La Jefa del Campeón: Characters

In order of appearance:

  • Tita – la jefa del campeón, Renata Menchaca
  • Rey – future fútbol star, Tita and Waldo’s son
  • Rey’s fútbol coach
  • Fabi – future veterinarian, Tita and Waldo’s daughter
  • Waldo Bravo – Tita’s loser husband
  • Johnny – loan shark
  • Toño and the other two guys – Johnny’s henches
  • Tita’s dad, domino champ
  • Tío Benito – Tita’s uncle who lives in Mexico City
  • Delfíno – Tita’s friend, he’s had a crush on her since they were kids
  • Doña Martina – the landlady of the pensión
  • El Coronel Durán- alleged grump who lives in the pensión, works the night shift as a security guard
  • Salomé’s husband, sells candy at the stop light
  • Salomé – (Marisol del Olmo) one of Tita’s new neighbors
  • Frida – Salomé’s daughter
  • Bob and Ponchi – the other guys who sell at the stop light
  • Genoveva “Beba” – Tita’s neighbor with the purple hair
  • the school principal
  • Emiliano – resident in the apartment building where El Coronel works
  • Nadia – administrator of the apartment building, Emiliano’s wife
  • Dante Chimal – ex fútbol star,
  • La Bomba Rodriguez – ex fútbol star, Dante’s ex-BFF
  • Naty – Emiliano and Nadia’s housekeeper
  • Maika – Emiliano and Nadia’s daughter
  • Valeria – Emiliano and Nadia’s daughter
  • Mario – Dante Chimal’s assistant

And in case you weren’t sure what was going on in the first episode:

  • Since they’re starting at the end, we already know Rey’s going to play for El Tri.
  • Back up ten years and Tita’s dad thinks they need to go to Mexico City so Rey can get into a professional fútbol program.
  • To raise money, the family throws a dance/party and sells raffle tickets for a motorcycle.
  • Waldo owes the guys in hats’ bosses money, but he’s been lying to Tita and telling her that he’s been going off on jobs and people haven’t paid him yet.
  • Waldo takes off the morning of the raffle saying he’s going to sell his boat, what’s left of his catch, and pick up the motorcycle for the raffle.
  • The guys in hats threaten Tita and the kids if their boss doesn’t get his money.
  • When the family flees the dance, Tita finds out Waldo took all the raffle money. (So, technically, yeah, they’re all implicated in fraud. Thanks, Waldo.)
  • Tita and the kids are going to Mexico City and hoping her Tío Benito will help them.

Other miscellaneous info

  • The theme song is “Cuando nadie ve” by Morat.
  • Yes, that’s Carlos Ferro as the scruffy guy at the end, but from what they show in the entrada he cleans up good.

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