La Mujer del Vendaval #110

(Some scenes may be out of order, my notes got mixed up and I was too lazy/busy/tired/whatever to watch it over again)

Marcela is going blind faster then anyone realized, if it keeps getting worse at this rate, she won’t be able to see anything in a few years.

Marcela panics and begs Emiliano to do something so she won’t be blind. Before she’d gotten used to the idea but now she’s in love and she’s got plans.

Emil’s got plans too, there are vitamines she can take that will help strengthen her eyes and he’s gonna consult some specialists. They’re gonna beat this together, the first thing is though, she’s got to stop upsetting herself like this and take it easy.

In the waiting room Val clears Emiliano’s schedule, all those other patients will have to come back another day.

Marcela begs Emiliano not to tell Ale how bad her situation is, Emil thinks they really should tell him so he takes better care of her than he did on their honeymoon, but Marcela insists so Emiliano goes along with it. He’ll start contacting his colleague who’s an expert in this disease.

Whoops! Look at the time, Emiliano has missed his next appointments and Marcela has probably missed the vet.

Val comes in and tells Emil not to worry the ppl waiting rescheduled for tomorrow and he can go help Marcela vaccinate her livestock.


Oct meets with Luc who questions her right to hire an assistant for Mauro without going through HR. He doesn’t need her to have ideas, or thoughts this is his hotel. (I hate people like that) Oct says she decided Mauro needed an assistant urgently, and Lencho needed to get out of San BP because (y’all ready for this) Lencho and Mauro are lovers!

Luc can’t believe it, he always though Oct and Mauro were… well you know. In any case he doesn’t approve of hiring Lencho. His hotel is not in the business of making people happy. (I believe you have a winning ad slogan right there, Luciano)

Oct won’t talk to Luc when he’s so upset, she doesn’t know what his problem is, if he’s homophobic or what but she won’t talk to him till he calms down and can be rational (Nice to see a woman doing this to a man for a change, its usually the other way around, the man telling the woman she’s hysterical)


Nisa dozes off in class till she sees Cuchi out the window w/a heart shaped balloon and gets caught blowing him kisses (In her defense that class did seem very, very boring)

Nisa escapes from class and engages in gratuitous baby talk with Cuchi (I sure hope there weren’t any important plot points in all that squee-ing)


In Cris’s office Ale and Cris discuss how Ale signed a blank loan agreement and now is in Oct’s power, he doesn’t know what kind of interest or payments she’s going to expect.

Sil finds Ale in Cris’s office and immediately says she hopes he’s back to stay. Ale says fraid not and they go off to discuss in private. Nuria leaves too, so as not to bother Cris.

Inez tells Mauro about Ale’s meeting w/Luc and the document Luc wanted him to sign. She doesn’t know if he signed it, but he slammed out of his dad’s office and stormed off pretty mad. Mauro says Silvana will take care of it and asks Inez to let him take her home. Inez turns him down she only let him in last night because Luisito wanted him there.

July’s House In San BP

July hears about Timo’s angry reaction from Eulogio and can’t wait to see his face for herself. Eulogio is more worried and less happy, he wants them to take basic precautions like not leaving together or arriving at the office together, in hopes that Timo won’t figure them out.

Rancho Kitchen

Rosa has made the guards some quesadillas and drinks, and she twirls her pigtails as they compliment her.

Meanwhile in the office ML has sneaked her locksmith in, and he’s trying to open the desk, but the new locks are the really good kind and he’ll need some special tools. ML compliments and caresses his physique to keep him motivated as he goes.

Rosa lets one of the guards chat her up, but when Marcela and Emiliano come in she flaps the towel at him and chases him off. Marcela hates having the guards around, every time she sees them it reminds her that that creep Severo is still around. ML comes in to defend her daddy and clutter up the place with her bad vibes. Marce can’t believe they’re related.


Mateo has visitors. Sagrario of course cries, Alba has packed him lots of food and supplies, oh guess what, Roman’s his roomie.


Ale and Sil have an unproductive discussion. – Upshot Ale’s gonna do this his way, and Sil’s gonna do things Luc’s way.

Mauro updates Octavia and she gloats that Luc is doing all her work for her, driving Ale right into her trap. She plans to get Cris to call a shareholder’s meeting to prevent Ale from being ousted and sends Mauro to tell Cris so.

Luc thanks Sil for being on his side, but they disagree about who Ale inherited his stubbornness from. She then goads him to take her on a cruise to the Greek islands and buy her a new watch to show his gratitude.

Cris is incredulous that Oct is willing to go against the owners of the hotel to defend Ale but he’ll call the meeting.

Ale tells Cris they can use the fact that he threw a tantrum and yelled that he quit in the lobby in front of all the employees and everyone to not pay him a severance. Ale goes to talk to Oct to see how much trouble he’s in there.

Oct tells Ale not to worry, she’s in no hurry for her money.

El V Stables

Marcela shows Emil how to vaccinate a horse. When its his turn he’s so nervous he makes her laugh. He tells her she should laugh as much as possible, its good for her, and she looks beautiful. She gets him back on track, they have lots of animals to get to.

After finishing up w/ the animals Marcela invites Emiliano to dinner.
Emiliano and Marcela bond over their shared love for the place they were born and raised as they finish up in the barn.

San BP Mayor’s Office

July arrives to work and the first thing Timo does is accuse her of being faithless to him. She says they never had a formal thing so she’s free as a bird, and if she still has a job she’d like to get to it.

Eulogio shows up and Timo wants to talk to him. Didn’t he tell July how upset Timo was? Yeah but she’s way determined.

Just then a messenger brings a red rose bouquet for July and there’s a box in it. A box with an engagement ring.

When July sees the ring she gets so excited and gets teary.

When Timo sees the ring he bout passes out.

Eulogio looks proud and happy.

July admires her large and sparkly ring, Eulogio says its a diamond, Timo says its surely glass. Eulogio says it was the best they had…digo, its the best glass he’s ever seen.

July doesn’t care what its made of, she likes it very much, her fiancee knows just what she likes. She and Eulogio share a conspiratorial look.

Timo says the guy’s too much of a coward to propose in person, but there’s a sweet love letter explaining all that, and this ring will be the spark that ignites their love.

Timo throws a fit and stomps off to his office. July chides Eulogio for spending so much, but she’s really moved by the ring and gives Eulogio a kiss on the cheek before he heads into Timo’s office.

Timo’s got a plan, of course, to catch the phantom novio. Eulogio looks worried.

El V

Emiliano is impressed with Marcela’s cooking and they get to talking about why Emiliano’s marriage broke up. If he could meet someone as wonderful as Marcela….

Marcela looks a bit uncomfortable as Emiliano plays his hand too far.

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stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
2 years ago

I’m rooting for July and Eulogio to become a real couple so hard.
Almost as much as I’m rooting for Marcela and Emiliano.
And why sholdjnt Rosa have some fun with the guards since they’re not guarding anyway.

2 years ago

I agree, July and Eulogio are so cute together. And Marcela and Emi get along so well–plus Al’s been a jerk lately.

I dunno about Rosa and a guard. They’re so blah. Although, she’s got tons of extra personality to make up for it so maybe it could work.

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
2 years ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

I really think Rosa is my favorite character, too bad we don’t get to see more of her

2 years ago

I like the actress, but they always end up having her play the same kind of character.

2 years ago

She’s on Corazon Que Miente right now and maybe I’m confusing her with another actress because I’m drawing a blank on what else she’s done, but I just have this image of her with braids, acting all wide-eyed and earnest.