La Bella Y Las Bestias Wednesday 7/4/18 #17

Lucía gets to the hospital and runs into JP. She explains that she’s her brother’s student and he claims Horacio wanted her killed. The nurse who was checking for Lucía comes back to say Mireya just died. She asks JP to come with her.

JP shows up at Horacio’s. He remembers Horacio coming over to make the offer on the house. He tells Horacio that Mireya died and ignores Horacio’s babbling. How long has he known that she was Mauricio’s sister? So, that’s why Mauricio said Horacio killed her for revenge. Oh, not that JP is saying that, that’s what Mauricio is saying.

And hey, isn’t it cruel to leave Mauricio in jail all night when he’s clearly distraught?

Horacio says he’ll drop the charges on one condition…

That he be allowed to come to the funeral with a news crew and make a show of leaving a flower on her casket. I would’ve been OK with Mauricio attacking him, but Lucía holds him back.

Bela’s appalled that Horacio would show up at the funeral. She thinks Horacio killed Mireya but she doesn’t have proof. And Mauricio needs to know. She only considers finding out only a slight detour from their revenge plans.

Horacio’s interviewing for a new maid. Housekeeper? Mike calls from a hacked phone box and pretends to be selling Internet service. I’m assuming Mike just bugged Horacio’s house phone?

Horacio answers a text before getting to the interview. “Doris” is immediately disqualified because she doesn’t want to work as a live-in.

But hey, if that’s what the job requires, she can try. And then she gets up to walk away and suddenly he wants to know when she can start.

Bela finds JP waiting for her at the gym. He brings up Mireya’s murder and Mauricio’s suspicions and wonders if she might have some information that could help his investigation. He knows she’s investigated the bestias, and he thought she might have information to share.

Bela says she’s got nothing, but she can help.

Mauricio’s at home, complaining to Lucía about the people in power getting away with anything. He’s lost the will to protest. Well, Lucía hasn’t and she thinks he should keep fighting for what he believes in.

Two Guys try to kick the protestors out, since Mauricio didn’t even show up today…but then he does. He thanks them for being there even if he hadn’t shown up yet. Two Guys give up as Mauricio quotes from Don Quixote, about knowing you’re moving forward when the dogs start barking. He tells them Horacio killed his sister to try to get rid of him, but he’s not quitting.

JP turns down Bela’s offer of “help.” He doesn’t want her getting involved. They flirt. She’s got a picture of him in her phone. She says their kiss in the elevator was epic. JP says that’s because he stole it. *smoochies*

He gets back to the office in a good mood. I swear he doesn’t even care about his spat with Simón, he just wants Simón to ask why he’s so happy. “Love.” Simón cracks up laughing.

So anyway, they’re going to investigate Mireya’s murder and Mauricio’s accusation that Horacio’s responsible. JP totally thought Horacio calling him was his idea of deflecting attention.

Bela tries on a maid’s uniform, hoping she can get a job at Horacio’s, but Mike breaks it to her that he’s already found a replacement. They’ll have to go back to the original plan.

Bela’s following up on Horacio’s offer of work at the office. One of Two Guys feels like he should recognize her, but the other one tells him there’s no time for flirting. The mayor’s assistant sneers at her about having no shame.

Mike approaches Mauricio at the protest to offer his condolences and ask if Mauricio has any suspects. Lucía accuses him of being morbid, but he says he’s there for the cause.

JP and Simón push past the protesters to get into the mayor’s office. Bela’s avoiding That One Guy again when they arrive. And it’s That One Guy who gets JP’s attention. He recognized him as Castor’s pilot.

Pen does her Avon routine again, but Doris denies having calluses on her feet (oh, come on, who doesn’t?). She’s not swayed by Pen’s whining about her (nonexistent) children either, and shuts the door in her face.

JP and Simón are there to ask Horacio about Mireya…but first JP wants to know why Horacio has people working for him that have links to organized crime. Andrés and Tobías–aka Two Guys. It’s pretty much a given that Horacio’s going to kick them out at that point, but first he whines about baseless accusations and JP holding a grudge about the house and he’s not saying anything else without a lawyer!

