La Bella Y Las Bestias Monday 7/9/18 #20

Horacio introduces Atenea to the room in general and then takes her into his office. Atenea is tired of being treated like an object by her dates. She wants to go back to New York. “It’s not you, it’s me.”

Wait, what? Horacio wants a chance to change her mind…can she hold off for ten days?

She’d need a really good reason to stay. They’ve got great chemistry, but she doesn’t think they’re in love. Horacio’s like “I’ve got butterflies! I swear!”

In the interrogation room, Andrés is holding firm, but Tobias gets hauled out by Simón to try to intimidate Andrés.

Next thing we know, they’re out of the police station and trying to figure out what to do so they don’t end up incinerated in a ditch.

Ricardo stops by Emanuel’s office with some sensitive information…Simón and JP are investigating the murder of Horacio’s maid and it looks like Horacio had something to do with it. And also with the kid who died in town. And the missing professor and his students. They’ve got enough to bring it to trial, but Horacio could end his career.

Emanuel tells Ricardo to go for it. It’s his duty.

Andrés and Tobias go back to Horacio’s house to pack. Tobias is really pressuring Doris about her weepy eyes. She says it’s allergies. Andres and Tobias are worried that if they leave Horacio could send people after them, but if they stay and he goes down they’re going down with him.

Atenea contemplates an olive as she tells Horacio she has no idea how her life would have been different if she’d never been in that accident. She’s sure he has some interesting stories too…doesn’t he trust her?

Horacio says he leads a simple life. He loved his wife, she disappeared, and he decided to focus on his work.

See, Atenea knew he had a wounded heart in there. Horacio thinks she’s special and he’ll tell her anything she wants to know. “I want to know a secret no one else knows.”

Horacio tells her three things are his perdición (downfall): power, money, and women. Or maybe just Atenea.

Back at the house, Bela complains to Pen about his horrible breath. Mike gives her a new earbud, but it doesn’t fit right. JP texts Bela and Pen teases her about it.

Andrés tries to talk to Horacio, but he’s not in the mood to have his evening gruel disturbed.

Ricardo calls Horacio to tell him the feds have info on him. And the way his people behaved it seemed like Horacio’s hiding things. Oops…Tobias and Andrés are in trouble now!

Tobias and Andrés whine that they were going to tell him earlier…. Andrés swears they didn’t say anything. And they still wouldn’t, even if the cops offered immunity. Horacio’s glad to hear it, because they’re all in this up to their necks.

Horacio tells them evidence doesn’t count for shit in this country. He could have them tossed in jail purely on his say-so. There are only two kinds of people in this world: the ones who have power and the ones who don’t. And Horacio has power.

JP comes over to Bela’s for wine and kisses. And also to tell her the prosecutor’s office is investigating the mayor. JP’s taking all the evidence over tomorrow. He brags about how it might take time, but justice always arrives.

Bela complains about not knowing Emi was working at her godfather’s office. JP’s excuse is that he doesn’t think about her and his sister at the same time. Bela claims she’s fine with “the sister of the man I’m in love with” working for her godfather. More smushy talk and kisses.

Bela and JP move the party to the bedroom, but she’s having second thoughts about moving this fast. She’s happy to have him sleep over, though. And snogging isn’t out of the question. JP wastes valuable snogging time telling Bela he’s crazy about her and he can’t stop thinking about her. And he loves her.

Bela makes a similar declaration. And also it’s her first time. Hey, she grew up in an orphanage with a bunch of strangers. She never even though about having a boyfriend. Yes, JP, you’re her first boyfriend too, assuming you’re asking her to go steady.

JP formally asks Bela to be his novia. OK, that was cute. Now, back to the snogging. They hear Mike and Pen in the house and get all giggly. JP talks about wanting to make sure her first time is special.

Pen’s impressed that JP wanted to hold back and wait for the “right” time.

Simon has no idea what JP’s talking about. He cracks up at the idea of Bela not having had sex before. He thinks JP got scared off, but JP swears he just wants it to be memorable. Beautiful.

Pen asks Bela if she knows what this means. (That it’s time for a visit to a gynecologist and a discussion about birth control options?) Bela doesn’t want to lie to JP, but he’ll leave her if he finds out she’s sticking to her plan.

Mike comes in and pulls Bela out of the room, saying her plan with the mayor worked.

At Horacio’s, he tells Atenea he wants to take her to a meeting with his friends. It’s his way of showing he has no problem with her being in his life.

First, he needs her to be honest with him: is he going down the right road to get to her? Well, she’s going to an event with him for free, right?

Horacio feels like having her at his side is just a dream that’s going to evaporate at any time. Atenea says whether she stays is up to him. She seems to kiss him as quickly as she can so she doesn’t chicken out.

The meeting is at JP’s old house, I think? And all of the bestias are there, except for the back of Emanuel’s head. Horacio introduces her to the group and the dudes don’t seem to mind her being there, but Cristina and Madame seem suspicious.

Madame doesn’t recognize her from work, but she has so many girls. Atenea tells her not to worry–as of right now she quits. They joke about fees and Horacio stealing her employees.

JP tells his mom and sister that he’s going out with Bela. And he’s in love with her. They know exactly who he’s talking about. Emi doesn’t know which one of them is sicker–JP or Bela–but they’re both sick!

Outside, all the guards/drivers are having their own party in the garage.

Inside, Atenea has pulled away from the rest of the group. She tells Horacio she’s just trying to give him some privacy is all. He says he does need to take his friends to his office for fifteen minutes, but he promises it won’t be any longer than that.

The bestias gather around the pool table to discuss what Horacio says is an urgent matter. Meanwhile, Bela retreats to the bathroom for a minute to pull herself together after being in a room with six out of seven of her remaining mortal enemies.

She picks the lock to what used to be JP’s bedroom door and puts her new earbud in to listen to what’s going on in the pool room. The other bestias are upset that the feds are on to Horacio. He’s sure they’ve got nothing. Between Nacho and Abelardo they helpfully list all the things he’s supposed to have done (killing Mireya, killing Mauricio’s student, making Mauricio and a van full of students disappear). Horacio wants their blessing to take out JP.

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