La Bella Y Las Bestias Friday 6/29/18 #14

Bela and JP make it to Penelope’s hospital room and Simón tells JP that Pen doesn’t remember anything and probably won’t ever. He says they’ll still have to investigate…what if Junior didn’t act alone? What if more people are in danger? Mike tells Simón that’s how a proper cop answers questions.

As Simón and JP are leaving, Bela asks for an update on Norman. JP says Emanuel’s taking care of his transfer.

Penelope makes suggestive eyebrow gestures in JP’s general direction while Bela tries to act like she’s not crushing on him.

Emanuel makes it to Culiacán and the marine in charge of Norman’s security has no problem handing Norman off. But first, Emanuel wants to know who else Norman talked to….

When Emanuel comes into the room, Norman swears he can explain. He just wanted to tell Junior what happened to his dad. He couldn’t stop him from wanting to take revenge…and besides, Bela’s dangerous!

Emanuel roughs him up and tells him not to say that ever again. I guess Norman’s line for the rest of the show is going to be “I told you Bela wouldn’t stop.” Emanuel threatens to send him to jail, but Norman knows he’s more valuable outside. He knows too much.

Bela has decided Norman’s next on her list and she has an idea of how to get to him. Mike watches Penelope sleeping on the couch.

Teresa tries to interest Emilia in a non-alcoholic beverage. JP asks her to go upstairs while he talks to Emi. He tells her everything’s going to be ok and he’s there for her.

And then he goes upstairs and breaks up with Teresa. She’s been a great girlfriend and all, but JP’s got problems and he doesn’t know when he’s going to get over them, so…he’s breaking up with her. Teresa tells him to chill and think about this. So, uh, she’s not accepting his resignation?

JP gets to Culiacán and finds out Norman has been transferred already. He’s in the back of the private plane with Emanuel, who warns him this is the last time he sticks his neck out for Norman.

Penelope interrupts Bela’s fantasizing about JP to ask how much longer she’s going to be in bed. Bela says she’s tired. Pen’s doing better…but Mike’s weird. Bela says he’s in love with Pen. Pen doesn’t believe it. And also she was coming up here to tell Bela that Mike’s waiting downstairs to tell them something.

Mike’s been freaking out since the other night. He was worried about Pen and it brought back the feelings he had during the war. He was even thinking when he called Bela to tell her to be careful that it might be too late already.

He wanted them to know that he thinks of them as family. And like Bela said, they’re now officially at war with the Bestias. He’s stepping up security–having a new lock installed at the gate, hiding guns around the house, installing panic buttons at the gym and hiding gas masks under the ring. He wants them carrying cell phones and a spare battery at all times. And no talking to strangers!

Pen thinks he’s overreacting but Mike knows if anything happens to them he’ll go after the creep who did it and end up in jail. Pen thinks that’s sweet.

Bela finally shows Pen and Mike the bunker and gives them the lock code. Bela explains this is where she and Alicia were hiding while Norman shot her dad.

So, like Bela said, Norman’s next.

Emanuel defends his decision to keep the transfer of Norman quiet. He’s being held in the INTERPOL building for now.

I’m surprised Emanuel gave JP permission to see him…in a supply closet where they’ve placed a bed and medical equipment. JP suffocates him briefly before saying he’s going to make Norman pay for everything he did. Norman mocks him for thinking there’s anything like “justice” in this world. JP threatens him with a prediction of rape in prison.

The pilot and one of Castor’s other guys get together. Other guy thinks they should go after Bela to get revenge for their bosses. Other guy gets a call from the mayor offering them jobs.

Norman tells JP he’s more like his dad than he thinks. It’s not too late for him to follow in his dad’s footsteps and make him proud for once. JP passes. He pokes one of Norman’s wounds to emphasize that Bela needs to be left alone. Norman asks WTF is up that everybody’s saying that, in between screams.

Bela visits Rogelio again. He thinks she’s in love with someone. He doesn’t want her to keep trying to get justice on her own. If she keeps it up she’ll start making bad decisions. If she’s doing this for her parents, then she shouldn’t do anything they wouldn’t approve of.

JP goes over to Teresa’s apartment to break up. Again. She wants to know the real reason, so he says there’s someone else. She figures it’s Isabela and blames her just like Emi does.

The mayor’s two new employees can’t get past his assistant. He lectures her about it being his job to listen to constituents and takes them to his office. He’s already familiar with their work and the fate of their bosses and he has a question for them–what are they prepared to do to earn his trust?

Norman’s getting antsy in the supply closet. Emanuel says he’s being transferred to prison in 72 hours. And he doesn’t have a plan yet, but he’ll come up with something.

Mike has plans of the INTERPOL building and he knows where Norman’s being held. Bela knows there’s no way her godfather will let her talk to Norman, much less leave her alone with him. Mike suggests they take him out while he’s on his way to jail–which still means Bela’s going to have to find out when that’s happening.

Ricardo congratulates JP on convincing the judge to just send Norman straight to jail. He’s calling Emanuel now to coordinate his transfer. Simón is suspicious–is everything happening so quickly because Norman has a plan to stay out of prison?

The Bestias’ phone tree is activated. It’s time for an emergency meeting, 8pm tonight at the mayor’s place. And he’s inviting Emanuel. (Or demanding his attendance.)

Bela sits in Emanuel’s waiting area and remembers drinking chocolate with her dad and telling him she wanted to learn taekwondo. Emanuel interrupts her thoughts and they go into his office to discuss her feelings about her parents’ deaths. Bela asks about Norman…oh, no she didn’t want to talk to him, she just wanted to make sure he’s never going to be free again.

Oh, yeah, totally, he’s going to jail in 72 hours.

The mayor calls Emanuel. While he’s looking out the window, Bela contemplates bugging his office. She chickens out and takes the bug back.

JP gets home. Emi’s remembering how she used to feel when their parents went away on vacation. She’s feeling that way now–abandoned, angry. She’s trying to imagine a time when she won’t feel this way, but it’s difficult.

Oh, right, Horacio’s place is Armando’s old place. They start with drinks and then Horacio moves on to asking for Norman’s death. Nacho seems to be the only one not keen to kill him off. Horacio calls for a vote.

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