to last night and they’re all ready to buy this time around. For 500 a bag.

JP and Castor trash talk at the casino. JP jokes about being a corrupt cop just like all the rest of them and being able to shoot Castor. But instead, he’ll give him the bullet for safekeeping. (You know…The Bullet.)

JP tells the guys about the mic he planted on Castor. He gets a signal and starts listening to Castor making a business deal for a ton of something and asking for a different name because “pink cocaine” sounds too girly to him.

JP hangs out with his girlfriend and asks if she’s heard of pink cocaine. She mentions they’re walking by the place where the explosion happened and he brushes that off, but then he turns around like something got his attention. Anyway…dessert? “I’m on a diet.” (*seethe*)

Penélope’s still freaking out, but she tells Bela she’s ready. Revenge!Bela finds Pedro peeing in some old ruined building and gives him a chance to repent before she starts beating him. In an upper floor of a building, Penélope takes over. She gives him way more of an explanation than he deserves before tying a rope around his neck and putting a rickety chair he can barely reach under his feet.

Outside the church, Bela and Penélope give Lupe a pep talk about not letting a man lay his hands on her or her daughter again. They rush to the church door when the bell starts tolling, just in time to see the chair crash to the ground and Pedro’s body start swinging. They make a run for it.

Alicia’s still looking for María. Alicia tries to convince Emanuel to use his new position to keep searching for her, but Emanuel insists she’s dead. For Alicia, María won’t be dead until she sees a body. (So I guess the flashback is meant to confirm that it’s María’s body in that grave Emanuel dug.)

Bela visits her parents’ graves and swears revenge. JP comes up on her a little too quietly and nearly gets stabbed for it. They sing a few verses of “Wow, you’ve sure changed!” Emanuel’s been keeping Bela up to date on JP, but JP hasn’t heard anything about her since the explosion. She doesn’t have a boyfriend…but he has a girlfriend.

Emi’s selling for Castor. I’m suddenly very disappointed in her. He tells her they’ve got a big shipment coming in. No prob–the rich kids love this stuff. Castor can’t understand how she’s still got an in with the rich kids. Emi says a girl like her never stops being a rich girl.

Bela and JP talk scars. He asks about the video….

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