La Bella Y Las Bestias Monday 7/2/18 #15

Horacio does a roll call vote. Madame and Nacho are against killing Norman. Abelardo, Colombiano, and Cristina are for. And obviously Horacio is for.

And what about Emanuel? He didn’t show up to the meeting, but they know they’ll need him to look the other way. Cristina changes her vote–if Emanuel doesn’t sign off, she votes they don’t kill Norman.

While Emanuel’s making a plan to save Norman…Bela, Pen, and Mike are struggling to plan his death.

Emi never thought she’d be happy again after her dad died…until she met Felipe. JP says she loved him. In that case Emi doesn’t want to love anyone ever again.

JP tells her he broke up with Teresa (without mentioning Bela). If he ever repeats this she’ll deny it, but whoever JP falls in love with is going to hit the jackpot. He steals her ice cream.

Bela looks at a map and starts coming up with a vague plan that involves using a second armored truck. Mike suggests Marcelo (the guy who drives the truck for the casino).

Horacio stops by Emanuel’s office to tell him they’ve decided to kill Norman. He doesn’t have to help, just make it easy for them.

JP and Gloria-Patricia still haven’t gotten the memo. Emi refuses to go to school and she wants to follow in her dad’s footsteps. (OK, seriously, does she not understand that he was a criminal or does she not care?)

The most Emanuel will agree to is using a smaller convoy to move Norman. That’s enough for Horacio, though he’s surprised that Emanuel’s doing this “for old time’s sake” and not asking anything in return.

Mike steals the truck Marcelo’s driving. That’s the short version. The long version is, Mike steps out in front of the truck, lets it hit him, rolls up onto the hood and then back to the pavement, crawls under the truck, Marcelo gets out to check on him, and Mike jumps into the driver’s seat.

Bela and Pen scope out the bit of freeway where they’ll be carrying out their plan. Bela’s going to need a disguise since there are a lot of buildings with views of the freeway and presumably a lot of cameras. Oh, and by the way, Bela needs to get rid of JP. She spilled the whole plan to him and they can’t have him following her around trying to stop her from killing people.

Emanuel proposes to Ricardo that they don’t bother with a visible armored convoy to transport Norman. No one will suspect a single car and they won’t be putting the lives of citizens at risk if Norman’s crew tries to free him. They’ll just stick him in the trunk of a taxi.

JP thinks that’s ridiculous–a single taxi could get attacked. Ricardo’s kind of OK with that. Emanuel doubts anyone gives enough of a crap about Norman to attack him anyway. “But Bela!” Yeah, Em and Ric don’t think that’s a realistic possibility. Ricardo signs off on the plan as long as he gets to be in the taxi too. (Uh, bye Ricardo?)

Horacio pays his two new employees to take out Norman. And if something happens to the two INTERPOL agents or the fed who’s with him, too bad.

Simón visits the casino to ask Mauricio about his stolen truck. He didn’t report it sooner because they’re supposed to let Norman know things first. (It occurs to me to wonder who’s actually running the casino at this point.) Sure, he’s the guy who got carjacked a couple of months ago. Crime in this city, man. Of course he doesn’t have a GPS chip on the truck–the first thing any thieves would do is disable it!

JP’s at Emanuel’s office now and still stressing about the stupidity of the transport plan. JP ignores a call from Emi and finds himself explaining his Emi woes to Emanuel. Emanuel gets an idea.

Bela visits Ricardo. He wants her to tell him she’s over her need for revenge. Oh, yeah, totally. Ricardo lies to her about transporting Norman in ten trucks at 3pm. To reassure her that he won’t escape. Uh huh.

At the casino, Simón tells JP about the missing truck. They agree Bela might have something to do with it.

Team Bela are making their plan based on the BS info Ricardo gave Bela. Pen and Mike are jumping ship unless Bela does something to get JP off her back.

There’s a team of six guys with the correct information preparing to rescue Norman.

Emanuel gets Norman ready and unexpectedly gives Norman an injection in the back of his neck, reminding him to think twice before doing anything stupid again, ever.

Emanuel’s idea was to hire Emi as his assistant. JP hopes it will keep her from following in their dad’s footsteps. If only he knew. She agrees to do it, but only if he backs off about school.

Bela goes over to JP’s house on moving day to entice him into meeting her at the park at 3.

In the supply room, Norman’s struggling to breathe. He unhooks his IV and tries to leave, but his vision is blurry and he almost knocks over the metal shelving. He tries to crawl to freedom, but passes out.

In the garage, Emanuel and Ricardo supervise the final check of the taxi before going in to get Norman. O noes. He’s dead. Isn’t that sad.

JP and Simón are suspicious about Norman’s very timely demise. But it couldn’t be Bela because she was at JP’s house. And yet, here’s the stolen armored truck. Abandoned. Coincidence?

Only the two guys who were supposed to kill Norman for Horacio are at his funeral. They have the priest cut the ceremony short since no one’s there and pay his 2K peso fee (a little over $100 in dollars today).

With Emi standing right there in the office fixing their coffees, Ricardo and Emanuel discuss how weird the whole Norman situation was. I swear Emanuel’s ogling Emi when she brings them their coffee. Ricardo thinks it’s weird Emanuel hired Armando’s daughter, but then again he hired Armando’s son, so….

Bela’s frustrated that she didn’t even get to wish Norman a nice trip to hell. Mike suspects the other bestias of killing him. And Pen just wants to get back on track and move on to the next bestia. Bela says Horacio, the mayor, is next. And Pen’s like “Meeting over, let’s get back to work!” Gotta appreciate the enthusiasm.

Horacio’s over at Bestias HQ presiding over a meeting. First point of business–the redistribution of Norman’s shares, in equal parts, sign here. Nacho and Madame are both uneasy about Norman’s death. Colombiano thinks Emanuel done it. Come on, what can you expect of a guy who betrayed his BFF and left his goddaughter orphaned? Horacio and Abelardo don’t think Emanuel would do that. And Cristina just doesn’t care.

Ricardo and Emanuel both agree, they think Bela’s at peace now and over her thirst for revenge. Ricardo supposes they can close the file on her parents’ murders.

JP comes snooping around the gym, IMO hoping to catch Bela off-guard by asking her what she wanted to talk to him about the other day. She tries to say it’s nothing, but OK…when she was lurking around the casino as Carolina, a woman gave her a cell phone so she could talk to Castor. And it was Emi.

The two guys who were supposed to kill Norman have come to return Horacio’s payment, minus expenses. And also ask for steady work. Maybe as part of his security team? Horacio thinks he can use some guys to take care of the dirty jobs for him.

Upstairs, Pen and Mike are watching Bela and JP’s meeting. Pen can’t figure out what JP wants. Mike can’t stop thinking about all the problems they’d have if Bela and JP get together.

Bela tells JP she doesn’t know what the link was between Emi and Castor, but she’s sure there was one. She begs him not to go giving Emi a “big brother” speech. JP thanks her for the advice.

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