La Bella Y Las Bestias Monday 6/25/18 #10

Norman recognizes Castor’s ranch on the map. He assumes Carolina’s working with the feds. He threatens to shoot Felipe again to get JP to admit it, but Felipe tells JP not to tell Norman anything.

Mike, Pen, and the remains of a bottle of booze get back to Bela’s house. Pen heard that Mike killed the three guys by slitting the first one’s throat, putting the second one’s eyes out with a fork, and bashing the third one’s head on the table. Mike says it’s true. And the last two he took to their cave, doused them in honey, and watched the rats eat them. He got discharged for that.

He didn’t want to train Bela because he didn’t want her to die like Lucía. Pen suggests they drink to both.

Bela gets ready to face Castor with Mike’s words running through her head–she’s not a person, she’s a lethal weapon.

Mike wants to hear about Pen now, but she says there’s nothing interesting. “Have you ever been in love?” She doesn’t think so. Love’s not for her. Mike thinks someone as pretty as her deserves a man who loves her. (Kat thinks everyone deserves love, pretty or not.) Pen calls an end to their night and Mike kisses her. It’s weird.

Castor’s regaling his guys with stories when Caro finally comes down. The guys are on alert, but Castor dismisses them. Oh, I did not need to see his underwear! He brags about those just being the guys at the house, but he also has a five and a ten km ring around the property.

While Bela takes some time in the bathroom to mentally count the guys who were just inside, Castor takes a call from Norman. Castor’s ready to kill first and find the tracker later. Norman complains, but it’s not like he has a better idea.

Felipe’s dying, despite Simón begging him to hang on. JP’s having no luck freeing himself.

Bela comes out of the bathroom and hides something behind an armoire just before Castor comes down and asks her to explain the tracker. Oh hey, look, finally her suitcase reappears!

Caro claims she has no idea what that thing even does and no way did she pack it in her luggage. Does he really think after jumping out of a plane and traipsing through the brush for four hours, she’d betray him? Yep, he does.

Felipe is potentially dead. Simón blames JP. It finally occurs to him to get up WITH the chair he’s tied to and scoot over to JP.

Caro’s having no luck convincing Castor that she put up with all that crap today just because she likes him. She reminds him that the suitcase wasn’t even with her–it was with the pilot. He needs to think about whether someone’s trying to stab him in the back.

The pilot’s finally home and digging into his (last) meal of chilaquiles when Castor’s guys come to get him.

Emi’s counting her meager savings and remembering that Felipe loaned her 500 pesos. She told him she loved him, so I’m thinking he’s dead.

Ooh, wrong, Norman says he has a pulse. JP won’t talk until Felipe gets to a hospital, so Norman knocks out Simón. JP swears he’s the one who put the tracker on the suitcase and Caro doesn’t know anything about it.

In front of Castor, the pilot swears he never took his eyes off that suitcase and there’s no way someone put a tracker on it. Bela takes over the interrogation–he never went to the bathroom? Talked to somebody? Ate? Drank water? Suddenly the pilot’s not so sure.

Norman calls and tells Castor that JP put the tracker on the suitcase and Carolina has nothing to do with it. Assuming the ranch isn’t surrounded by feds, JP might also have been telling the truth about no one else having access to the signal.

Castor starts apologizing to Caro while she pouts about everyone pointing guns at her. He has the guys clear out while he babbles about how sorry he is. She agrees to stay, but she wants to be left alone. She manages to lock herself in her room.

JP’s still begging Norman to take Felipe to a hospital, but Norman doesn’t think there’s any point. And Simón…he’s got a head wound that Norman’s sure is just a scratch.

Bela ends the night thinking about Pen’s question–how is she planning to get out after? Meanwhile, Pen’s sticking a pillow under Mike’s head while he lies on the floor of Bela’s living room.

Caro’s all suited up for a new day. She agrees to wipe the slate clean and dismisses Castor’s maid, saying she’ll serve her man breakfast herself. She distractedly piles food onto his plate and claims she likes him, not his money. Castor promises today will be a special day. (Oh, he has no idea.)

Emi’s still trying to round up some money to salvage her failing business.

Emanuel calls Norman for an update. He’s relieved when Norman’s description of Caro doesn’t sound like Bela. Norman explains one of the three feds is JP Quintero. And also one of them is dead. But not JP. Emanuel wants Norman to hold the feds until Castor’s done with his date, then make sure Castor moves ranches, and then let the feds go.

Norman drags Felipe out of the torture shack, telling JP he’s going to bury him. Simón is allegedly still unconscious.

Castor and Caro walk around the pool. She keeps trying to get him to get rid of his guards. She suggests they go on a tour of his property. And all the guards file out after them.

Gloria mixes herself a bloody Mary and munches on celery. Teresa suggests she goes to pick up Emi at school while Gloria makes that pasta Emi liked as a surprise.

Simón’s really out. JP manages to rouse him and Simón tips himself over and breaks a leg off the chair.

Outside, Norman’s still dragging Felipe, but he hears something that makes him pull his gun out and wander back into the building. Wait a sec, is the torture shack a chapel? Excuse me for the obvious joke, but is nothing sacred?!

JP and Simón come stumbling out the shack and attack Norman. JP gets his mask off and recognizes him. He takes out one other guard near the horse trailer and mopes over Felipe’s dead body. He tells Simón to guard Felipe’s body and make sure Norman doesn’t get away while he calls the marines from whatever phone Simón had in his pocket.

Caro walks and whines and finally gets Castor to send back all but three of his guards.

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