La Bella Y Las Bestias Tuesday 7/10/18 #21

Madame finds it funny Horacio’s calling for a vote–déjà vu! Abelardo thinks if JP knows that much, they have to take him out. Colombiano’s on board–not like they haven’t killed a fed before.

Madame sneers at him for being a violence-loving man. She won’t go for it. Neither will Cristina. Besides, they never get themselves into this kind of trouble. (ha!)

Nacho’s in. Abelardo thinks Horacio did this to himself and he’s voting “no.” (I thought he voted yes a second ago, but whatever.)

Horacio flips out. They HAVE to make a decision! They can’t end this in a tie! No fed’s taking his career. If one of them goes down, they all go down. Madame says she’ll change her vote (subtext: if it’ll get you to quit whining).

Bela leaves JP’s room when she hears the meeting breaking up. She tells Horacio she was in the bathroom and she’s got a terrible headache–she wants to go home. He insists on taking her.

At home, she tells Mike and Pen what she heard. She’s appalled that the bestias act like other people are just cockroaches to be fumigated whenever they want. Mike tells her to take Horacio out already. He’s not going to be patient with the lack of sex for much longer.

Bela’s still insisting all his crimes need to be uncovered.

Pen’s sure he won’t just kill JP, he’ll kill Bela if he doesn’t get what he wants. “Let him try.”

It’s breakfast at the Quintero house. JP’s bugging Emi about working for Emanuel and why it’s OK for him to go out with Bela because she’s not responsible for what her dad did.

Emi says they’re still in the honeymoon phase. When Bela te reclame (complains, accuses you) that his dad killed hers, then he can come tell her Bela’s still the perfect woman for him.

Mike calls JP to tell him to enjoy his last days. He’s already a dead man. JP tells his mom it was a call from work. *snort*

Horacio brings Andres and Tobias into his office and tells them to kill JP ASAP. And if they have to kill his partner, go for it. He’s got someone else he needs to take care of.

Bela and JP meet in their usual plaza. He’s going to have more time for her now that Horacio’s case has been turned over to the prosecutor. Bela tells him she thinks their relationship is complicated…she worries about something happening to him. “I know how to take care of myself.” They make with the smoochies.

Atenea goes over to Horacio’s, saying she wanted time to prepare a surprise for Horacio. Doris has no problem letting her in. She searches upstairs until she finds Horacio’s safe. And wouldn’t you just know it, she guesses his combination on the first try.

Doris calls Horacio to tell him Atenea came over and she’s getting a surprise ready for him.

JP goes to Horacio’s office to accuse him of being part of a group who killed Enrique León and his wife. He offers Horacio a gun and tells him to shoot him right now. And then he takes his gun back and walks out.

Atenea confides in Doris, telling her the mayor offered her money for sex. Has anything like that happened to her? Doris gets as far as saying the other night he came to her room…and then Andres and Tobias show up to pick Atenea up and take her to the office. And they have no problem dragging her.

Well, “no problem” in the sense that they’re willing to do it, but she kicks their asses. She tells a shocked Doris to come with her.

At a café, Bela tells Doris that Horacio killed Mireya and he was forcing her to have sex with him. Doris says it’s not fair that powerful men get to do that to women, but she won’t come forward and risk him killing her parents.

Bela calls Pen and asks her and Mike to look deeper into the case of the boy who got lynched.

Bela finds the girl whose mother claimed she was abused. Rosita tells Bela her mom was threatened–if she didn’t say that boy had abused her, they’d kill her. There was a whole crowd who killed the boy, but it started with four gang members.

At JP’s old house, Madame tells Horacio that Atenea never worked for her. She lectures him about thinking with the head that’s on his neck and getting carried away by his calentura (heat, desire). And whatever he’s planning to do with Atenea, he’d better not leave any traces.

As he walks her out he whines that this is why he always calls her when he’s horny, but she sends her girls instead. Andres and Tobias are standing in the driveway, looking pathetic. Madame’s surprised Atenea did that much damage, but she hopes it’s a lesson to Horacio that he should know who he’s sleeping with.

