La Bella Y Las Bestias Tuesday 7/3/18 #16

Horacio’s first job for Two Guys (eh, I’ll learn their names eventually) is to do something about the crowd of protesters outside his office. Two Guys try to play the “Hey, if you’d just speak nicely” card, but the protesters are having none of it. They want Horacio out of office.

Bela feels bad about telling JP about Emi. Pen suggests she get her mind off it by getting back to Horacio’s profile. Born in Monterrey, son of a single mom who ran a food stall…

In flashback we see Horacio started out with pickpocketing, then moved on to extortion and ended up with his boss’ entire business…

He ran the business until his mom died and then he started his political career. He was on Abelardo Zea’s team and that’s how he met his wife…

Flashback to Horacio beating and raping his wife, drinking, raping the maid…

So he married his wife for her money, but she never gave him any of it…

Flashback to Horacio’s wife telling him she was going to press charges for assault and she hoped Celia would too…

He got the money anyway because his wife suddenly disappeared…

Flashback to Horacio shoving her into a pit and filling it with concrete…

She was never found and was declared dead. Horacio was her sole heir. He invested half in Quintero’s casinos and put the rest into his political campaign. So he’s rich, powerful, and alone. Bela thinks she can take care of that.

I can’t tell if JP considers this following Bela’s advice, but he tells Emi if she doesn’t want to work for Emanuel she can quit and if she doesn’t want to go to school she doesn’t have to, but he begs her to tell him what she wants. To go back to the way things used to be, when their dad was alive. He doesn’t like the answer, but that’s what she wants.

Horacio remembers his wife accusing him of raping the maid because she reminded him of his mother. He shambles drunkenly into the current maid’s room and starts undressing her as she resignedly asks if he’s feeling lonely again. I see no consent here, just an attempt to get things over with quickly with the least amount of injury possible and without ruining clothes.

And maybe Horacio’s not the only one taking advantage of her, because protest guy (Mauricio) accosts her the next morning trying to get more information about Horacio and reminding her that her salary comes from the money Horacio steals from all of them. (Screw this guy.) She knows about the contracts where he’s lining his own pockets, and maybe they have something else to accuse him of…. She takes it back.

From a nearby car someone’s watching and taking pictures. Mauricio calls her “hermanita” but I don’t know if that’s literal or figurative.

JP calls Bela to ask who’s next on her list. ‘Cause Castor and Norman were nobodies compared to the rest of them. Bela admits nothing. He starts talking about living in the moment.

The sister thing was literal. At least according to Two Guys. Horacio tells them to take care of Mauricio and the maid, Mireya.

Bela and Pen chop up fruits and veggies for a smoothie while I try desperately not to imagine how awful that smoothie would taste. Pen teases Bela about JP and Mike begs them to quit with the chick talk and get back to revenge plotting. (OK, but technically, if 2/3 of your revenge team are chicks, then doesn’t that make revenge plotting chick talk?)

Eman catches Emi looking at pictures in his office. She still thinks she has this job so JP can pressure her to go back to school, but Eman talks about wanting to help her. All she has to do is take this job seriously. Emi’s like “Whatever.”

Mike goes to check out the protesters outside Horacio’s office.

Pen visits Horacio’s house in Avon mode to offer his maid two jars of anti-callos (callus) cream for her to try. She also finds out that only Horacio and the maid live in this house and her day off is Sunday.

News flash, Bela–glasses are not a disguise. She visits Horacio’s office looking for a job and potentially gets made by Two Guys. She sticks around and asks his assistant about a job…and is the mayor in the office every day…Horacio comes out of his office, scolding his assistant for being late and gets completely taken in by Bela’s “shy” act. Oh sure, if she comes back next week, they’ll find her a job. He licked his lips. I think I’m gonna hurl.

Simón was going to ask JP to go for beers, but JP’s being all weird about playing with a map and the pictures of the bestias on a light table.

Bela’s also planning. Horacio’s going to meet his end the next night he’s alone in the house and Bela’s going to make it look like he went into respiratory failure.

Horacio bought Mireya a tacky dress and he won’t quit lurking at the door to her room until she tries it on and shows him how it looks. He takes her over to the pool area and pours them both wine, which she doesn’t touch. He talks about what a jaded snob his wife was and how Mireya’s not like his wife and blah blah blah simple people happy with less etc. He tells her she’s excused anytime she wants to leave, but he wants to watch her walking away without the wrap she keeps trying to throw over her shoulders. She walks back to the house as fast as she can.

Later, she gets out of a cab with her suitcase and Those Two Guys grab her and shove her into the back of an SUV.

Team Bela synchronize their watches and head for Horacio’s house.

Mauricio (not the truck guy, the protest guy) sits down to dinner with “Lucía” (not Mike’s dead girlfriend, I don’t think) and complains about how the press twists everything around. She complains that everyone’s always talking about changing the country, but he’s the first person who’s really offered a chance to make a change.

Mireya stumbles down a sidewalk and knocks on a door before passing out. Mauricio answers his door to find Mireya lying on his doorstep, bleeding.

Bela gets into Horacio’s living room. There’s a picture of JP on the mantel–did he buy the house and all the furnishings and just keep the family pictures?

Pen’s getting antsy, waiting outside for Bela. She snuggles up next to Mike to watch the house’s camera feed on his phone.

Mauricio and Lucía come running through the lawn and Mauricio starts screaming at Horacio for being corrupt, a coward, and a killer. He wants Horacio to come down and he won’t leave until Horacio pays for what he did. He throws a rock through Horacio’s window and Pen starts worrying about Bela.

Horacio gets out of bed to investigate and Mike tells Bela to get out.

Horacio starts screaming back at Mauricio and shooting at him. He threatens to call the cops.

Bela meets up with Mike and Pen outside, but she refuses to leave, since this guy’s screaming about Horacio being a killer. She recognized him as the leader of the protesters.

When the cops arrive, Mauricio and Lucía are halfway down the driveway. They scoop up Mauricio, but leave Lucía alone. She tries explaining about his sister, but Mauricio tells her to go to the hospital.

After the cops leave, Bela reluctantly leaves with Mike and Pen.

And the reason Mauricio showed up? The reason Mireya’s in the hospital? The reason Two Guys left her alive on her brother’s doorstep? They “thought” she was dead.

Horacio’s disappointed in himself for trusting them. Next time, he’ll come up with the plan. He doesn’t want them killing her in the hospital. He wants to twist this around and make himself look like the victim.

He calls the current Quintero residence and ends up with both Gloria-Patricia and JP on the line. I love that Gloria-Patricia describes him as “That guy who was supposedly your dad’s friend, who took the house from us.” He wants JP’s help with something before it turns into a big mess.

When Bela finally gets back to the SUV, she’s still focused on what Mauricio was shouting. Pen’s upset that they were ten minutes away from knocking Horacio off the list. Mike’s sure he’ll double his security. All Bela wants to do is find out whether Mauricio’s sister is dead or alive.

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