La Bella Y Las Bestias Wednesday 6/27/18 #12

JP hauls Norman over to the waiting helicopter and says he need him alive.

Looks like Bela’s stuck flying home with JP, who insists on interrogating her, even though he’s already convinced she killed Castor. Bela says she hit him, but she didn’t kill him.

Ricardo tells Emanuel they can relax. Castor’s dead, Bela’s safe, and Norman’s in the hospital dying after Bela shot him twice.

Simón’s riding back with Felipe’s body. He calls to tell Emi they’re on their way home…not JP…uh, no Felipe can’t come to the phone. She tells Simón to have him call her ASAP.

Bela reminds JP that Norman and Castor killed her parents–they’re not victims. They argue about the best way to resolve this. Bela = death. JP = jail. She admits she feels better knowing Castor’s dead. JP tells her to think about her endgame and decide whether it’s worth it.

Ricardo and Emanuel check things out at the morgue. Ricardo doesn’t know what to say to Felipe’s family. Norman’s definitely going to rot in jail for the rest of his life. As for Castor, he drowned after taking a beating. Ricardo is determined to get Norman to rat out whoever ordered the death of Bela’s parents.

In Mexico, JP asks Bela about the video, but she sticks to her story. As for what he’ll tell Ricardo–when he got to Castor, Castor was dead and JP didn’t see who did it. Bela’s the one who’s going to have to explain herself.

Emanuel and Ricardo meet them in the airport and Emanuel starts scolding her like she stayed out all night partying. Ricardo asks her who killed Castor….

From his office, Emanuel tries to get an update on Norman, but the marine who answers the phone says he has no way of knowing who Emanuel is, so he can’t give him any information.

Back at Bela’s house, Penelope’s relieved to have her home. So is Mike. He even voluntarily hugs her. Bela insists she’s fine, but things didn’t go the way she thought. She shot Norman, but he’s not dead. JP thinks she killed Castor, but Emanuel and Ricardo believed Bela when she told them Norman killed him.

In a flashback of the conversation at the airport, Bela pretty much tells Ricardo and Emanuel the truth about what happened, except that at some point she saw Norman, someone hit her on the head, and when she woke up she and Norman were in the tunnel and he was talking about getting Castor’s share of the casino.

JP comes home and Gloria-Patricia wants Emi to tell JP about school, but JP says he needs to say something first. The op got out of hand and Felipe…they killed Felipe. Gloria-Patricia rushes to hold Emi.

In the bunker, Bela marks Castor dead and sobs.

Emi insists on knowing how Felipe died. Who killed him. “Norman Romero.” It’s no consolation to her that Felipe died doing his job. JP mentions Bela “helping” and Emi blames Felipe’s death on Bela…and JP…and JP not taking over their dad’s business. Gloria-Patricia takes Emi to her room.

Emanuel goes over to Bela’s. Bela sees him on the camera feeds, pulls herself together, and answers the door. He wants the truth from her–why didn’t she tell him she was going to Culiacán. Bela says he wouldn’t have let her. And she shot Norman in self-defense. Emanuel doesn’t believe her. Bela pretty much tells him she’s out for revenge.

In Tijuana, Junior hits on a woman in a bar. She makes a run for it as soon as Junior’s phone rings. It’s Ricardo calling to tell him Castor was killed.

No, wait, Bela’s out for “justice.” And she swears Norman’s the one who killed Castor and she shot Norman in self-defense. JP can vouch for her.

JP? The son of the guy who ordered her parents killed?

Bela says JP had nothing to do with it. And she won’t rest until everyone responsible for her parents’ deaths pays. Norman and Castor were following orders from a group of people.

JP speaks at Felipe’s funeral.

Bela’s back to training with Mike, but she’s off her game. She’s upset about killing two people, not that she’s regretting it, but Norman killed Felipe and she’s sure his family must be suffering.

Mike tells her if she’s going to do this, she needs to stay focused on her goals. Unless she wants to quit? Pen reminds Bela they’re here for her. Bela and Mike go back to training.

Ricardo calls Emanuel to tell him Norman’s awake.

At the funeral, Emi apologizes to JP for what she said yesterday. What happened to Felipe wasn’t his fault. But she’s still convinced Bela’s responsible. And she’s upset because people around her are dying. JP tells her she’s strong enough to handle this.

Emi can’t take the guilt and tells him she’s not going to school. She never even enrolled.

Bela comes to Ricardo’s office for her totally-not-an-interrogation. He swears they’re in the conference room because no one can hear them in here. He wants to know what happened in Culiacán. What was she doing at Castor’s ranch?

Bela keeps playing innocent-ish. He never went after Castor and Norman like he said he would. Sure she might have beat up Norman, but he killed her parents–how does that make her a worse person than him? She skips out on the rest of this informal “interrogation.”

Norman calls Junior. Junior blames him for killing Castor, but Norman reminds him he sent a message to a girl in LA years ago…she’s the one who did it. The marine guarding Norman can’t believe he wasted his one phone call on that.

Junior boards Castor’s little plane and tells the pilot to head for the DF.

Back at the house, JP wants Emi to explain what she’s been doing. Emi whines melodramatically that JP just doesn’t understaaaaaaand and kicks him out of her room.

Emanuel shows up at the hospital to talk to Norman. The marine guarding him gives Emanuel a hard time, but lets him in. Alone in the “triage” area, Emanuel slaps Norman awake and scolds him for ruining everything. He needed a business partner who was clean and now Norman has screwed it all up.

He still promises to keep Norman from setting foot in jail.

Bela goes to Rodrigo’s garage. Ricardo has already told Alicia what Bela’s been up to and she’s upset. Ricardo doesn’t understand what Bela means by “getting the justice the authorities haven’t given us.”

JP goes over to Bela’s house, but Pen says she’s not home. Yes, she’ll tell Bela that JP was looking for her.

Emanuel doesn’t know quite how they’re going to get Norman out of this, but for starters they’re going to delay his transfer to Mexico. Norman warns him to watch out for Bela–she’s not going to quit until she gets revenge on everyone who had something to do with her parents’ deaths.

Oddly, Emanuel tells him to leave Bela alone. Norman whines that she killed Castor and she’s going to kill the rest of them too. Emanuel says that’ll be the least of Norman’s worries until he’s out of the country.

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