Andres and Tobias think this looks an awful lot like what happened to Castor. Horacio swears he’s not going out like that. He sends them again to take care of JP while he takes care of that [I’m sure you can guess what was bleeped] Atenea.

Mike finds the guys in the gang and tells them Andres and Tobias are having trouble with the feds. They shouldn’t call. He offers the “leader,” Dragon, cash for a job and hands over the cash. I guess they’ll discuss the job later?

Pen finds the guy who was driving the van with Mauricio and his students and tells him Tobias and Andres are in trouble. He needs to take her to where the bodies are so she can make sure there’s no evidence. Because if they find any, he’s going to be in trouble too.

Rosita and her mom tell JP and Simón what happened the day Julián died. JP and Simón show them pictures of Andres and Tobias and they agree, those are the men who approached them.

Andres and Tobias are arguing about where to go after wherever they bought plane tickets for when JP and some cops arrest them in the airport.

The van driver tells Pen he made sure the evidence got scattered all around and there’s nothing to find. She gets out to check anyway and it looks like she finds a shoe.

Horacio calls Atenea and apologized for Andres’ and Tobias’ ineptitude. He’s glad she can take care of herself, but Atenea can’t handle so much violence. He begs her for a chance to show her he’s sorry. She agrees to meet him in two hours.

Horacio gets his gun out of his safe and tries calling Andres. He starts looking for Doris and finds Bela in her bed. She takes his gun and introduces herself before loading the gun. He recognizes the name “Enrique León” right? She wants him to apologize. She’s watched that video of him and the bestias every day.

JP starts out his interrogation with Andres and Tobias, offering them a reduced sentence if they roll on Horacio. Otherwise they’ll get raped in prison (SMH, that is so not OK). Simón comes to the door to tell JP they got a call from a woman about seeing Mauricio and his students near the highway.

Bela drags Horacio into the kitchen, where he tries to attack her with a knife. She kicks her gun away and disarms him.

Horacio runs for the garage, but his car won’t start. He’s calling the cops? Eh, don’t bother, they’re already on their way. Horacio looks desperately for the garage door opener. Bela obligingly presses the button for him and lets in the crowd that’s howling for his blood.

They chase him into the house while she wipes her fingerprints off the garage door opener and leaves.

The remaining angry mob beats Horacio and then drowns him in his pool. Oddly, I keep wondering if there’s a reason they’re showing us his socks with bright green stripes.

JP and Simón are the ones who arrive to deal with the scene. They’ve got dead Horacio, the entire mob in cuffs, and the van driver.

Days later

Bela and Pen are practicing breaking free when their hands are tied. Bela makes it in under a minute, but it’s pushing Pen’s buttons and she can’t do it.

JP and Simón have finally “closed” the case against Horacio, but it bugs JP not knowing who called them, who got the van driver to take her to where the bodies were hidden. He suspects Bela, of course, but there was no trace of her at the mayor’s house.

Simón doesn’t even see what the connection is between her and Horacio. JP tells him to forget it.

While Pen keeps working on freeing herself from the ropes, Mike and Bela review the aftermath of Horacio’s murder. Next on her list is Madame. She’s confident she can find a way to get to her. Pen finally gets loose.

Ricardo talks to a group of students and introduces JP and Simón as the ones who closed the case against Horacio.

JP talks to the students about the importance of voting. It gets awkward when he and Simón look over and see Pen and Mike lurking nearby.

Bela visits Emanuel’s office to pretend to be OK with him hiring Emi and tell him she’s in love with JP.

Emanuel doesn’t know what he’s supposed to say to that, but she’s a grown woman. He wishes them the best.

Bela visits her parents’ graves to tell them she just can’t resist JP. But she’s not going to let that hold her back from killing all the bestias. She watches the video again…just before JP approaches her. “I knew it! I knew you hadn’t lost that phone!”

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