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Last week

We posted mini-caps for La Bella Y Las Bestias.

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La Bella Y Las Bestias,

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What’s happening this week

The World Cup continues. We have a World Cup 2018 thread on the forums that’s a very general catch-all of World-Cup-related stuff.

Tonight (Saturday) Telemundo airs an episode of El César at 10pm/9c.

Monday, Galavision airs Soy Luna starting with Season, so if you missed it the first time around, now’s your chance to get in on all the teen lovin’ roller skatin’ Argentinian accented fun.

Next week: More World Cup fútbol.

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The article “Academy Invites Record 928 New Members” at The Hollywood Reporter lists the new members. A couple novela favorites with also a film presence were included: Diana Bracho and Jaime Camil. There could be more and I just didn’t recognize/notice the names in my cursory read. Gina Rodríguez also has been included. It looks like increasing diversity remains a major goal.

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Another interesting article in today’s “Daily Mail”: “Adios French! Spanish will become the most widely-taught foreign language in Britain within a decade”.

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“La Jefa del Campeon” starts on the 10th of July on UniMas!

Visita/ Guest

And this caught me by surprise, El Vuelo de la Victoria is replacing Simplemente Maria. That makes sense since EVDLV eventually reopened the 4:15/4:30 PM timeslot in Mexico.

I’m left to assume Sin tu Mirada will be replacing EVDLV in November.

I enjoyed ripping on this show during it’s original run and would LOVE to have a watch party in regards to it with you guys.