La Bella Y Las Bestias Thursday 6/21/18 #8

Castor is literally on the run from JP and his guys, thanks to Norman. Norman’s sure it was JP who planted The Bullet–who else could it be? Castor briefly thinks of Caro, but decides it can’t be her. He gets a text message that they stole the truck with the money. Heh.

Castor left Caro a “sorry honey, catch you later” note.

Weeks pass

Team Bella train, but how are they going to convince people this is a legit gym if no one but the three of them are ever working out in it? Bela’s stressing that Castor still hasn’t contacted her and his phone is out of service.

JP’s buds think he’s going to far, bugging Bela’s phone and insisting she’s Caro and really, Simón is done with this. Felipe tries to talk him out of continuing, but JP’s determined. Or obsessed.

Castor is now convinced that Caro isn’t the one who bugged his office, so it’s totally OK for her to come over. Norman still doesn’t trust her–they have no idea who she is. He tells Castor to forget her.

Bela’s watching the video. Again. She insists Castor has to be the first one to go, then Norman. Pen wants to get it done already.

Bela hits the casino as Caro, making sure she’s noticed so word gets back to Castor. Felipe’s in the casino, but he hasn’t seen Bela or Castor *snort*.

Emilia’s really sick of having the business on hold. She’s bored, pretending to be going to university. Castor tells her the pink cocaine business is over. He’ll send her some cash to invest in other drugs, but he needs a favor.

Felipe and Simón are worried about JP’s obsession with Bela. They log into his computer to shut off the connection to her phone and see that she’s received a text.

Castor is happy “Caro” was looking for him at the casino.

JP’s imagining he’s with Bela instead of his girlfriend when the guys call to tell him.

He visits Bela’s house to ask her what’s up with her revenge plans and ask about Mike and Penélope. Bela says he’s being weird and she’s going inside. JP tells her he knows the phone with the video wasn’t destroyed. Uh huh, good night.

Felipe sneaks in through Emilia’s window to avoid JP. She’s all for some nookie, but he’s worried JP will catch them. They’re interrupted by a text for Emi with Carolina’s picture.

Simón’s parked outside Bela’s house in an electric company truck. He’s way too obvious. Bela and Pen lead him on a low-speed chase before calling Ricardo to tell him to call off his guys. They pull over so Bela can confront Simón and have Ricardo tell him off on speaker.

Felipe’s staking out the casino when he sees Emilia walking by. Ricardo tells him to get back to the office.

Emi approaches “Caro” and hands off her cell phone so Castor can invite her to come visit him in Culiacan. Bela keeps her face averted. Possibly because she knows Emi’s not as clueless as her brother and his friends.

The boys get back to the office so Ricardo can yell at them in person. JP shares his theory about Bela wanting revenge on Castor, which admittedly sounds ridiculous when he says it out loud. Ricardo tells them to leave Bela alone or he’ll demote them all to traffic.

They go back to their desks so JP can keep listening in on Bela’s phone while she confirms her flight reservation for Culiacan.

Mike asks her what the plan is. How is she going to pull this off? Pen asks how she’s getting out of the ranch after she kills Castor.

Mike’s against improvising. She needs to take a gun with her, a new one.

Bela goes to Emanuel’s office to ask him for a gun. For safety. That she’ll leave at home, she swears. She just can’t stop thinking about what would have happened that day if she’d had access to a gun. Of course she could always get one off the black market…. Emanuel says he’ll think about it.

Castor sends four guys to pick up Bela at the airport. Norman’s leaving too and Castor whines that he’s gonna be all alone until his morra gets here. Norman’s like “Whatever. I told you not to get into the drug business.”

JP gets permission from Ricardo to go to Culiacan with the boys. I really think Ricardo gives him permission just to get JP out of his hair. But if he doesn’t come back with Castor, he’d be better off not coming back at all.

Gloria drinks while she and JP’s girlfriend set the table for dinner. And she’s not, like drinking-drinking, it’s just because they’re celebrating. JP apologizes to his girlfriend about leaving her hanging the other day and asks her to keep an eye on his mom.

Bela comes over. JP introduces her to Gloria and Teresa (the girlfriend). Yeah, it’s weird. Teresa spies on them while JP tells her he’s not buying her “gym” story and he’s sure she’s back to get revenge. Bela looks him directly in the eye and says he’s wrong. (Well, that’s a dead giveaway.)

Felipe visits Emilia to say goodbye. She complains that no one’s telling her about this mystery trip and Felipe says she’s got her secrets too. Like how she was simultaneously at the university AND the casino yesterday.

Emi says she got out of class early, that’s all. The casino reminds her of her dad. Felipe just doesn’t like her going alone.

Emanuel calls Norman to ask if he’s heard anything about Isabela. Has Castor said anything? Norman thought she was still in LA. And the only woman Castor’s talked about is some “Caro” person. They agree the feds could use her to get to Castor, but he never listens. Emanuel says they’ll take care of it themselves.

Mike and Pen don’t like Bela taking this trip alone. Plus they don’t know what to do with themselves while she’s gone. Pen suggests they go out and he tells her about the girlfriend he lost during the war.

On Bela’s way out of the apartment, she stops to say goodbye to Gloria and Teresa. She thinks she’d better go before Emi chases her off. Emi actually does see her and ducks out of the room.

Bela gets home to find a guy waiting for her outside her house….

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