La Jefa del Campeón Thursday 7/12/18 #3

  • Tita opens the gate for Emiliano, one of the building’s residents. They get a little tangled up over whether the Coronel is having problems with “la ciática” or “la asiatica.”
  • Beba’s done with Martina and Salomé’s mean girl routine. She and Tita make up, but Beba’s still going to need the money from the broken merchandise.
  • Waldo tells Tita he’s got enough money to start a business, but when he takes the kids shopping for school uniforms, he has to limit them to just the uniform and a notebook each.
  • Nadia, Emiliano’s wife, is looking for a new maid. El Coronel recommends Tita. She wants a live-in, but Emiliano convinces her to let Tita live at home.
  • Naty convinces Tita to skip out on work to see Rey’s fútbol tryout. She gets busted when Tita can’t help calling Nadia to tell her she left. Nadia catches Naty in black lingerie, feeding the messenger grapes, and fires her.
  • Tita gets Dante Chimal to give Rey a tryout for fútbol school. Dante wants him to start immediately and play in Sunday’s game. He tells Tita not to worry about the money for now.
  • Since Nadia fired Naty, she needs Tita to stay late and help with a meeting/party she’s hosting in the apartment.
  • Doña Martina keeps falling for Waldo’s BS and lends him money to start his “business.” Rey catches them kissing and flees the pensión. Everyone (except maybe Salomé) worries about finding Rey, including Emiliano. He gives Tita money for a taxi and covers for her with Nadia.
  • Somehow Rey found the apartment building and Tita gets back upstairs in time to play along with Emiliano saying she’d just gone to take out the trash.
  • I still don’t know Salomé’s husband’s name, but had dreams of going into IT. Salomé wants him to start selling merchandise for some guy who steals it from truckers. He refuses–he wants Frida to be proud of him.
  • So far all Rey is saying is that he ran away from the pensión because of his dad.

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