La Jefa del Campeón Friday 7/13/18 #4

  • Waldo keeps Rey from telling Tita what he saw by insisting it was Martina who kissed him and they shouldn’t upset Tita by telling her. Rey goes along with not telling her, but he knows Waldo’s lying.
  • Beba really doesn’t understand what Waldo’s weird explanation about “Rey’s growing up” has to do with Rey running away. But if Tita’s ready to forgive Waldo, she might as well…you know. And hey, her boss seems like a nice guy…. Tita calls Beba a perv, but Beba insists everyone thinks about sex.
  • Everyone from the pensión goes to Rey’s fútbol match, but he never makes it off the bench. When Tita complains to Mario (the assistant coach) he pretty much says he’ll put Rey in more games if she sleeps with him. (I mean, I’m guessing all his talk about going somewhere they can be alone doesn’t mean he wants a game of Scrabble.) Tita tells Waldo what happened and he goes to beat Mario’s face in. Mario tells Dante that this is all about Tita pulling her kid out of school and falsely accusing him of hitting on her. And Dante believes him, saying if this is how Rey’s parents are, they’re bound to have trouble with him–let someone else deal with it.
  • Rey plays fútbol at school like he’s not supposed to be doing, hits his nemesis in the face with a penalty kick, and gets called to the principal’s office. He and the other boy, Enrique, are suspended for a week. Enrique complains Rey kicked the ball at his face. Enrique also seems to have a crush on Fabi. The principal gives Rey a bunch of advice for doing tiro libre (“free kick,” penalty kick?), de cabeza (headers), y de palomita (sideways leap to stop the ball?).
  • Nadia asks Tita to make dinner, which she wasn’t expecting, but she knocks herself out making coconut breaded shrimp and pescado en papel (paper wrapped fish). Maika’s rude about telling Tita to serve from the left. Emiliano’s favorite is clearly the younger daughter, Valeria.
  • Waldo buys what he thinks is stolen 24 carat gold. Turns out it’s a bunch of fake stuff and he spent all Martina’s money on it.
  • Waldo walks Tita home from work. She’s decided they can…you know. Later. After the kids are asleep. They’re under the same bridge as Tita’s first night in town and the same scruffy guy is there begging for change. Even though the scruffy guy denies it, Waldo recognizes him as La Bomba Rodriguez.

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