La Bella Y Las Bestias Friday 7/6/18 #19

Horacio accuses Atenea of spying on him. She admits she has something in her ear because her hearing is impaired. Pen wants to go save her, but Mike won’t let her go. Horacio accepts her story and they go inside.

Inside, Horacio heads for the bar.

Lucía and Mauricio have some vino caliente (hot wine, wine with spices) and she gets him talking about his activism and government corruption and Horacio being a killer and an extortionist.

Horacio and Atenea order drinks while she tries to keep him from feeling her up in front of everybody. She hides her face when she sees Emanuel and Emilia and rushes off to avoid being introduced to them.

Emilia remembers him. Is he still enjoying the house he stole? Horacio tells her he’s kept everything exactly the same and she snipes that it’s because he knows her family had better taste than him. She also turns away and heads for the bathroom.

Horacio can’t believe Emanuel’s sleeping with Armando’s daughter. Emanuel insists she’s just his employee.

Emilia snarks at Atenea in the bathroom about being with an old guy. “We’re just friends.”

But hey, what about Emilia with Emanuel? “He’s my boss.” Emilia offers to introduce him if she’s into old guys.

Ricardo has heard about the court order and he’s pissed JP and Simón didn’t run it by him. And since when is JP friends with Bela? He forbids their friendship ’cause she’s impressionable and she’s suffered. It’s Simón who promises Ricardo everything will be fine.

Ricardo wants the questions for the mayor on his desk in ten minutes.

Bela comes back out to the bar. She starts asking Horacio if he leaves his heart unspoken-for so he can share it with multiple women. And how often does he call La Madame Girls?

Anytime he feels lonely. But he doesn’t always pay for dates. He knows how to win a woman over. (I seriously doubt that.)

Two days later

Mauricio and his students are loading up the van, except for one guy who needs to stay behind and take a test. Lucía promises to send pictures to his cell. Andrés and Tobias are ready to follow the van.

Horacio’s interview doesn’t yield anything interesting, except vocabulary:

Grillero – someone who stirs up trouble (re: Mauricio)
Plantón – demonstration, protest

On the trip, Mauricio talks about the cause some more. And yep, he did send Mireya into Horacio’s house as a plant. Also he kisses Lucía.

Ricardo finally shows up to the interview. And that’s just when JP gets around to asking if Horacio had sex with Mireya. He denies it and Ricardo says that’s all they needed and he can go now. JP goes over to shut off the camera and mouths something.

The van runs into an army checkpoint and the driver gets out to see what’s going on. It’s all for the purpose of gassing everyone in the van.

Back in town, the guy who had the test is walking who-knows-where when a woman comes up to him and accuses him of groping her daughter. He calls her crazy. She keeps shouting until a group of guys come over and start beating him to death.

Bela visits her parents’ graves to clean up the plants and asks for strength. And tells them he’s dating JP but he’s nothing like his dad! She wishes her mom were here to meet him. But if they think he’s going to be bad for her then they can just rip him out of her heart.

Bela visits Emanuel’s office and feigns surprise to find Emilia there. Or maybe she’s surprised that Emilia was telling her the truth. Emi tells her Emanuel’s not in the office. Bela leaves a message that he needs to call her right away about his new assistant.

The driver of the van meets up with Andrés and Tobias to burn the bodies of Mauricio and his students. As for the guy back in town, he’s dead. Tobias doesn’t seem to be taking his new job well. And seriously, if he’s a licensed pilot wouldn’t he be making better money getting a job as a pilot than Horacio’s lackey?

Atenea shows up at Horacio’s again, but he’s not home. And Doris is, even though it’s supposed to be her day off. She won’t let Atenea in, even after what Horacio said the last time, because he gave her different instructions later.

Tobias and Andrés pay off the guys who killed Mauricio’s student and the woman who accused him of molesting her daughter.

At his office, Horacio talks to the press, condemning both the alleged rape and the vigilante justice.

JP’s sure Horacio was behind the murder, but they have nothing. Ricardo’s antennae are up, though, because the guy was Mauricio’s student and was protesting with him outside Horacio’s office.

Horacio celebrates his first protest-less day with Andrés and Tobias, believing them when they tell him he’s got nothing to worry about.

Bela thinks Horacio did it too, but JP whines to her about the lack of proof. Horacio’s too cautions and too good at leaving no trace. He chooses the right moment to strike and uses his power to abuse everyone…

Horacio walks into Doris’ room when she’s undressing…

JP thinks he should be in jail.

“Or dead.”

He begs Bela not to go down this road again, but she makes an analogy about malignant cells being attacked by healthy cells. And doesn’t he wish he had a way of dealing with guys like Horacio who are up to who knows what and no one does anything to him…

Horacio rapes Doris…

Bela thinks it’s time to take Horacio out before he hurts anyone else.

Horacio calls “La Madame Girls” for information on Atenea. Pen says she’s new and she’s sure to warm up to him once she gets to know him better. All their girls have passed a full background check. Atenea was living in New York, then worked as a flight attendant until a car accident left her unable to return to work. Mike peeks in and listens, but doesn’t say anything.

Horacio’s upset that Doris didn’t serve up his breakfast the way he likes. Tobias and Andrés tell him they haven’t seen her. Horacio goes ringing that damn bell all through the house looking for her. He tells Tobias and Andrés to go looking for her. He’ll send them her address.

Doris is sitting outside a church, weeping. Two police officers approach, asking if she needs help.

Tobias and Andrés are about to drive off when Doris comes walking up, saying she went out for tortillas.

JP and Simón are at the morgue, discussing what happened with Mauricio’s student and wondering if Horacio had something to do with it when Ricardo calls JP. “What do you mean, disappeared?”

At the office, Ricardo tells them Mauricio and his students were going to some conference and never showed up. The police passed this case on to them. JP points out that Mauricio, Mireya, and Mauricio’s student are all connected to Horacio.

Sounds like Ricardo’s starting to agree with JP, but again–they have no proof.

Horacio comes into Doris’ room to clarify to her that what happened last night was consensual, right? And because she’s such a “good girl” he’s got some money for her. He likes to be generous with the people who are generous with him.

Doris tries to refuse the money, but Horacio pushes it into her hands. What happened between them is a secret. She can’t tell anyone. Agreed?

Doris says no one has to know about the nothing that happened.

Horacio gives her the afternoon off and sends her shopping. Doris takes a long look at the mirror and the crucifix hanging on her wall.

Bela’s sure Horacio’s behind all the recent murders, but she wants proof so she can make him repent. Mike says he’s never going to talk. And the longer he takes to call her, the less likely it is that he will. Pen agrees–she has to go after him.

Tobias thinks something happened with Doris. He and Andrés are on their way into the mayor’s office when JP and Simón pick them up for questioning.

They deny knowing anything about Julian, Mauricio and his students, Mireya…Simón attacks Tobias. JP obligingly turns the camera so they can threaten to shoot Tobias like Norman did to Felipe. Oh, not here, but they could take out an SUV, find a quiet patch of highway, build a bonfire.

Atenea sashays into Horacio’s office and tells his secretary to let him know she’s there to see him and it needs to be right away. All the guys, well everyone really, in the office is staring at her and her very shiny dress with their mouths hanging open.

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