La Bella Y Las Bestias Thursday 6/28/18 #13

Back at the house, Alicia explains that Bela went to Culiacán alone to get back at the guys who took María. Bela sticks to her story–Norman’s the one who killed Castor and Bela only shot Norman in self-defense. She was tired of waiting for justice.

Alicia’s angry that she put herself and María in danger. Nobody argues with Alicia about María not being alive…oops, because they saved that for the next scene. And Alicia’s still not going to believe she’s dead until she sees a body.

And Bela’s still vowing to keep going until she gets “justice.” Rodrigo tells her to leave it for God. If she wants peace, she needs to resign herself to this being God’s will. Bela doesn’t buy that. Rodrigo tells her to ask her parents for advice.

Junior sneaks up on Bela’s house and follows Pen on a quest for chilaquiles.

JP finds Bela near the church. She’s anticipating yet another speech about what she should and shouldn’t be doing. JP doesn’t care if she killed Castor or not, but he doesn’t think it was Norman. He knows she’s going after the people in the video and he doesn’t want to see her suffer.

Bela says she is going after them, and it doesn’t feel like she thought it would. JP swears he wants her to be at peace. Will Bela trust him?

Bela changes the subject. How’d he know it was her? JP says he saw the scar.

Emi’s upset about her boyfriend’s death. JP’s worried about Emi going off the rails. Bela says what she needs is for the people she loves to be close to her. And then there’s snogging…that probably would’ve been sexier if they weren’t just talking about his sister.

Pen’s on the way back with food and passes by Junior having a loud conversation with someone on his cell phone. He asks for help giving his friend directions and then chloroforms her.

Emanuel comes over to Bela’s, as the director of INTERPOL, to get her hit list. Bela says she was just upset and she shouldn’t have said that. It was just an idea she had, that Castor and Norman were following orders. She asks him to forget it. Come on, would she lie to the director of INTERPOL?

JP gets home and finds Emi and Gloria-Patricia getting drunk together. Emi’s drunkenly babbling to JP about being a super-entrepreneur like their dad. JP says he was a criminal and ends the happy family moment.

Bela gets home and she’s not hungry. Mike says he couldn’t eat for days after he did what he did. She’s worried about ending up dead and Mike says that’s a risk. What she feels now will pass. When she’s done she’ll feel better. It’s up to her whether she wants to continue or not.

Junior sexually assaults an unconscious Pen before taking her keys.

Mike goes out looking for Penelope when she doesn’t answer her phone.

Bela’s trying to consult her parents, but not getting a sign.

Junior gets into the house using Pen’s keys.

Mike asks the guy at the food stand, who tells him Pen left a while ago. He points out her direction.

Apparently the sound of Pen’s cell phone buzzing wakes up Bela. Since there’s not a weapon in the room, she lies back down and pretends to be asleep. That lets her get the drop on Junior and strangle him using her shin and both arms.

Bela meets JP the next day and he tells her she doesn’t have to do a thing. He’ll take those bestias out for her–it’s his job, he’s going to protect her. It’s why he became a cop, to fix the rotten system so people like her wouldn’t have to fight the system. He’s going to lock them all up.

Bela says no one did anything and that’s why she has to. JP keeps on acting like this is a romance novel and somehow kissing her is supposed to be an appropriate response…

Oh, wait, he was dreaming. Ha! Ricardo’s calling to tell him to meet him right away at the León house.

Simón’s at Bela’s house with Ricardo and Emanuel. And yeah, there’s a dead guy in the hallway. Of course she moved him! She wasn’t going to keep him in her bed all night! Why are they fussing about her moving the body when this guy came in to kill her?!

Simón says this guy came in with a gun and she broke his neck–

Bela begs to differ. She strangled him. It’s different. And then she brought the body downstairs and Mike called to tell her Pen was missing.

Ricardo goes to let JP in while Simón complains that her testimony is inconsistent.

Penelope’s in the hospital. Mike tries to ask the doctor if it’s normal that she hasn’t woken up yet, but the doctor ignores him.

So now JP’s there and he wants to know about the dead guy. Bela admits to meeting him before, when he tried to kill her in LA…but she got away.

Emanuel’s upset that this is the first time he’s hearing about this. Simón doesn’t think this has anything to do with self-defense. She’s got some kind of grudge against Castor.

Bela gets her laptop and shows them the security footage of her moving the body to the hallway.

Norman whines about wanting another phone call. He wants to know why his lawyer isn’t here. The marine guarding him grudgingly asks for the number and starts dialing.

Ricardo sends Simón to the hospital to check on Pen and get a statement.

He and Emanuel stand there awkwardly as JP ask if Bela’s sure she’s OK in a not-entirely-law-enforcementish way. And then the cell phone in the guy’s pocket starts ringing. Emanuel answers it, not on speaker, and says Junior’s not available. In shock, Norman tells the marine to hang up.

Emanuel doesn’t have a graceful way not to let JP take the phone and trace the call.

Mike tries to kick Simón out of Pen’s hospital room, but he gets distracted by her actually being awake.

JP says the call came from the hospital in Culiacán where Nestor’s recuperating. Ricardo wants him transferred to the DF immediately. Emanuel steps in and “offers” INTERPOL’s services. They go off to discuss it and leave JP badly flirting with Bela again.

She could have been killed! He didn’t know she could fight like that.

Yeah, her dad taught her self-defense and then she trained with Pen and Mike. After this, she’s sure she made the right decision. She’s going to kill everyone responsible for her parents’ deaths, one by one.

As the body is wheeled away, JP whines at her that she’s not a killer! She can’t go after people like that! It’s against the law!

Where was the law when her parents got killed?

JP tries his dream dialogue, begging her to let him do his job.

As if! Those people are rich and powerful and corrupt and she can’t wait.

He warns her she’ll end up in jail.

“If there’s proof.”

Penelope tells Simón she went out for food, she was on her way home, next thing she knew she woke up here. That’s all she knows. Can somebody tell her what’s going on?

Mike explains that Junior drugged her and took her house keys, but no worries, Bela killed him in self-defense.

Oh…uh…poor guy?

Simon keeps glaring at them both.

Emanuel doesn’t like Bela living in her parents’ house alone. Bela pretends she thinks the danger is over. Norman’s being guarded by the marines, right? And who else would come after her? She’s not going after her parents’ killers. Nope, she’s learned her lesson.

As JP drives Bela somewhere, he complains that she’s making him her accomplice. Bela says talking about wanting to do a thing isn’t the same as doing it. And if he’s thinking about telling Ricardo, Ricardo’s not going to believe him because she already told him about Norman and Castor years ago and the only reason he never went after them is that he didn’t have proof.

Norman gets a call from INTERPOL Mexico. The marine answers it on speaker with Norman. Emanuel complains that Norman’s not supposed to have phone calls.

Well, the general said it was OK, so take it up with him!

Whatever. Emanuel demands to talk to Norman, but he’s refusing to talk and the marine can’t make him. He hangs up on Emanuel.

Bela and JP keep making eyes at each other while they wait for the elevator to take them to Pen’s room on the fifth floor of the hospital. They make with the snogging again until the door opens.

And then she asks what that was. JP’s like “duh, I like you.” Bela warns him not to kiss her again while he still has a girlfriend.

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