La Bella Y Las Bestias Thursday 7/5/18 #18

“Atenea” tells Horacio that she’s not like the others–not that she won’t sleep with him, but it won’t be for money. Horacio’s having trouble grasping the concept. She wants to be…friends?

Well, sure, but who knows where that might lead. She disappears down the stairs so fast I thought he might chase her and trip, but no.

Back to the second-grossest date tonight…Emanuel invites Emi to the club, but she’s not going back as anybody’s guest. She’ll go back as a member.

He drives her home and tells her she’s got a future with INTERPOL. As an agent. Seriously. Too bad for him she has no interest in being like her brother or being in law enforcement.

So her role model is her dad? Emi gets defensive and says she’ll see him in the office tomorrow.

Inside, JP’s trying to get Gloria-Patricia to give up the bottle she went to bed with. Emi comes in to give her a good night kiss. She asks JP if Emanuel got along with her dad. JP doesn’t know, but Gloria-Patricia says they were partners at the club. He was a short, fat guy…. They roll their eyes and leave her muttering to herself.

JP’s got a limited imagination. To him the autopsy results mean Mireya was sleeping with the mayor. Simón thinks a secret boyfriend is more likely.

They visit Bela’s house to ask for her help with the investigation. Mike lets them in with a minimum of macho BS. JP gets sidetracked by actually seeing Bela and apparently forgets he was coming here for any reason other than snogging…and telling her he broke up with his girlfriend…and snogging some more. He wants to go steady, but Bela’s more interested in why he came over. Not by a lot, but still.

Pen greets Simón and harasses Mike about his coffee habit. They tell her Bela’s in her room with JP.

Pen looks like she’s drifting off in that direction, but Bela and JP come downstairs. Bela doesn’t think “sexually active” necessarily means Mireya had a boyfriend. Pen agrees with the theory she might have been sleeping with Horacio and Bela wouldn’t put it past him…uh, she means it wouldn’t be an absurd idea.

So JP and Simón are there to ask her to go undercover and get to the mayor.

Horacio’s still plagued by protesters. Tobias rather innocently asks if they don’t have a right to protest. The horrified looks on Horacio and Andrés’ faces is priceless.

Anyway, Horacio tells them to be ready to take care of things as soon as he figures out how he wants it done.

Emi changed her mind about going to the club with Emanuel. He asks what she’s doing later. “My boss invited me to dinner.” (OK, there’s definitely flirting here, I’m just not sure if she actually thinks he’s hot or she’s pegged him as someone easy to manipulate.)

Ricardo does not approve of bringing Bela into the investigation. He’s appalled that she even hangs out with JP. He kicks them both out of his office.

Bela tries to comfort JP, but he knows Ricardo would have him locked up doing the time for his dad’s crimes if he could. Wait, how did we get to snogging? And do I care?

Horacio goes to distribute fifties to some teenagers. Andrés comments to Tobias that it’s a pittance compared to what he steals.

Pen’s giving Bela a hard time about JP again. She at least gets Bela to admit she likes him…and thinks about him all day…and they kissed. She doesn’t care that he’s the son of her father’s killer. She gets a text from Horacio asking to see her. Good thing she was getting into disguise already.

JP is also admitting to Simón that he’s constantly thinking about Bela. Simón asks when the wedding is. And then they get down to actual cop business and knock on Mauricio’s door.

When Atenea gets to the house, Horacio’s not there. She begs Doris to let her wait inside.

Horacio’s still at the office. He’s given Andrés instructions for a phone call.

Mauricio doesn’t want to hear about his sister’s sex life that he’s sure she didn’t have. His phone rings and it’s Andrés pretending to invite him to speak to a bunch of high school students.

Atenea starts chatting with Doris, trying to win her over. She says the uniform is cute, but kinda short. While Doris goes to call Horacio, Atenea goes upstairs to use the bathroom.

Mauricio hasn’t accepted the invitation to speak yet, but Horacio is sure he will. Once he accepts, he and those students will disappear, just like Horacio’s wife.

JP and Simón got nowhere with Mauricio. They wonder about the invitation he got. They start making plans to interrogate Horacio.

Bela calls JP to tell him she misses him. Mike and Pen are listening from the SUV. Mike can’t figure out what Bela’s doing. Pen thinks she’s falling for JP. Oh…and also, she thinks the mayor was sleeping with Mireya. But it’s just a hunch.

Emanuel and Emi have dinner at the club. She still doesn’t consider herself “back,” but it does feel like home. Emanuel brags about the threads of politics being moved here. Yep, and she’s sure if her dad was a member there was some crime too. Emanuel tries to say Armando wasn’t like that, but Emi knows better. And she wants these people to see her like a rising phoenix.

Horacio’s surprised to find Atenea at his house, but he sends Andrés and Tobias to bed and tells Doris she was right to let Atenea in and from now on she’s their honored guest. He says this while he’s feeling Atenea up and Doris can’t get away fast enough.

In the living room Horacio flirts, horrifies the audience, makes Mike feel sick, etc. Pen sees JP and Simón driving up to the house.

As Tobias and Andrés are telling Horacio JP’s outside, Mike and Pen are telling Bela the same thing and warning her not to let JP see her.

Horacio decides they should go out.

Tobias and Andrés tell JP the mayor’s busy. He opts to sit in the car and wait for him.

Lucía tries to convince Mauricio to accept the speaking gig. And she and some of her classmates could even come with him.

JP stops Horacio and Atenea on their way out of the driveway. JP serves him with a court order to testify while Bela keeps her face averted.

Mike and Pen are following the mayor’s car. Atenea asks him what that was about. Horacio keeps playing innocent. He asks her to just pipe down until they get to the club.

Emi turns down another invitation to dinner. She’s already told him, she’s not coming back unless it’s as a partner. Emanuel suggests they hit the bar and her boss gives her permission to come in late tomorrow.

Mike warns Bela that they’re going to lose signal when she goes inside the club. She says “OK” out loud and tries to cover it up, telling Horacio she was asking if he’s OK. She keeps fussing with her hair and he sees the earbud.

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