La Bella Y Las Bestias Friday 6/22/18 #9

The guy waiting for Bela was sent by Emanuel, with the gun she requested.

Bela goes down to the bunker to psych herself up.

The next morning, she heads for the airport. The gun is in her suitcase in some kind of container and padding, courtesy of Mike. There’s a tense moment at security when the woman ahead of Bela gets called out by security for a bag check, but Bela gets through without any extra attention.

The boys are dressing up as airport employees. JP insists this isn’t personal for him, he’s just a cop going after a drug dealer.

Emilia texts Castor and tells him Isabela León is back in town. He’s annoyed, but not worried. And now Norman understands what that call from Emanuel was about. Castor’s still talking about taking her out. Plus he’s sick of Norman licking Emanuel’s boots and putting extra sugar in his coffee.

Norman reminds Castor that he was the one who said kids always come back for revenge.

At the airport, Simón’s checking out Caro. JP scolds him…until he gets a look at the back of her leg and remembers the scar on Bela’s leg. Felipe remembers Caro from the casino, but JP tells them both it’s Bela.

Castor’s setting up Bela’s room with rose petals and a new nightie. At least I hope it’s new.

It’s an hour after Bela’s plane has landed and she’s still waiting for someone to pick her up. She heads for the bathroom and JP laments that they don’t have a woman on the team. (I mentally kick him in the shins. Being able to send someone into the women’s restroom is not the only thing a female agent would be good for.)

One of Castor’s guys comes to the bathroom window making cracks about Caro being the one left waiting for once. She doesn’t think she can make it out the window? Why? Does she think she’s fat? He takes both panes out of the window and now there’s enough room for her to climb out with only the help of the trash can.

Outside, the boys still think she’s hanging out in the bathroom, when instead she’s on a luggage cart. JP demands that Felipe check the bathroom, since Bela doesn’t recognize him. And yeah, she’s gone. Probably out the window that leads to the runway (well, that seems like a bad place to have a window).

They go out to try to stop the little plane that’s taking off, but it’s too late. Bela’s in her seat, looking sick to her stomach. Castor’s guy takes her cell phone away, because security.

(Every time I hear that theme song and it ends with “Mujer, eres bella,” I keep expecting to hear Osmel Sousa saying “firma aquí.”)

Simón and Felipe are busy excusing themselves for not recognizing Bela while JP’s finding out the plane is going to Los Mochis. JP doesn’t want to call the local authorities. He wants Bela to lead them to Castor.

Bela tries to get out of her seat to get some “headache pills” from her suitcase, but Castor’s guy tells her to get back in her seat and hands her a bottle of water and a bottle of pills. He says they’re prepared for everything and she doesn’t need to get out of her seat. (That plane reminds me of my first apartment.)

Mike and Pen are on their outing. Mike’s still grouchy. Pen buys a necklace from a street vendor who gives her a discount for being half of a “lovely couple.”

JP gets an actual airport employee to show him how to call the plane. JP tells them there’s been a closure at Los Mochis and they need to come back to Culiacán. Because of a technical problem. With the runway.

Castor’s guy tells Caro it’s going to be a slightly longer trip, but they’re going to be fine.

JP sends the other guys to Los Mochis in a helicopter. If the plane flies out again, they’ll be there waiting. If they decide to drive JP will follow them.

Castor’s guys called Norman to tell him about the delay.

The pilot lands back at Culiacán…alone.

In a flashback, we see Caro’s new BFF taking her skydiving. And no, she can’t take her suitcase.

The captain doesn’t like JP asking so many questions and tells him to just fill up the tank.

Felipe calls JP from Los Mochis and gets the bad news–Bela didn’t come back with the plane. JP says they’re going to burn the pilot.

JP follows the pilot into the bathroom to stick a tracker to the suitcase.

Bela’s now taking a literal hike with her new bud and assuming he’s lost. He makes cracks about her complaining because she’s a woman and tells her not to break a nail. He uncovers a couple of four wheelers.

Simón and Felipe have totally been made by the guys at Los Mochis.

Pen tries to pry Mike’s lips open with beer. And tequila. So he explains that he’d never loved anyone more than Lucía. She went out on a mission, got ambushed, and the whole team was killed. He feels guilty because if he’d never trained her, she wouldn’t have gone and she wouldn’t have been killed.

Pen says the ones who killed her are responsible, not him.

And that’s why he got revenge.

Right, by killing the two guys who did it.

“There were five.”

Castor’s pilot gets to Los Mochis, sits down in the baggage area, and Team JP start to think it’s possible they’re the ones being watched. They’re ready to follow the pilot again, but are instantly surrounded by airport employees with guns.

Caro is finally done with her adventure tour of Sonora and Castor is waiting for her. She refrains from punching him somehow and downs a glass of lemonade. She tries to avoid being too obvious about asking for her suitcase and sends Castor for more lemonade.

Norman calls Castor and says three feds followed his car. One of them was JP Quintero. Castor wants them killed, but Norman says that will make things worse. They need to find out if they were following Caro or what.

Bela remembers finding her mom in the parking garage. Castor sneaks up with her lemonade and asks if she’s hungry. He’ll ask someone to kill something for her. Her composure slips, but she tells him it’s his pick. And aren’t there a bunch of guards here? He jokes that las bestias know how to hide at night. He invites her for a swim, but she’d really like a shower first.

I really hate that she’s taking off her wig. There had better be a good lock on that bathroom door. While she takes off her makeup she remembers her mother being carried into the ambulance and seeing her on the table at the morgue.

Norman shoots Felipe to get JP’s cell phone password. He asks what the map with the big red dot on it is about.

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