JP and Simón go out for drinks. They totally think Horacio’s dirty, but they’ve got no proof.

Doris serves Horacio’s dinner. And tries not to complain about the short uniform skirt. That he says she’ll get used to. He makes her put the napkin in his lap, gropes at her legs, and says she has nice skin. I don’t know what’s more disgusting–that, or that when she leaves he stares after her as he shovels a huge forkful of spaghetti into his mouth and leaves it hanging out.

Bela’s sure Tobías made her earlier. If JP hadn’t stepped in…. Oh, right, like a superhero, Mike scoffs. He thinks Tobías is just checking her out because he thinks she’s attractive.

Nope, Bela’s convinced, it was a “Where do I know you from?” look. And she only kept JP from seeing her face because she grabbed a folder. They agree she’ll have to change her disguise. (Told you!) Also, Bela’s sure Simón and JP are hunting the same prey they are.

Horacio makes a call to “La Madame Girls” and identifies himself as the Crazy Sailor. Is he in the mood for any particular mermaid? Nope, he wants a surprise tonight. The woman on the phone says his delivery will be there in an hour. Pen heard the whole call from the secret room and tells Bela she knows how to get to Horacio, but they’ve gotta move NOW!

A car pulls up in front of Horacio’s house.

Mike calls La Madame Girls and says he’s The Marine (subtitle says “marinero” which is not “marine” in English) and cancels his order. No sirens for him tonight. (I’m appalled at the lack of security! He didn’t even give the right code name!)

Bela, as “Atenea” gets escorted inside the house. And Andrés and Tobías, knowing that she’s supposed to be a sex worker, still go all “Hey, do I know you from somewhere?” Like she’d have remembered a couple of lackeys from a previous visit to a client.

Horacio sends the boys to bed so he can be alone with Atenea. She acts like she’d rather be anywhere else, spilling her drink on him, then discouraging him from taking off his pants. He calls Doris in and asks her to bring the whole bottle of tequila and some appetizers and then go to bed.

JP leaves a voicemail message for Bela saying he wants to take her up on her offer to investigate Horacio. He asks her to call when she gets the message.

After Doris drops off the food and booze, Atenea asks Horacio if he’s single. He gives her the sob story about his wife disappearing and being declared dead. Atenea’s sorry. Isn’t he the guy on the TV? The one whose maid died?

Horacio says that’s him. He’s surrounded by tragedy. Atenea aggressively asks if they had a close relationship.

Horacio’s had enough talk. He’s ready to take her to his room. She says there’s been a misunderstanding and he assumes she means they need to discuss her fee.

Emanuel takes Emi to dinner and says he knew her dad from the Club and admired him. They weren’t close, but he knows she was good at…tennis and partying? Emi defensively says no matter how much time has passed nobody forgets about that.

Emi agrees things have been tough since her dad died. People were pointing at her saying her dad was a criminal. All her friends ditched her.

Horacio keeps dragging Atenea along to his room. She reminds him she’s an escort, “not a prostitute,” and he gets all snotty about how they just say that to stay out of trouble, but he knows if the money’s right…. Nuh-uh, the only thing she gets paid for is keeping lonely men company.

JP’s still reviewing files. He calls and wakes up Simón to tell him that Mireya’s autopsy report said there was evidence of recent sexual activity. And her brother said she didn’t have a boyfriend. Does he know what this means?!

Horacio likes Atenea turning him down. He still thinks if he gives her money, she’ll have sex with him. He goes off to get the money and Bela ducks into the bathroom and grabs a huge candle, uh, pedestal? She remembers insisting to Mike and Pen that she absolutely would NOT sleep with Horacio and if that meant tonight was the last time she could be “Atenea” then so be it.

She puts her potential weapon back before Horacio comes in to show her that he’s got rolls of twenties, fifties, hundreds…even some dollars. He starts counting the money out waiting until he hits the right number, then decides he’s offered enough and tries to grab her. Bela grabs him by the throat.

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